Is the fastest growing sports in the USA and in Retirement Communities. Members of the Trilogy Community are very enthusiasm about this social and fun sport.

We are very excited about the 8 Pickleball Courts that we have available. These courts allows us to play, as well as teach the game to any Trilogy resident who is interested in learning the game.

The Active Club for...An Active Community






Pickleball Hours


Summer of 2019 Pickleball Court Schedule

May 1st thru September 30th
Court 3
Sundays: Pickleball = All Day
Mondays: Tennis = Dawn - Noon
Pickleball = Noon - Dusk
Tuesdays: Pickleball All Day
Wednesdays: Tennis = Dawn- Noon
Pickleball = Noon - Dusk
Thursdays: Pickleball - All Day
Fridays: Tennis = Dawn - Noon
Pickleball = Noon - Dusk
*Saturdays Pickleball = All Day
*Except 1st Friday & Saturday of each month see club schedule
CA Management,Tennis & Pickleball Club's Agreement
Court 4
Sundays: Pickleball = All Day
Mondays: Pickleball = All Day
Tuesdays Pickleball = All Day
Wednesday Pickleball = All Day
Thursdays: Pickleball = All Day
Fridays: Pickleball = All Day
*Saturdays: Pickleball = All Day
*Except 1st Friday & Saturday of each month see Club Schedule
CA Management, Tennis & Pickleball Club's Agreement


Trilogy residents and guests are welcome to join us on the courts to pick up a few games of Pickleball.
 You will find drop in play on any given day as listed above.
Club members at the courts are always willing to teach the basics of the game and practice with new players. Paddles and balls are provided. Remember to wear appropriate shoes, a hat and sunscreen; and bring plenty of water to drink.


Trilogy residents and guests who want to learn how the game is played. Can also go to our Pickleball Club website listed below to obtain the latest schedules for all our events.

There is also lots of information about the game of

Pickleball contained in the attachments below.

New Board members have been installed for 2019-2020 as listed below.

Upcoming Trilogy Pickleball Club Events

Please go to our website.      http://www.tprpickleball.com

Pickleball Club Board members

Trilogy Pickleball Club Board Officers and Members 2019/2020
President Rocky Hessen
Vice President Debbie Gaston 630.660.2716
Treasurer Tony LaRoche 248.310.9969 tllaroche@gmail.com
Secretary Andy Stowe
Board member

Board member Gary Harnisch
Board member Chuck Wedemeyer

Pickleball Rating Descriptions

Click Here for more information

  Open PDF file above   
         to read the         
 International Federation of Pickleball
Rating Descriptions

Register for Arizona PB Tournaments.....Here


If you would like to see how your Pickleball game is shaping up against other players in the Phoenix valley by entering a tournament or two, check out the following website:

On the Tournaments Tab click on Tournaments by State, then click on Arizona in the list of states.  This will take you to a page which will list by date the upcoming tournaments throughout Arizona. Each tournament indicates when registration opens and closes.

Under each tournament listing you can find out more, just
Click on the "More Info>>" button to find out about each tournament.

Click on the "Register>>" button to register for the tournament.

It is easy to register, you can pay for your registration online and even sign up without a partner and request to be matched up with a partner of your skill level.

Good Luck!

Club By-Laws

Bylaws, Trilogy at Power Ranch Pickleball Club

Revised 2018

[Pursuant to TPR Rule R-9: Rules Governing Trilogy Clubs]
The name of the Club shall be Trilogy at Power Ranch Pickleball Club (“CLUB”).
To promote and provide Trilogy at Power Ranch Owners and Non-Owners, in Good Standing with the Community Association (CA), to come together for Club sponsored social events and activities which are open to the general Membership and their guests.
This CLUB shall be operated as a non-profit club.
These Bylaws comply with the TPR community association Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Rules, Regulations, Procedures, and therefore, supersede and have sole authority over the CLUB’s individual Bylaws.  In the event of a conflict the community association documents shall prevail.
The CLUB shall have the responsibility to communicate with the CA’s Activities Department in coordinating the use of CA resources and scheduling use of facility space.
The CLUB shall adhere to the use of Club Forms created and provided by the CA in the administration of club activities and provide the CA with all completed forms as required and submitted according to established schedules.  (see attachment A)
The CLUB shall maintain a minimum of 25 (twenty-five) registered Members at all times unless CA management recommends to the CA Board that special consideration is given for a lower number of registered Members.
The CLUB shall have a minimum of ONE General Membership meeting during each calendar year. Notice of such General Membership meeting shall be provided to the Members no less than 30 (thirty) days before said meeting.  During this meeting the agenda will include, at a minimum, an election of officers and presentation of the Club financial reports.
A Quorum may be defined and established by the CLUB.
Membership shall be open to all Owners and Non-Owners in Good Standing with TPR CA.
Other than established CLUB membership dues, Members will not be required to join any national, state, or regional affiliated organizations.
The membership year shall be for a twelve-month period as specified by the CLUB.
Annual membership dues shall be recommended or established by the CLUB Board.
Dues are payable at the beginning of each membership year. Members will be considered delinquent after thirty (30) days.  The treasurer will provide a receipt for all dues paid in cash.
All current Members in Good Standing shall be entitled to vote at regular and special meetings of the CLUB and to participate in all CLUB social activities.
Disciplinary procedures shall follow Rule 9 of the TPR Association’s rules as may be amended from time to time by the CA Board.
Proper conduct and common courtesy are expected from all CLUB Members.  If a Member’s behavior is undesirable or inappropriate, his/her CLUB membership may be terminated by recommendation of the CLUB Board on behalf of the CLUB to the CA Executive Director.
Elections shall take place every one or two years and be held prior to the term starting on April 1st.
The CLUB shall elect its officers consisting of a President and Treasurer and at least one other officer.
The CLUB shall establish a Board of an odd number of elected officers, which will include the President and Treasurer.
All officers elected shall serve without compensation.  All officers must be Owners/Non-Owners, in Good Standing with TPRCA.
Term of office for all officers shall be for one or two years and will be from April 1st of the first year through March 31st of the appropriate year.
Any midterm vacancies shall be appointed by the remaining CLUB Board.
President - The President shall be responsible for acting as the CLUB spokesperson.
Attend all meetings held by the CA for Club Officers.
Preside at all meetings except the CLUB Committee meetings, if any.
Attend all CLUB Committee meetings, if any.
Approve and submit all communications to the CA requiring action by the CA Executive Director in writing.
Approve all communications delivered to the Membership verbally, in writing or by email prior to dissemination of information.
Responsible for completing and submitting master calendar event requests for CLUB events.
Responsible for the CLUB organization.
Create and appoint CLUB Committees, if necessary.
Reconcile the petty cash fund quarterly.
Attend the CA Board meetings, when necessary.
Treasurer - Shall be responsible for the following:
Oversee all financial transactions pertaining to the CLUB and keeping the President apprised of all current transactions.
Deposit all funds collected from CLUB Dues or CLUB activities through the CA within two (2) business days. (If a large amount is anticipated, contact CA staff for directions).
Submit when necessary, appropriately signed “Funds Request” form to the CA office, along with an invoice or receipt of purchase to substantiate the request.
Prepare monthly reconciliation of all CLUB financial transactions, report and resolve discrepancies with the CA accountant.
Maintain and balance the CLUB’s Petty Cash Fund monthly and follow the CA Petty Cash Procedure.
Maintain inventory records and conduct at least an annual reconciliation of all equipment and supplies, if any.
Maintain all financial records in compliance with CA requirements.
Prepare and provide to the CLUB Board and General Membership an Annual Financial Report.
Prepare an annual budget for CLUB approval.  When approved, submit the budget to the Activities Director.
Notify the CA management if the CLUB’S membership year is other than a calendar year.
Vice-President - If applicable, the Vice President shall assist the President and, in case of absence of the President, is responsible for performing the duties of the President.
Attend with the President, all meetings held by the CA for Club Officers.
Complete and submit, upon approval of the President of the CLUB, the CA “Notification of New Officers” form and any/all forms required from the CLUB for submission to the CA.
Review the annual inventory reconciliation.
Assist the President in organizing CLUB social activities.
Support the President in all CLUB activities and meetings.
Secretary - If applicable, the Secretary shall be responsible for the following:
Maintain current contact list of all Members.
Maintain current CLUB Roster of all registered Members and, upon approval of President, submit CLUB Members Roster to the CA on or before May 31st of each year.
Prepare and submit quarterly Participation Report to the CA by the 15th of the month following the end of each quarter.
Take the minutes of all Board and General Membership Meetings.
Retain all CLUB records, including but not limited to, correspondence and meeting minutes (current year plus two previous years); participation reports (current and prior year).
Other Responsibilities - CLUBS not having a Vice-President or Secretary, responsibilities will be performed by other members as delegated by the President of the CLUB.
Maintain and be responsible for the CLUB website.
Prepare and submit monthly articles for inclusion in the San Tan Press.
Perform other responsibilities as the CLUB President assigns.
The fiscal year shall be January 1st through December 31st of each year.
Financial records shall be retained for a period of not less than three (3) years.
The officers of the CLUB shall designate officers able to authorize the approval to request checks from the CA for Board approved expenses.
If a CLUB should choose to gift or pay for services, the CLUB must follow Article VIII to establish a Bylaw addendum and communicate such addendum to the CLUB.
If a CLUB chooses to maintain a petty cash fund, the CLUB Board must establish the fund’s amount and single payment limit.  A CLUB Board may also authorize temporary increases in the petty cash fund amount and single payment limit based on CLUB activities.
If a CLUB chooses to donate funds and/or goods to an organization, it must establish and follow an addendum to their Bylaws.  The CLUB Membership must approve the donation.
Proposed Addendums to Bylaws must be provided to all Members either by way of telephone, posting in the CLUB designated area, email or any other method that reaches the General Membership at least 14 (fourteen) days prior to the noticed meeting.  To modify the Bylaws of the CLUB requires a majority vote of the Members present at the noticed meeting for such purpose.  The Bylaws are not effective until approved by the CA Board.
Standing Rules that document the operation of the CLUB may be adopted by a majority vote of the membership present.
Prior to the CLUB dissolution, all debts must be satisfied.  All CLUB property and assets shall be turned over to the TPR CA.  Members may be held liable for incurred debts that are not satisfied by the CLUB’s assets.