Pickleball is the fastest growing sports in the USA and in Retirement Communities. Members of the Trilogy Community are very enthusiasm about this social and fun sport. 

We are very excited about the 8 Pickleball Courts that we have available. These courts allows us to play, as well as teach the game to any Trilogy resident who is interested in learning the game.

-- The Active Club for an Active Community --

Trilogy residents and guests are welcome to join us on the courts to pick up a few games of Pickleball. You will find drop in play on any given day as listed above. Club members at the courts are always willing to teach the basics of the game and practice with new players. Paddles and balls are provided. Remember to wear appropriate shoes, a hat and sunscreen; and bring plenty of water to drink.

Court Play Times

  • Pickleball Club members may play any time the courts are open.
  • House guests of club members may accompany their host to play any time.
  • Non-house guests of club members may accompany their host to play after 12pm.
  • Non-club community members may play at 3pm.

Upcoming Events

Date Event Details
19 Jan 2023 @ 8:30am Board Meeting Pool-Side Meeting Room
21 Jan 2023 @ 9:00am Trilogy Club Expo Multi-Purpose Room
19 Mar 2023 Semi-Annual Club Meeting Multi-Purpose Room/Cafe
12 Nov 2023 Semi-Annual Club Meeting Multi-Purpose Room/Cafe

Pickleball Club Board Members

Title Name Phone Email
President Andy Stowe1 +1 (810) 300-4367 stoweandy68@gmail.com
Vice President Dave Hirsch2 +1 (928) 853-6783 hirschmeister@centurylink.net
Treasurer Tony LaRoche1 +1 (248) 310-9969 tllaroche@gmail.com
Secretary Jim Hass2 +1 (206) 818-7446 jimhass@hotmail.com
At Large Gord Johnsen2 +1 (403) 664-0385 gordjohnsen@gmail.com
At Large Linda Bronson1 +1 (414) 352-9339 lindambronson65@gmail.com
At Large Mike Bronner2 +1 (626) 378-2270 mike.bronner@icloud.com

1: Board member for April 2021 through March 2023.
2: Board member for April 2022 through March 2024.

Board Minutes & Financial Reports


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Pickleball Rating Descriptions

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 International Federation of Pickleball
Rating Descriptions