Trilogy Niners Golf Club

The purpose of this organization is to promote the game of golf for beginners through the experienced and for those who prefer to play nine-hole versus eighteen; to educate members about the USGA rules and etiquette and to enjoy the game of golf while keeping its integrity; and to conduct a program of golf and social activities.
Trilogy Niners Golf Club
Board Members and Committee Chairs

President/AWGA Rep
Miriam Sluder  (919) 818-0636 

Vice President
Ann Rosenberg  (480) 433-1490
Dee Hoime  (952) 913-5433

Lisa Stowe  (248) 310-2197

Judy Hollenbeck  (425) 894-5057

Past President
Linda Shubin  (719) 649-5058

Pairings Chair
Janet Peterson  (602) 390-4909
Jacque Jones (307) 620-0086

AWGA Handicap Rep
Judy Mitchell  (405) 620-3249

club directory

ADAMS, Susan 4404 E Jude Ln   707-688-7740 24-Nov Ronald
AMICO, Joanne 5525 S Lombardy Way 508-254-9764 508-404-6989 17-Feb Tony
ANTIOR, Judy 4680 E Azalea Dr   605-430-6578 11-Feb Bob
BAKER, Susan 5125 S Eucalyptus Dr 480-392-1543 7/9  
BARRY, Terri 4043 E Narrowleaf Dr   920-858-6425 2/13 Paul
BERG, Sue 4123 Mia Lane   701-403-9922 8/4 Terry
BERNER, Mary 5492 S Peachwood Dr 262-498-6860 10/1 Craig
BUCK, Marsha 4115 E Jude Ln 480-907-7247 480-208-4464 2/3 Dave
COONEY, Darlene 4369 E Walnut Rd   319-239-9046 7/25 Timothy
DAHL, Marcia 5298 S Harvest St 480-907-5275 480-278-9856 7/8 Frank
DAWSON, Sheila  4318 E Walnut Rd 480-759-3845 480-250-0969 12/15 Ron
DeMETS, Sue 4093 E Narrowleaf Dr 480-629-5475 480-620-6190 7/3 Jim
DONAHOE, Kathleen 4137 E. Indigo St 480-219-1550 480-273-3055 11/11  
DURICK, Pat 5367 S Harvest St   701-426-0563 6/6 Tim
FECCI, Rosemarie 5467 S Almond Dr. 480-840-3648 845-641-3539 2/26 Donald
FOOTE, Christine 4033 E Sourwood Dr 480-988-0298 303-912-2468 7/21 Brian
FRONING, Gaylene 4078 E Mia Ln   805-588-4759 7/9 Ray
GEBHART, Dale 4247 E Narrowleaf Dr 480-248-9339 7/26 Vern
GEYER, Kathy 5128 S Citrus Ln 480-279-5062 480-285-9493 11/22  
GLENN, Carole 4036 E Nightingale Ln 602-502-9532 11/24 David
GRANNELL, Mona 4101 E Narrowleaf Dr   425-241-1003 5/6 Allan
GREGG, Karin 4211 E Nightingale Ln 480-840-6040 425-644-8494 2/1 Jim
GRIFFIN, Afton 4918 S. Verbena Ave   602-320-7275 9/14 Neil Spilman
HARRIS, Carol 5323 S Sugarberry Ln   615-210-7379 9/24 Scott
HART, Kathy 4326 E Walnut Rd   4038183660 5/14  
HINMAN, Jane 4249 E Indigo St 480-569-2345 609-477-9692 6/25 Allan
HOIME, Dee 4454 E Donato Dr   952-913-5433 12/6 Tim
HOLLENBECK, Judy 5500 S Peachwood Dr   425-894-5057 2/18 Bob
HURLBERT, Judith 4071 E Nightingale Ln 480-704-3693 480-290-0457 5/16 Clark
JAMESON, Betsy 4060 E Lodgepole Dr   303-681-2880 8/8 Terry
JARRETT, Desna  4245 E. Azalea Dr   828-507-0198 12/18 Harry
JONES, Jacque 5309 S Sugarberry Ct   307-620-0086 4/17 Craig
KETTWIG, Barbara 4523 E Indigo St   206-300-3173 9/19 Tom
KLASSEN, Shirley 4979 S Lantana Lane   720-903-0100 11/19 Wayne
KOLESKI, Judy 5426 S Marigold Way 480-654-5102 480-620-1465 3/9 Russ
KUSY, Jane 4475 E Sourwood Dr 480-782-5879 480-381-1510 1/1 Lynn
LaROCHE, Cheryl 4672 E Blue Spruce Ln   248-310-3416 5/28 Tony
MITCHELL, Judy 5150 E Eucalyptus Dr   405-620-3249 11/2  
MIX, Dianne 4483 E Sycamore Dr 480-478-2805 8/2 Wilf Tober
MOGAVERO, Paula 4547 E. Mia Ln   602-524-2275 9/4 Matt
MOHR, Shirley 4274 E Ficus Way   425-231-2598 10/25 John
OLSON, Carol 4133 E Narrowleaf Dr 480-306-5915 623-455-5126 5/29 Rob
PAINE, Barbara 4049 E Rakestraw Ln 480-264-7676 856-472-4911 3/14 Edward
PAULO, Jen 4777 E Narrowleaf Dr 480-632-2891 480-708-8269 12/6 Matthew
PEARSON, Charlotte 4669 E. Rakestraw Ln 480-393-3837 480-316-1829 5/3  
PERRINS, Joan 4691 E Walnut Rd 928-699-2115 10/17 Jeff
PETERSON, Janet 4523 E Jude Lane   602-390-4909 6/5  
PLEIS, Diane 4274 E Strawberry Dr   319-239-3545 6/19 Steve
ROBINSON, Sherrill 4117 E Donato 480-621-5516 480-208-4195 11/26 John
RODGERS, Debbi 4047 E. Appleby Dr   480-201-3906 6/4 Ron
ROSENBERG, Ann 4482 E Blue Spruce Ln   480-433-1490 11/12  
SCHAAP, Marcia 4313 E Walnut Rd   319-415-1805 9/3 Arlan
SCHOPPER, Lillian (Lil) 4598 E Nightingale Ln 480-912-2283 734-707-5964 5/26 Jerry
SCOTT, Jo Ellen 5167 S Eucalyptus Dr 480-214-5692 502-609-9886 10/3 Gary
SERAFIN, Margaret 4527 E Narrowleaf Dr   480-528-3961 5/1 John
SHUBIN, Linda 4099 E Nightingale Ln   719-649-5058 9/2 Derek
SIEGEL, Judy 4642 E. Narrowleaf Dr 480-219-7723 917-302-1252 3/7  
SKOLNIK, Roberta 4680 E Strawberry Dr   480-363-2961 4/27  
SLUDER, Miriam 4744 E Rakestraw Ln   919-818-0636 2/24 Rick
SPINDT, Patti 4233 E Narrowleaf Dr 480-431-2236 12/23  
STEWART, Molly 4593 E Donato Dr   215-359-5781 6/11 Dennis
LISA STOWE 4629 E Walnut Rd.   248-310-2197 4/12 Andy
TOWNSEND, Vicki 4067 E Rakestraw Ln 480-988-3480 480-720-6658 8/19 Jim
VIALL, Linda 4074 E Donato Dr   480-221-0412 6/12 Ken
VISSER, Nancy 4436 E Strawberry Dr   712-441-3374  6/17 Roger
WERSHBALE, Orine 4206 E Nightingale Ln   216-952-6401 12/3 Harvey
WHITE, Etta 4345 E Ficus Way 480-614-8449 8/2 Don
WILLMER, Debbie 4061 E Narrowleaf Dr   402-639-2874 1/14  
WURTZ, Sandra 5422 S Peachwood Dr 480-272-8204 562-682-6768 4/10 Paul
YOUNG, Mary 4043 E Azalea Dr 480-219-1505 480-216-5885 2/7 Frank

Registration Form


Membership Registration Form (Limited to Trilogy Residents Only)

No membership forms will be accepted after December 1, 2019.


2019-2020 TNGC Registration Form

For fiscal year:  June 1, 2019 through May 31, 2020



Name:  ____________________________   Spouse/Significant Other:  ______________


Address:  ___________________________________________             Gilbert, AZ 85298


Alternate Address:  _______________________________________________________


Home Phone # ____________________        Mobile Phone # ______________________ 


E-mail address:  ______________________________       Birthday (MO/DAY) ________

                                                      (for TNGC communications only)


1) All players must have and maintain an AWGA handicap and have the knowledge, experience and willingness to play golf according to USGA Rules and within the established pace of play.


2) Are you a current member of the Trilogy Ladies Golf Association (TLGA-18 Hole)?  Yes___   No ___

   (Current members of the TLGA are not eligible to register per TNGC by-laws.)


3) All members must own property in Trilogy at Power Ranch.


AWGA Current Course Handicap  _____ or Handicap Index _____  (USGA or Canadian)



The annual AWGA handicap fee is paid directly to the Trilogy Golf Club as a separate fee as part of the Trilogy Golf Handicap Feeand needs to be paid by 12/01/2018 for the 2019 calendar year (see the Golf Shop for details).  Current handicaps from other states or countries may be converted to an AWGA handicap.  Attach a copy of your latest handicap from issuing organization.


For questions about establishing/converting a handicap, contact a Trilogy Golf Professional or the TNGC Handicap Chair (see the TNGC roster, which is posted on the Golf Shop bulletin board).


TNGC Dues$35.00                                                 Hole in One Insurance: $5.00 (optional)


Social Membership Dues:   $20.00                             



Amount Attached:  __________           CHECK ONLY:  Payable to Trilogy at Power Ranch

                                                                        (enter ‘TNGC Membership’ in the memo section)




Signature:  _________________________________  Date: _________________


Complete registration form; attach check (payable to Trilogy at Power Ranch) andhandicap card (label or printout).  Submit these documents to the Trilogy Pro Shop or contact Judy Hollenbeck, TNGC Membership Chair, via email ( or phone (425.894.5057).        



Trilogy Niners Golf CLUB BYLAWS

[Pursuant to TPR Rule R-9: Rules Governing Trilogy Clubs]



  1. The name of the Club shall be Trilogy Niners’ Golf Club (“CLUB”).



  1. To promote and provide Trilogy at Power Ranch Owners and Non-Owners, in Good Standing with the Community Association (CA), to come together for Club sponsored social events and activities which are open to the general Membership and their guests.
  2. This CLUB shall be operated as a non-profit club.



  1. These Bylaws comply with the TPR community association Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Rules, Regulations, Procedures, and therefore, supersede and have sole authority over the CLUB’s individual Bylaws.  In the event of a conflict the community association documents shall prevail.
  2. The CLUB shall have the responsibility to communicate with the CA’s Activities Department in coordinating the use of CA resources and scheduling use of facility space.
  3. The CLUB shall adhere to the use of Club Forms created and provided by the CA in the administration of club activities and provide the CA with all completed forms as required and submitted according to established schedules.  (see attachment A)
  4. The CLUB shall maintain a minimum of 25 (twenty-five) registered Members at all times unless CA management recommends to the CA Board that special consideration is given for a lower number of registered Members.
  5. The CLUB shall have a minimum of ONE General Membership meeting during each calendar year. Notice of such General Membership meeting shall be provided to the Members no less than 30 (thirty) days before said meeting.  During this meeting the agenda will include, at a minimum, an election of officers and presentation of the Club financial reports.
  6. A Quorum may be defined and established by the CLUB.



  1. Membership shall be open to all Owners and Non-Owners in Good Standing with TPR CA.
  2. Other than established CLUB membership dues, Members will not be required to join any national, state, or regional affiliated organizations.
  3. The membership year shall be for a twelve-month period as specified by the CLUB.
  4. Annual membership dues shall be recommended or established by the CLUB Board.
  5. Dues are payable at the beginning of each membership year. Members will be considered delinquent after thirty (30) days.  The treasurer will provide a receipt for all dues paid in cash.
  6. All current Members in Good Standing shall be entitled to vote at regular and special meetings of the CLUB and to participate in all CLUB social activities.
  7. Disciplinary procedures shall follow Rule 9 of the TPR Association’s rules as may be amended from time to time by the CA Board.
  8. Proper conduct and common courtesy are expected from all CLUB Members.  If a Member’s behavior is undesirable or inappropriate, his/her CLUB membership may be terminated by recommendation of the CLUB Board on behalf of the CLUB to the CA Executive Director. 



  1. Elections shall take place every one or two years and be held prior to the term starting on April 1st.
  2. The CLUB shall elect its officers consisting of a President and Treasurer and at least one other officer.
  3. The CLUB shall establish a Board of an odd number of elected officers, which will include the President and Treasurer.
  4. All officers elected shall serve without compensation.  All officers must be Owners/Non-Owners, in Good Standing with TPRCA.
  5. Term of office for all officers shall be for one or two years and will be from April 1stof the first year through March 31stof the appropriate year.
  6. Any midterm vacancies shall be appointed by the remaining CLUB Board.



  1. President -The President shall be responsible for acting as the CLUB spokesperson.
    • Attend all meetings held by the CA for Club Officers.
    • Preside at all meetings except the CLUB Committee meetings, if any.
    • Attend all CLUB Committee meetings, if any.
    • Approve and submit all communications to the CA requiring action by the CA Executive Director in writing.
    • Approve all communications delivered to the Membership verbally, in writing or by email prior to dissemination of information.
    • Responsible for completing and submitting master calendar event requests for CLUB events.
    • Responsible for the CLUB organization.
    • Create and appoint CLUB Committees, if necessary.
    • Reconcile the petty cash fund quarterly.
    • Attend the CA Board meetings, when necessary.
  2. Treasurer -Shall be responsible for the following:
    • Oversee all financial transactions pertaining to the CLUB and keeping the President apprised of all current transactions.
    • Deposit all funds collected from CLUB Dues or CLUB activities through the CA within two (2) business days. (If a large amount is anticipated, contact CA staff for directions).
    • Submit when necessary, appropriately signed “Funds Request” form to the CA office, along with an invoice or receipt of purchase to substantiate the request.
    • Prepare monthly reconciliation of all CLUB financial transactions, report and resolve discrepancies with the CA accountant.
    • Maintain and balance the CLUB’s Petty Cash Fund monthly and follow the CA Petty Cash Procedure.
    • Maintain inventory records and conduct at least an annual reconciliation of all equipment and supplies, if any.
    • Maintain all financial records in compliance with CA requirements.
    • Prepare and provide to the CLUB Board and General Membership an Annual Financial Report.
    • Prepare an annual budget for CLUB approval.  When approved, submit the budget to the Activities Director.
    • Notify the CA management if the CLUB’S membership year is other than a calendar year.
  3. Vice-President -If applicable, the Vice President shall assist the President and, in case of absence of the President, is responsible for performing the duties of the President.
    • Attend with the President, all meetings held by the CA for Club Officers.
    • Complete and submit, upon approval of the President of the CLUB, the CA “Notification of New Officers” form and any/all forms required from the CLUB for submission to the CA.
    • Review the annual inventory reconciliation.
    • Assist the President in organizing CLUB social activities.
    • Support the President in all CLUB activities and meetings.
  4. Secretary -If applicable, the Secretary shall be responsible for the following:
    • Maintain current contact list of all Members.
    • Maintain current CLUB Roster of all registered Members and, upon approval of President, submit CLUB Members Roster to the CA on or before May 31stof each year.
    • Prepare and submit quarterly Participation Report to the CA by the 15thof the month following the end of each quarter.
    • Take the minutes of all Board and General Membership Meetings.
    • Retain all CLUB records, including but not limited to, correspondence and meeting minutes (current year plus two previous years); participation reports (current and prior year).
  5. Other Responsibilities -CLUBS not having a Vice-President or Secretary, responsibilities will be performed by other members as delegated by the President of the CLUB. 
    • Maintain and be responsible for the CLUB website.
    • Prepare and submit monthly articles for inclusion in the San Tan Press.
    • Perform other responsibilities as the CLUB President assigns. 



  1. The fiscal year shall be January 1stthrough December 31stof each year.
  2. Financial records shall be retained for a period of not less than three (3) years.
  3. The officers of the CLUB shall designate officers able to authorize the approval to request checks from the CA for Board approved expenses.
  4. If a CLUB should choose to gift or pay for services, the CLUB must follow Article VIII to establish a Bylaw addendum and communicate such addendum to the CLUB.
  5. If a CLUB chooses to maintain a petty cash fund, the CLUB Board must establish the fund’s amount and single payment limit. A CLUB Board may also authorize temporary increases in the petty cash fund amount and single payment limit based on CLUB activities.
  6. If a CLUB chooses to donate funds and/or goods to an organization, it must establish and follow an addendum to their Bylaws.  The CLUB Membership must approve the donation.



  1. Proposed Addendums to Bylaws must be provided to all Members either by way of telephone, posting in the CLUB designated area, email or any other method that reaches the General Membership at least 14 (fourteen) days prior to the noticed meeting.  To modify the Bylaws of the CLUB requires a majority vote of the Members present at the noticed meeting for such purpose.  The Bylaws are not effective until approved by the CA Board.



  1. Standing Rules that document the operation of the CLUB may be adopted by a majority vote of the membership present.





Prior to the CLUB dissolution, all debts must be satisfied.  All CLUB property and assets shall be turned over to the TPR CA.  Members may be held liable for incurred debts that are not satisfied by the CLUB’s assets.


Standing Rules



Revised November 6, 2018



Club will be known as Trilogy Niners Golf Club (TNGC).


Definition of Standing Rules:


Standing Rules are the collection of motions in effect, current policies and procedures of an organization (TNGC).  They may be changed at any time by a majority vote of the Members attending a General Meeting.  Standing Rules are maintained as a reference for Board Members, committees, chairs and interested members.  As the Board passes new motions that impact the function of the TNGC, such motions will be added to the document.  Standing Rules shall be available to all members in the same fashion as the By-Laws.


1.  Eligibility – Membership must be current and possess an established AWGA handicap.


2.  TNGC plays Wednesday afternoons.  Tee time and date exceptions are defined in the schedule of events.


            a) The weekly fee is $3.00 for standard weekly games.  The $3 will be paid at the same time the green fees are paid.  Members sign up on our Gmail account ( from Wednesday morning until Saturdayevening.


            b) Cancellations for weekly play must be communicated to the Pairings Chair by Tuesday prior to golf, or the President by 10 am on Wednesday prior to golf.


            c) Exceptions may be made by the Board.


            d) The Trilogy Golf Pro Shop will calculate the winners and provide and post results promptly.


            e) The prize fund is paid to winners in the form of Trilogy Golf gift certificates.


            f) If there are more members signed up than tee times available, there will be a lottery to determine players for that day.


3.  Members are responsible for green fees to the Pro Shop.


4.  The TNGC adheres to the AWGA local rule that allows the use of distance measuring devices.


5.  A guest may only play with the TNGC three (3) times in a year.  A guest willl not pay the weekly fee nor be able to be eligible for prize money.  The Guest will be scheduled to play only after all regular TNGC Members have been given a tee time.


6.  The maximum handicap used in TNGC competition is 42.


7.  The scorecard must be signed by a player from each golf cart before turning in to the Pro Shop.


8.  The TNGC Board is emphatic to keep the standards set up by the USGA and the AWGA so the game of golf remains a game of integrity.  This is difficult as there are no referees on the golf course so it requires the cooperation of the entire club.


9.  It is the duty of each foursome to ensure correct scoring in their group.  If there is any doubt as to a penalty stroke, play 2 balls and ask the Pro at the end of the round.  DO NOT sign the scorecard until the correct scoring is resolved.


10.  Players are responsible for posting their own scores to the AWGA website unless notified otherwise.  In the TNGC, the Handicap Chair will post all scores for league play.  Play from other courses or games, other[MS1] than league play, are the responsibility of the member.  If you play, you post winter or summer scoreson any course you play.  If you do not finish a round or pick up on a hole, the Pro Shop will help you determine your score.  Random checks will be done by the Handicap Chair to ensure everyone is posting.


11.  Players who are physically unable to play all nine holes will be allowed to play as many holes as they can.  However, they will not be eligible to play in the weekly money game and will not pay the $3 fee.


12.  Incorrect posting and/or scoring will result in a player being ineligible for weekly games and events.


13.  Proper conduct and common courtesy on and off the course are essential for a successful Club. A player whose continued behavior projects an undesirable or inappropriate image will be at risk of losing their membership in the Club.


14.  The Board will prepare a Schedule of Events for social and competitive activities which will be posted and published at the beginning of the season.


15.  The Pairings Chair will assign pairings for weekly play by using a lottery system and send them to the President for review before dissemination to the members no later than Tuesday prior to Wednesday play.


16.  A Championship Tournament for the season is a low gross championship.


a)  The low gross Championship is a two-day competition.  It may be an eclectic tournament to be decided by the Championship Committee.


            b) Requirements:


                        i)   Member with current established handicap.

                        ii)  Participated in TNGC golf a minimum of four (4) times prior to the tournament.

                        iii)  Exceptions may be made by the Board.

iv)  During the Championship event, scorecards are kept in the opposite cart from                        the player.  NO ONE keeps their own official score.


17. The Annual Banquet will be held in the spring after the second day of the Championship Tournament play. Championship prizes and other year-end awards will be presented. 

18.  Nominations and Election – The Nominating Committee Chair will be appointed by the President.


            a) No member of the Nominating Committee may seek an office while serving on the committee.  If a member wishes to pursue an office, the member must officially resign from the committee.


            b) Officers will be elected by March 31st.


            c) New officers take office effective June 1st.


            d) TNGC year runs from June 1stto May 31st.


            e) If only one candidate has been recruited and nominated for an office, the candidate may be elected by unanimous consent or acclamation by a show of hands.


            f) The Nominating Committee shall conduct the election, prepare, distribute, collect, authenticate and count ballots.


            g) The Board shall certify and announce the results of the election.


19.  Financial Policies:


            a) All funds must be authorized by a person other than the person requesting funds or reimbursement.


            b) All Committees that collect or disburse funds must document income and expenses and submit a financial record. The committees will follow correct procedures as written out by the Treasurer.


            c) Checks for entry fees and other expenses must be made payable to Trilogy at Power Ranch with the name of the event listed in the check’s memo line.


20.  Special Funds:


Hole in One Fund:  This is not a mandatory payment.  Members may pay five (5) dollars to the Hole in One Fund in addition to annual dues.  The Fund may only be won in TNGC events and payout will be at the Awards Banquet.  The Hole in One is payable at $500 per incident within a season.


21.  Board or member approved policies shall become part of the Standing Rules.


            a) Refund Policy:  Members are entitled to a full refund for special events and tournaments if cancellation is made prior to the registration deadline. After the deadline, no refund will be given.


            b) Pace of Play and Safety Policy: The TNGC pace of play includes suggestions to stay on pace.  Keep up with the group ahead of you and be ready to play when it is your turn to play. Regardless of pace, no player should hit until the group in front is safely out of reach of your best shot.  A nine-hole round should be completed in no more than 2 hours and 15 minutes.


22.  Committee chairs are appointed by the President with approval of the Board. The Committee receives authority from the Board and shall communicate with the Board regarding activities.


23.  All TNGC players will play from the Red Tees for all events.


24.  TNGC Membership is capped at 70 members per season. Preference will be given to any member from the previous season.  If more than 70 persons apply for membership, the Membership/Hospitality Chair maintains a wait-list for individuals who wish to play.


25.  TNGC Membership dues are due no later than December 1.


26.  TNGC Membership is not open to persons who hold membership in TLGA unless such dual membership was in place prior to the 2017-2018 season.


27.  Any member assigned a tee time for a given week and fails to cancel said tee time forfeits the opportunity to play for two (2) weeks.


28.  As defined in the By-laws organizational statement, the TNGC is a year-round Club that observes a fiscal year from June 1 through May 31.  The Club observes League Season as beginning with the November Kick-Off Luncheon and running through the annual Horse Race Tournament in April.  Summer Season begins the week after Horse Race to the November Kick-Off Luncheon.  


29.  Hole in One Fund and Ringer Card awards are not awarded for Summer Season play.


30.  Rules and Scoring Conflict Resolution.  If during course of play, there is a disagreement as to the Rules of Golf, members should follow this procedure.  The process has several steps, but in most cases, resolution will be immediate.


Step One:If a player believes that another player in their playing group has miscounted a score or there is a disagreement in the group about whether a rule was followed, there needs to be an immediate discussion to resolve the issue. If a score is in dispute, it should be resolved before teeing off on the next hole. The player in question must be able to recall every stroke taken. This doesn’t need to be confrontational; just talk to each other. If an agreement can be reached, there is no reason to go to step two. However, please send the rules chair an email to let her know about the issue.


Step Two:If an agreement can’t be reached, circle the number of the hole on the card and if it is a rules issue, the player affected should play 2 balls, one ball using her rule interpretation and another ball using the rule interpretation of the other members of the group. Both scores, if different, should be noted on the card. At the end of the round, if there is still a disagreement, no member of the playing group should sign the card. Contact the rules chair and she will talk with everyone in the playing group to try to resolve the issue. Most of the time, the rule will be clear and the issue can be resolved. However, there will be times when an issue will be left unresolved.

The rules chair will be monitoring resolved and unresolved issues on the course. There are two reasons for this. First, they will be looking for patterns where a number of disagreements about a miscounted score or following rules. In terms of scoring issues, the rules chair will have discussions with the player to discuss the importance of accurate scorekeeping, the effect on her playing partners when theycontinually have to count her score too, and tips on how to count—use beads, etc. In terms of rules issues, again, the rules chair will work with the player so that she has a better understanding of the rule(s) where there was a disagreement

Step Three:  There is a point, however, where education has been tried and an individual still is having repeated problems with counting her score or knowing the rules. In those rare cases, because these issues impact others in the playing group, the rules chair and her committee will notify the player that she can no longer compete for prizes within the league. This will be done after the vetting processing of the second occurrence of the violation. After the third breech of conduct within a season for the same offense, the rules chair and her committee, after consultation with the president, will ask the member to discontinue association with the Club for the remainder of that season.  



Action Notes:


This amends the November 6, 2018 Standing rules by:


1.  corrects ending time for weekly sign up to play


2.  adding procedural statement regarding Rules and Scoring Conflict Resolution.


3.  clarifies steps of dispute resolution. Edited on 3/19/2019.