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 President - Penny Gould
Vice President - Nan Rutkowski
Web Administrator - Susan Fox
Class Coordinator - Susan Fox
Treasurer - Joyce Cotton

Membership Form

If you wish to join the Art Club complete the attached form and call Penny Gould at 780 719-8895.  The membership fee is $25. Please write Art Club dues in check memo. Click membership form, print and complete forms. 

Summer Art Paintings August 2023

Our theme this month is Seasons.  Click HERE to view our paintings.

Summer Art Paintings July 2023

Our theme this month is BIG, Bold and Beautiful. Click HERE to see some of our paintings.


This summer's challenge is themed "My Favorite Things".  Click HERE to see some of our paintings.


Art Club Show and Sale        Click HERE to see the event. 

Art Club Classes 2022-2023

December Classes
Art Club Friends,
Here are Art Classes for the month of December. Classes for January and  February will be posted in the Art Studio soon. To sign up for a class, come to the Art Studio. The sign up sheets will be in the pink binder. January classes will be emailed at the end of December. Cost for non-members is $10 unless the class is more than 2 hrs long then the cost is $25. Please pay by check to Trilogy at Power Ranch. Write Art club class on memo line. Bring check when you sign up for class. Thank you.
Mixed Media on Canvas 
Gail Heil      Friday Dec 2 Ceramics Rm. 11-1:00 class size unlimited
Using mixed media create a Christmas tree on canvas.
Participants should bring:  small to medium canvas, holiday tissue paper or wrapping paper or napkin. Acrylic paint & brushes
Sketching and Watercolor-Journal Style 
Shannon White   Friday Dec 2, 9, 16.   Ceramics Rm.   2-4:00 class size limited to 10. 
Increase your drawing skills and add watercolor to your sketches of everyday objects.
Learn to present your drawings journal-style adding words and borders. This class is for those who wish to increase their drawing and painting skills but is also suitable for beginners.
Participants should bring: Waterproof ink pens (such as Fabre Castellated or Uni-ball) in a couple of tip sizes, fine and medium. Pencil and eraser. Watercolor paints (a simple set is fine).  Round water brushes or watercolor brushes in a couple of sizes. (#3, #6) (I really like using Koi water brushes for this- other brands except for the really cheap ones are worth trying). Amazon has these.
Call Shannon for questions: 239 810-9365
How to use an Artograph Projector 
Joyce Cotton. Thursday Dec 1 7:00 PM Art Room  class size limited to 10. 
Learn how to use an art projector and other means of getting a photo onto a canvas. Gridding and transfer paper will be discussed. 
Participants should bring: Several photos you would like to paint and several canvases to put them on. 
Matting Class
Joyce Cotton Tuesday Dec 6 3:00 Art Room Class size limited to 6.
Learn how to cut your own mat using a mat cutter. 
Participants can bring their own mat.  Practice mats will be provided. 
Susan Fox
Class Coordinator
January 2023
One Stroke Painting for Non-Painters
Susan Fox Friday Jan. 6 10:00-12:00  Ceramics Room Class size limited to 6.
This class uses the Donna Dewberry one-stroke painting method. Participant will learn how to paint a rosebud and leaves. You do not need to know how to draw to participate in this class.  Participants should watch the youtube video before class- Open your browser, choose Youtube or go to, search: Learn to Paint -FolkArt One Stroke: Practice Strokes with Donna - Rosebuds | Donna Dewberry 2020

 Supplies to Bring: Wine glass from home or purchase from Goodwill. 1/2 in. flat paintbrush. Craft paints berrywine, junberry or red, wicker white, sunflower yellow or lemon yellow, and grass green or hunter green. You will need 4 bottles of paint: a red, white, yellow and green. A plastic-coated paper dish or plastic dish to use as a palette. 
How to Use an Artograph Projector
Joyce Cotton Thursday Jan. 12 6;30-8;00 PM Art Room Class size limited to 10.
Want to paint a picture but can't draw well or have the time to painstakingly draw a complicated image? This class will show you various methods of transferring an image onto your canvas,canvas board or paper. We'll cover: griding, tracing,and projecting using our Artograph projector. Bring images you'd like to transfer plus various size canvases/paper and a pencil.
Mat Cutting
Joyce Cotton Tuesday January 24 3:00 Art Room  Class size is limited to 6.
Want to cut your own mats to save some money? We will learn how to use the Art Club's newly acquired mat cutter.  If you have something you want to mat, bring it. Also if you have any mat board, bring it too.
February Classes 2023
Drawing Faces
Shannon White Nancy Long Thursday Feb. 9, 16, 23, March 2  3-5:00PM Art Room Class sized limited to 15. 
Students will begin by learning to draw the individual features of the face and their variations and then will combine the features into a face after learning facial proportions. the last drawing will be a self-portrait. this class is designed for beginners and those who wish to refine their skills.
Supplies to Bring: Paper, pencil, eraser
No cost to club members. Non-members $25.
One Stroke Painting for Non-Painters
Susan Fox Tuesday Feb 28 3-5:00 PM Art Room Class size is limited to 6.
This class uses the Donna Dewberry one-stroke painting method. Participants will learn how to paint rosebuds and leaves. You do not need to know how to draw to participate in this class. Participants should watch the following YouTube video before class- Open your browser, choose YouTube or go to, search: 
Learn to Paint - FolkArt One Stroke: Practice strokes with Donna - Rosebuds | Donna Dewberry 2020
Supplies to Bring: Wine glass from home or Goodwill. 1/2 in. flat acrylic paintbrush, Craft paints berry wine, red or pink, white- titanium or wicker, sunflower yellow or lemon yellow, and grass green or hunter green. You will need 4 bottles of craft paint: a red, yellow, white and green. A plastic-coated paper dish or plastic dish or tin plate to use as palette.
Items provided by club: Finger paint paper, worksheets,plastic covers, cups for water, paper towels.
No cost to Art members. Non-members $10.
Sign up in Art Studio on Tuesday and Thursday.
Hope to see you there.

Summer Art Paintings August 2022

August's Art Challenges are birds/animals. Enjoy!
Ellen Repar                                     Joyce Cotton                               Brasco             Penny Gould
Linda Savage
Susan Fox                                                                   Ginger O'Brien
Ginger O'Brien                                                         Marguerite Greeno
Donna DiVirgilio                                                                 Ricci Dawson

Summer Art Paintings July 2022

July's Art Challenge is Funky Person.  Enjoy!
  Attack of the Fleurs                                                                   Ellen Repar
   Erica Eschemann
  Ginger O'Brien                                                                                   Penny Gould
Erica Eschemann                                                                      Unfunky Person
                                                                                                       Susan Fox
  What Am I to Do                                                                     Shannon White
  Marguerite Greeno

Summer Art Paintings June 2022

This summer our Art Challenges include painting pictures in different categories. The June's Challenge is Food.  July will be Funky Person(s). August will be Tropical Birds.
Here are submissions for June. Enjoy!
Mary Dawn Sandlin
Laurene Van Engelen
                      Susan Fox                                                                   Patricia Nelson
                  Joyce Cotton                                                                Donna DiVirgilio
             Vikki Lorenz                                                            Shannon White
Marguerite Greeno                                                           Ginger O'Brien
Penny Gould                                                                            Ellen Repar

Art/Ceramics Show and Sale 2022

On February 5, the Art Club's Show and Sale took place in the Multi-purpose Room. It was a huge success! The Committee did a fantastic job in organizing it. This year, Music was added to create a Art Gallery atmosphere. Below are pictures of the event.

Octoberfest Art Sale

The Art Club participated In Trilogy's Octoberfest celebration. Joyce, Susan, Jan, Marguerite, Jerry and Nancy displayed their paintings, ceramics and tote bags. See their artwork below.

Garage Door Art!

During the summer of 2020 the Art Club was asked by Trilogy to paint sports figures on the garage doors by the Bocce courts. Our liaison Steve Vetter, Art Club member, coordinated the effort with the Bocce President. Joyce Cotton, President, and Susan Fox, Vice President, ask for volunteers from the Art Club. Participants included Jerry Pennington, Hilde and Loren Burnett, Joyce Cotton, Susan Fox and Steve Vetter. Shown below are the busy artists and their completed art work.

Art Show 2020 Pictures

Raffle Prize Winner: Linda Eliason  Congratulations!

Art/Ceramics Show 2020

Art/Ceramics Show March 7, 2020 9:00- 1:00
Clubhouse Grand Living Room
The Art Club is partnering with the Ceramics Club to host a show and sale.
Come and see the talent of both clubs.

Art Show Videos

View video of Art Show from March 9th, 2019



Art Show Pictures

Pictures from Art Show March 9th, 2019
Raffle prize winner Sue Shanks