Stained Glass


The Stained Glass Club was founded in the early part of 2002, under the direction and tutelage of Master Artisan Kirt Wick.  The purpose of the Club was to provide the residents of Trilogy with a means of expressing their creative ideas through the medium of glass.  Since its inception, the Club has grown from the initial five or six members, to its current seventy members, with a twelve person waiting list.

The collective creativity of the Club members is literally unbridled.  Member projects include glass panel inserts that can be seen in many of the Trilogy homes today, to holiday decorations, table tops, stepping stones, multi-dimensional flowers, bowls and canisters, and glass fusing.  A sampling of the projects can be viewed under the drop down menu below.

The Stained Glass Club studio, located on the golf course side of the Club House, is available for use by club members every day from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., except Tuesdays and Thursdays when it is used exclusively by another club. If you are interested in exploring the many opportunities to work with stained glass, a beginning training program (twenty-four hours of instruction) will typically be scheduled during the Fall and Spring of each year. There is a nominal charge of $30.00 for participating in this training program and the fee does include all required materials. For additional information, please contact the Club President - John Shotts, or Club Secretary - Nancy Dyer.

Club Officers

President: John Shotts
Vice President: Vacant
Treasurer:  Cheryl Lahmann
Secretary: Nancy Dyer
Members at Large:
Ken Williams
Bonnie Hazelwood
John Shotts 480-577-9771
Cheryl Lahmann  480-284-7811

              Nancy Dyer   207-458-0820
               Ken Williams   480-606-8049
              Bonnie Hazelwood   480-414-3653

Upcoming Events

Annual Meeting  -  March 4, 2023  -  The Old Cafe  -  2:00 p.m.
Spring Training Program  -  March 6, 2023  - through -  March 17, 2023


Each and every member of the Stained Glass Club assumes complete responsibility for the security of his or her projects, tools and equipment, or any supplies that are left in the Stained Glass Studio.  Neither the CA, nor the Officers of the Club, shoulders any responsibility for overseeing a member's personal property.
SGC Leadership Team - August, 2019

Stained Glass Club's - Member Projects