Line Dance
The Trilogy Line Dance Club operates as a non-profit club to promote dancing for the residents of Trilogy at Power Ranch. We provide Line Dance classes starting in October. Couples' Dance class also started in October this year.  Our club goes dark in the summer months from June through September.
Annual dues are $10.00 and punch cards for Line Dance classes can be purchased at the door for 6 classes.  Cost of the punch cards is $24.00. Our dues' year runs from October through September of the following year. If you have not attended in the past, you can try your first line dance class for free.  As a club, we follow all guidelines put out by the Community Association.  Our instructor is Bob Mummelthie and his phone number is 480-326-8381.
During the dance season, Line Dance classes are held Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1:00 to 2:30 pm. The Tuesday class is taught at a faster pace than the Wednesday class which consists of beginning dances and is taught so that dancers can learn and practice the basic line dance steps.  Each week, in both classes, familiar dance routines will be practiced, and new ones introduced.
On October 10, 2023, we held our first ever Welcome Back Luncheon before our Tuesday class in the Ballroom. Over 36 members enjoyed pizza from Vito's.  As a club, we celebrated the holiday season with a Christmas party for members and their plus one. This year, that date was December 2, 2023. On March 12, 2024, we had an annual meeting and luncheon, open only to members. The luncheon was complimentary to paid up members. We also put on a fundraising dance.  This season it occurred on March 5, 2024, and was open on a ticket basis to all of Trilogy.
This year, couple's dance classes were set up in groups of 3 lessons per month for $24.00 per couple. Tickets could be purchased online by going to and accessing Purple Pass through the CA Calendar. During these classes, Bob taught the Arizona Two Step, also known as the Rhythm Two Step, the East Coast Swing, the Cha-cha and the Waltz.  Information about which dances were taught each month was obtained through the San Tan Press and in the Friday push by the CA.
"Dancing can burn up to 300 calories every half hour, and research has linked it to an increase in white matter in the brains of older adults, which tends to degrade with age."

Club Officers

President Ann Norbut 602-677-9598
Treasurer Sandy Mankin 480-322-4209
Vice President
Member at Large
Phyllis Weingart
Jackie Dawson
Diane Stevens

Line Dance Events

Our season began in October with a Welcome Back Luncheon in the Ballroom on October 10, 2023.  We had pizza from Vito's along with a salad. 36 members attended the free luncheon.  During the summer months, the club voted to expand our Board of Directors, adding the position of Vice President and Member at Large.  During the luncheon we voted for Jackie Dawson as our Vice President and Diane Stevens as our Member at Large. After the luncheon we had our regular Tuesday class. See photo below.
Our Christmas dinner/dance occurred on December 2, 2023. This was a member plus one event. We had 42 people attend the dance in the Trilogy Ballroom.  This event was free for members and carried a minimal cost for their plus ones. Our dinner fare was spaghetti from Babbo, salad, cupcakes and a glass of Prosecco.  After the dinner, we danced to Christmas carols led by our instructor, Bob Mummelthie. See photos below.
In January of 2024, we attended the Club Expo.  Many members of the Trilogy Community stopped by our booth to see our videos and talk about our dance lessons.  
Our fund-raising dance took place on March 5, 2024, and was open to the entire Trilogy community.  Johnny Splash was our entertainment for the evening. He brought music of all genres so that everyone found something they wanted to hear and dance to. The theme was "Come Dance with Us".
Our last event of the season was our Annual Meeting and luncheon which occurred on March 12.  This was a member only event and included a free lunch.


Come Dance with Us (March 5 2024)
Annual Meeting (March 12, 2024)
Our Christmas party, December 2,2023
Our new Board of Directors: Phyllis Weingart, Diane Stevens,
Ann Norbut, Jackie Dawson and Sandra Mankin
Couples Dance Class 2023
Tree Decorating Christmas 2023
Welcome Back Luncheon October 10, 2023
2023 Line Dance Executive Officers
Ann Norbut (President), Sandra Mankin (Treasurer), Phyllis Weingart (Secretary)
Spring Fling April 1, 2023
Photos of our Spring Fling April 1, 2023
Below: Photos of our Annual Meeting March 2023
Annual meeting 2023
February 2023 Couple's Class
January 2023 Club Expo
Bob Mummelthie, Ann Norbut Lin Eliason
Executive Officers
Lin Eliason, Bob Mummelthie, Ann Norbut
December 10, 2022 Christmas Party Photos
Front row:  Russ and Jeannie Carlson
Back row:  Gene and Maggie Sweeney,
                 Marilyn Shaw, Marilyn Paxton
Joe and Shirline Kish, Jackie Dawson, Kari and
Clay Thompson
Front row: Anita Luckenbill, Barbara Ashley, Kathy
Back row: John Lamb, Ross and Linda Jennings
                Troy Hanson
Bill and Mary Rudell, Carol and Allan Hoffmann
Jackie and Larry St. Onge, Jennifer Messer, Sandy
Mankin, Diane Stevens
Ann Norbut, Shirley Tucker, Lin Eliason, Theresa
Bayer, Bob Mummelthie
Shirline Kish, Anita Luckenbill, Kathy and Troy 
Hanson, John Lamb
Minerva and Olle Larsson
Group photo at the Christmas Party
Group Photos of Line Dancers during 2022/2023 season
November 22 Tuesday class
October 2022 Wednesday class
October 2022 Tuesday Class               
Annual Meeting March 15, 2022

Country Dance  March 4, 2022
Vera Coman and Margie DeCavage 
Bob Mummelthie leading Cotton Eye Joe
Decorating for the dance
Diane Stevens, Marilyn Martello, Sandy Mankin and Fran Banks
Guests doing the Swing 
Jennifer Messer and Ann Norbut
Lynda Lumpkin on the hay bale her family loaned us for the dance
Margie DeCavage, Barbara Peck and Vera Coman
Marilyn Martello with the Basket she won
Penney Murphy in our photo booth with saddles she was able to borrow
Robyn and Jim Franklin all "cowboyed up"
Table Decorations and healthy snacks
Raffle table.  Many of our members donated items.
Entrance to our Country Swing Dance 2022.  Let the fun begin!

2021 Line Dance Christmas Party with members of all 3 line dance class. What fun!
Robyn, Ann, Marilyn and Shirline decorating the club
2021 Christmas Tree
2021 Christmas tree with Ann Norbut, Shirline Kish, Robyn
Franklin and Marilyn Martello
Bob M and Alice Joyce at the 2021 Halloween Dance
Sandy Mankin and Diane Stevens at 2021 Halloween Dance
Jim and Robyn Franklin at the 2021 Halloween Dance
Line dancers at 2021 Halloween Dance:  Robyn, Jennifer, Sandy, Kathy, Diane,
JoEllen and Ann
2021 planning meeting of the Executive Board, Bob, Ann and Linda
October 2021 Wednesday Line Dance Class
October 2021 Tuesday Line Dance Class
Practicing for the talent show Oct 2021
Line Dancers practicing for Theater Club's Got Talent Oct 2021
Bob in Santa Barbara during the summer months of 2021
May 2021 Tuesday Line Dance Class
May 2021 Thursday Line Dance Class
April 2021 Line Dancers
March 2021 Tuesday Line Dance Class
March 2021 Thursday Line Dance Class
February 2021 Line Dance Class
Returning to Line Dance Classes on Zoom from July through September 2020
Returning to the Ballroom last week of May 2020 with Social distancing in place
Line Dance Class Zoom members,  April and May 2020
Bob Mummelthie at home preparing to give a line dance class on Zoom
Group photo of our Club in February of 2020
Members at the annual meeting  March 3, 2020
Members at the annual meeting  March 3, 2020
Members at the Annual meeting   March 3, 2020
Members at the Annual Meeting March 3, 2020
Members at the Annual Meeting    March 3, 2020
Officers at the Annual Meeting     March 3, 202
Christmas Party December 3, 2019
Line Dance Christmas Photo (34 members) Christmas Party 2019
Line Dance Christmas Party
Line Dance Christmas Tree in the Ballroom
Planning for our Country Dance scheduled for April 4, 2020
Group Photo November 5, 2019
At the Club Expo on October 19, 2019
Group Photo taken April 23, 2019
Group Photo taken during our Christmas Party December 2018
March Annual Luncheon 2019
Line Dance Officers
Line Dance Group Photo Nov 2018
Line Dance Group Photo January 2019
Photos from the Country Dance on March 2, 2019
Practicing for the Demonstration
Night Fever 
Ghost Train


Line Dance Class Videos
AhSi Video
Ghost Train

The Bylaws of the Line Dance Club

The Bylaws of the Line Dance Club are included here.  We follow the Standard Club Bylaws found in the Club section of MyTPR.  To that we have added an addendum which pertains only to our Club.