Trilogy Niners Golf Club

The purpose of this organization is to promote the game of golf for beginners through the experienced and for those who prefer to play nine-hole versus eighteen; to educate members about the USGA rules and etiquette and to enjoy the game of golf while keeping its integrity; and to conduct a program of golf and social activities.

Board Members and Committee Chairs 2022-2023

Judy Hollenbeck (425) 894-5057

Vice President
Terri Barry (920) 858-6425
Marsha Buck (480) 208-4464

Janet Peterson (602)390-4909

Molly Stewart (215) 359-5781
Past President
Miriam Sluder  (919) 818-0636 

AWGA Handicap Rep
Carol Olson (623) 455-5126

Board Position Responsibilities

Board Member Responsibilities
Recommendations for Board positions- 1) Computer knowledge/skills i.e., Microsoft word, Excel, Quick Books  2) Served on a tournament committee  3) Member for 2+ years
·         Submission of by- laws and standing rules to COA
·         Complies with COA reporting when using COA space, i.e., café, meeting rooms for clinics
·         Coordinates Communications Committee to include: 
                        -Handbook coordination  
-San Tan Press
·         Appoints AGA rep*
·         Oversees Medallion Tournament/completes AGA training
·         Coordinates AGA representative with Paring’s coordinator
·         Appoints Pairings coordinator of Golf Genius*
·         Appoints Matchplay coordinator(s)*
·         Selects Nominating committee*
·         Appoints Historian/Archivist*
·         Appoints committee for Summer Golf
·         Selects Rules Liaison in coordination with Facebook representative
·         Organizes Master Schedule and meets with Pro shop by March to finalize Master Schedule for following season, sends Master Schedule to COA and Slate
·         Attends annual mandatory CA-provided meeting/training of Rule 9, the club standard bylaws, and other requirements.  Held between the months of April and May each year
·         Appoints game committee/member to devise the Season weekly games*                                                                                        
·         Organizes volunteer sign-up for Tournament chairs and special events
·         Attends first meeting with each committee to communicate responsibilities and workings of the committee
·         Appoints person responsible for Ringer Cards*
·         Maintains event notebooks and distributes to event chairs
·         Attends annual mandatory CA-provided meeting/training of Rule 9, club standard bylaws, and other requirements held each Spring
·         Develops and maintains budget/accounting records and reconciles monthly COA report
·         Communicates budget expenditures of tournaments prior and post event to VP
·         Communicates payment of dues to Hospitality/Membership Chair
·         Coordinates annual audit and audit committee
·         Deposits and submits reimbursements
·         Maintains petty cash of $100.00
·         Maintains supply of raffle tickets
·         Attends annual mandatory meeting CA-provided meeting/training of Rule 9, club standards, and other requirements each Spring
·         Maintains and updates membership roster and distributes to members
·         Coordinates Mentor program with Hospitality Committee
·         Serves as focal for Club fairs in ballroom
·         Coordinates Club Holiday tree set-up and takedown
·         Organizes Golf clinics
·         Coordinates with Name Tag point person
·         Sends get well, condolence cards as needed
·         Acknowledges birthdays on Facebook
·         Notifies membership of dues payments October 1st through Kick-Off Luncheon
·         Sends notifications/reminders for annual AGA dues payment to members
·         Maintains membership waiver requirements on file
·         Serves on Communication Committee including sending tournament flyers and tee sheets to members
·         Maintains MyTPR Website
·         Takes and reads minutes at club and board meetings and distributes to Board members and posts minutes on MyTPR website
·         Responsible for record retention of meeting minutes for 2 years and official copy of membership roster for 2 years
·         Attends annual mandatory CA provided meeting/training of Rule 9, club standard bylaws, and other requirements held each Spring
·         Serves as resource to Board and current President
·         Attends Board meetings when possible
Communication Committee Responsibilities
·         Develop and Coordinate flyers for upcoming tournaments with tournament chairs
·         Send approved flyers to Secretary for distribution to members
·         Coordinates Handbook with President
*With Board Approval

Season Schedule and Game Description 2022-2023

3 Clubs and a Putter
Choose any 3 clubs and a putter
All other clubs stay home
Pick ONE par 5 TWO par 3 THREE par 4, Circle each before play
Use as net score at end of play
T’s and F’s
Net score for holes starting with T’s and F’s (2,3,4,5)
Hate It
Circle the hole you hate before you tee off
Throw out that hole's net
Holiday Scramble
Shot gun start
Alley Oop
You and your partner alternate shots entire round, best team wins;
Teams based on flights
Mystery Holes
At end of play, two holes are randomly drawn to give every player par on those holes
Par 4 Count
Players keep score on all holes,
End of play, player counts on par fours (1,2,5,9)
Purple and Green Tournament
Shot gun start
Blind Partner Draw
Partners Drawn at random after the round.
Net best score on each hole is the 2 person team score
Poker Run Scramble
Shot gun start
Green Time
Closest to Pin-3pts, 2nd closest-2pts 3rd closest-1 pt
Crazy Ball
Before round assign each team player at least 2 holes;
Use their score on their assigned holes for team score
Championship Round 1
Eclectic Tournament play Regular tee off times
Championship Round 2
Shot gun start
March Madness
After the round players circle one hole to discard and keep 8
Blind Hole Poker
5 holes selected by pro shop after tee off, golfer w/best poker hand of 5 holes wins
Horse Race
Shot Gun Start
4/19/2023 through 5/10/2023  
Summer Golf 
Players schedule own tee times

General Meeting Minutes

Trilogy Niner’s Golf Club
Spring Business Meeting 
March 29, 2023
The meeting was called to order at the Slate side patio  by President Judy Hollenbeck at 1:07 pm, with 46 members in attendance, constituting a quorum. 
The minutes from the  November 8, 2022, Fall Business Meeting (posted on the MYTPR website) were unanimously approved with a motion by Carol Olson and second by Terri Barry.
Marsha Buck, Secretary, reminded the group to contact her and  Molly Stewart regarding issues with receipt of emails. Judy mentioned a suggestion from Jesse that the ladies set up a personal email exclusive to Niners’ information if they are currently having issues.
Mary Berner, Chair of the Nominating Committee announced the results of the recent election. The announced slate of officers was unanimously re-elected for the 2023-2024  Season as follows:
            President: Judy Hollenbeck
            Vice-President: Terri Barry
            Secretary: Marsha Buck
            Treasurer: Janet Peterson
            Membership/ Hospitality: Molly Stewart
Janet Peterson gave the Treasurer’s Report. The balance was $6923.56 through the end of February. There are still outstanding reimbursement payments for the Championship Tournament and will be others with the Horse Race Event. There is no current statement from the CA at this time. 
Molly Stewart gave the Membership Report. We currently have 70 members,(with two going to social membership next season), eight Social members, and 23 ladies on the waitlist to join.
Molly also reminded those playing in the Championship to let her know if there are any birdies, chip-ins or holes-in-one since the member in charge of the Ringer cards, Cheryl LaRoche, is currently unavailable.
Terri Barry gave the Vice-President’s report and thanked everyone who chaired or participated in planning and carrying through our tournaments and events this season, reminding the group that we thrive because of all the volunteers.
She reminded all that the sign-up sheets are available here for next season’s tournaments.
The Tournaments, dates and chairs, if available are listed as follows:
Kick-off Luncheon- 11/7- Sue DeMets and Marsha Buck
(First day of play- 11/8)
Holiday Scramble-12/13- Joanne Amico
Holiday Luncheon- 12/7- Sue Berg and Paula Mogavero
Purple and Green- 1/17
February Fling- 2/21 (Formerly the Poker Run, the new name leaves the committee some latitude to create something different for this leap-year season.)
Championship- 3/13 and 3/20
Horse Race- 4/10- Chairs to be determined by the outcome of this season’s Horse Race on April 12.
Paula Mogavero also announced she will have Niners apparel available for ladies to see and order at the Kick-off Luncheon.
Judy Hollenbeck gave the President’s Report reminding the group of the weather obstacles we dealt with this season. We had to cancel play five times.
Judy also extended her appreciation to all for making this group so dynamic and desirable to the ladies in our community.
Next season we will continue with Golf Genius for sign-ups with Saturday at 5 pm as the cut-off. Tee sheets should be available on Mondays. Waitlisted ladies will start being added after the tee sheets come out. Pairings will be by random selection with the exception of the four Medallion days and the Championship. 
Judy explained the concept of live scoring which will be available to us next season. Those interested in learning how this works should let Margaret Serafin, Carol Olson or Judy know and there will be training using an app on your personal phone.
The ladies were reminded to always let the pro shop know if you should need to cancel, so those on the waitlist can be contacted to play.
Match play will begin in January and will include Wednesdays again next season and Jesse is willing to work with the coordinators. 
The group was also reminded to use the MYTPR website to review By Laws and Standing Rules. The Board plans to revise these documents bringing the changes to the group for a vote in the Fall. The website and the Facebook page including rule clarifications have been an asset for our club. Thanks were given to Margaret Serafin for her help. 
The ladies were reminded that the course will be closed from May 1 to September 15.
Since the ladies needed to get ready to play, Judy asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was made by Linda Anderson and seconded by Sue DeMets. The meeting adjourned at 1:40 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Marsha Buck, TNGC Secretary
TNGC General Meeting
November 8, 2022
President  Judy Hollenbeck  called the  meeting to order at 11:58 with 63 members present constituting a quorum.(36 needed)
The minutes of the March 23 General Meeting were approved with a motion by Cheryl La Roche and second by Carol Harris. There were no dissenting votes.
Bella Goldberg, our new liaison in the Pro Shop, was introduced and reminded the ladies to call the pro shop when cancelling play at the `last minute. (Rain was expected the next day.)
Judy told the group about the need for a Web Coordinator to maintain our presence on MYTPR. Margaret Serafin has accepted that position along with her work on the Niners’ Facebook page.
Marsha Buck, Secretary, thanked Margaret Serafin for taking the role of Web Coordinator for the group. Margaret has already made some major positive changes to our site including directions to find members on the site rather than posting the roster.
Marsha will continue to post the minutes from both general and board meetings on MYTPR and will continue to send out event flyers from . Ladies were reminded to check the flyer information to contact committee members with questions regarding the group events
Janet Peterson, Treasurer, announced the current cash  balance as $3806.47. The October bank balance was $6817 including dues and fees paid; $2900 is budgeted for events and $1000 is set aside for the Hole-in-One payout.
Molly Stewart gave the Membership/ Hospitality update including the introduction of new members along with their mentors:
Laurene Van Engelen- Mentor, Carol Harris
Nancy French- Mentor, Paula Mogavero
Sheila Overturf- Mentor, Sue DeMets
Robin Fitch- Mentors, Marcia Schaap and Molly Stewart
There are 20 potential members still on the waitlist.  We have seven social members and two members, Patty Spindt and Kathy Geyer, have moved.
We are still waiting to hear if we will have a Holiday Tree in the Main Clubhouse, as requested.
Terri Barry, Vice-President, thanked Paula and her committee for a wonderful lunch, great table decorations and all their hard work. Terri reminded the members that many have signed up for event committees, and they should check with her if they would like to confirm which committee. Chairing the committees are the following members:
Holiday Luncheon at Baci- Sue Berg
Holiday Scramble- Joanne Amico
Purple and Green- Marcia Schaap
Poker Run- Linda Anderson and Mona Grannell
Championship- Mary Berner
Horse Race- Janet Peterson and Orine Wershbale
Members with questions should contact the chairperson(s) for that event.
Terri also reiterated the importance of members reading the event flyers thoroughly and directing their questions to the those chairing the events including where to pay entry fees and deadlines for those fees submitted in order to be included.
Joanne Amico asked that members on her committee meet briefly at the end of this meeting.
Judy Hollenbeck explained to the group about the charitable gift that the Niners do each year and per requests, suggested the same charity we gave to last year, Neighbor to Neighbor, a local group offering assistance to a variety of nonprofit organizations serving residents of Gilbert. These services include the prevention of homelessness, strengthening families and positive alternatives for youth.
Carolyn Smith made a motion to make Neighbor to Neighbor our gift recipient this year. The motion was seconded by Lil Schopper and unanimously approved. Sue requested members bring some cash to the Holiday Luncheon to donate and those who are not attending can put their donations  in an envelope with their name and drop in the Niners’ Mailbox at the Clubhouse.
Judy thanked Mary Berner for her work on the new Handbook for 2022-2023 and took a hand count vote regarding the next edition including a hardcover. There was not much support for the change.
Judy pointed out some new information in the handbook including group golf being cancelled for the week of the Waste Management Open. Individuals may make tee times, but they must contact the Pro Shop the week prior to get the afternoon tee times at  the Niners’ rate.
There will be no summer golf this year since the course will be closed from May 15 through September. Molly will contact the waitlist, since those ladies are always invited to join in the summer group.
The “Three Times Rule” requiring members to play three times during the season will now include tournament play but not the Championship. Those who are not able to play the three times will be considered probationary members the following season, and if they do not play the three times during that season, they will be invited to become social members.
Members having ‘birdies” and  “chip ins” may count those through the Horse Race rather than having the cut off at the Championship. A Hole in One must occur during regular league play to qualify for the prize.
AGA Representative, Carol Olson, will be sending the weekly wrap-up with winners notice to the group.
Sandy Wurtz and Jean Hamilton are re-vamping Partners Match Play with two flights (0-30, and 30+) and a consolation bracket. Games will be Best Ball and Alternate Shot and will start in January with a cost of $10 per player. More information will be available as we get closer. They have offered to come along and keep score for groups who request their assistance. Players who request may be able to play on Wednesday during league play, according to the Pro Shop.
Paula will be handling the Niners apparel again and needs 12 items minimum to order. She will have samples at golf tomorrow.
Checks for the Holiday Luncheon must be to Sue Berg by next Tuesday, November 15. The restaurant has room for 48, and Sue currently has 40 checks.
The meeting was adjourned at 12:45 pm.`
Respectfully submitted,
Marsha Buck
TNGC Secretary

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday, March 2, 2023, 1 pm
Attendees: Judy Hollenbeck, Terri Barry, Molly Stewart, Janet Peterson, Marsha Buck
Please note: To avoid confusion regarding communications with/for our group, all future correspondence and forms submitted will now be addressed as “Niners- TNGC.” Please use this on reimbursement forms as well as any other written communication including emails.
The Board discussed this issue and determined this would be the appropriate term to identify our group correctly. The San Tan Press already uses “Ladies Niners” for our updates.
The Board attended a meeting with Robin and other clubs to discuss the general By-Laws going forward. Judy has submitted the changes we made to Robin who forwarded the document to the HOA Board, and we are waiting on their response.
Judy also has been working to reorganize the Standing Rules, and the goal is to have those ready for a vote at the November Meeting.
There was discussion regarding  members who have currently not played their three minimum times this season. Each of those members will be contacted at the end of the season if that remains an issue.
Match Play was discussed and will be brought up at the General Meeting this month to assess the interest for next season. Do we want to continue ‘Matches” on Wednesdays during league play?
There is a need to clarify the role of Golf Genius as to its abilities to random pick pairings and keep this fluid so the same members are not always playing in the first or last groups. We also need to find out who “our person in the Pro Shop” will be for next season. Judy will follow up with Jesse.
The agenda for the Spring Meeting (March 22, prior to golf) was established based on our last March meeting. Judy will send a note out to remind the ladies to review the minutes from our November meeting on myTPR , since we will vote to approve. (Judy will write her message and send to Marsha to forward, since she will be out of town, briefly, when that message should go out.)
Marsha will have the sign in sheets ready for attendance. Next season’s officers will be announced, and there will be reports given by the board members.
The program Championship Banquet was discussed and Judy plans to have Carol Olson award the Medallion winners. Sandy Wurtz and Jean Hamilton will award the Match Play winners.
The Event Schedule for next season was discussed as follows:
                11/7        Kickoff Luncheon
                11/8       Opening Day
                12/13     Holiday Scramble
                1/17       Purple and Green
                2/21       February Fling- (more information to follow)
                3/13 and 3/20    Championship Eclectic
                4/10- Horse Race
Terri expressed concern that she is not receiving the result information to include in the binders for the next-season committees. There needs to be a procedure by which Janet receives her needed info to document expenditures and reimbursements, and Terri also receives the follow up information. The committees, in turn, need to follow through by providing the results of their events. The Board suggests that the chair(s) of each committee has 7-10 days to get the final information to Janet and also provide copies to Terri.
Janet explained that there is a procedure in place to allow reimbursement to event committees in advance for cash used as prizes.
The “February Fling” event is to be a scramble decided by the future committees. The Poker Run has been a large undertaking, and it is becoming difficult to find a chair and committee members.
Molly reported that the waitlist is now at 22. This year we had six new members. There are still social members who have not submitted Liability waivers.
Judy will go through the handbook and assign pages to each board member for review to prepare for next season.
Games for next season will be those previously used, eliminating the “Games” position. Hopefully, our Ringer Card person (Cheryl LaRoche) will return as well as our AGA Representative, Carol Olson.
The meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Marsha Buck
Niners-TNGC Secretary
TNGC Board Meeting
Saturday, January 7, 2023
9 am
Attendees: Judy Hollenbeck, Terri Barry, Molly Stewart, Marsha Buck, Janet Peterson (by phone)
The purpose of this meeting is to address some concerns and update our Club By-Laws and Standing Rules.
A “Letter of Complaint” has been received from a member addressing play from our previous Wednesday game. After discussion, it was decided that two Board Members will meet with the TNGC members involved to resolve the issues.
Janet has been receiving copies of ”top sheets,”(Club Fund Requests) from the COA with no identification regarding the event involved. In the future, event chairs will be reminded to put the name of the event on the fund request and give that form with receipts to Janet who will, in turn, submit the form to the CA. Also, checks paid for events should be submitted to the office with a copy of the cover sheet with event information to be put in the TNGC mailbox directed to Janet. This will alleviate confusion in bookkeeping. The checklist for event chairs will be revised to include these procedures.
The Board went through the Club By-Laws suggesting appropriate changes in wording based on current practices. Judy will check with Robin Crawford to find out if making changes is appropriate rather than having standard By-Laws for every club. By our rules, the By-Laws must be voted on by the membership.
The regular “Business Meeting” in March will be added to the calendar in the handbook.
The Board went through the Club Standing Rules and made changes appropriate for current practices.  These changes will be thoroughly reviewed prior to posting on
Terri reported in on the progress of the Poker Run Committee and will be attending the meeting for the Championship Committee.
Members of the group were suggested for the Nominating Committee. Those members will be contacted, and if they agree to serve, they will begin their duties in February.
Bella, at the Pro Shop, needs a copy of each event flyer for reference.  She will be added to the  email list for distribution.
Marsha suggested having some regular schedule for emails to be distributed so the members are not overloaded with information and miss important dates, times, etc.
Molly, Judy and Terri will man the table at the Club Expo and will speak to Judy Hurlbert regarding pictures that might be available, either digitally or hard copy, to have at the table. Molly asked if the TNGC banner might work on the front of the table.
The waitlist is now at 20.
The meeting adjourned at 1:20 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Marsha Buck,
TNGC Secretary
TNGC Board Meeting
Wednesday, October 12, 2022
1:30 pm
Attendees: Judy Hollenbeck, Terri Barry, Janet Peterson, Marsha Buck, Molly Stewart (by phone)
Summer golf was discussed. The numbers were lower this year. Since the course will be closed for refurbishing next summer, it was decided to not have an organized summer group.
Judy handed out a revised Master Calendar and Game Schedule. It was noted that the February 8 date was cancelled by the Pro Shop since it coincides with the Waste Management Open at TPC and rates for the course will be different that week. Judy will verify with Ed Boyd in the Pro Shop, since our group did play during that week last year. Price to play will also be a consideration.
Judy Hurlbert has requested the purchase of an external hard drive for our vast, growing collection of Niners’ pictures. Judy will be asked to give more information regarding the size and capabilities of the device and the Board approved the purchase, the amount pending more information.
Judy also asked the board to provide some monetary help for Mary Berner, who has been using her personal computer and printer for flyers and the group’s handbook. The Board approved up to $100 for paper and printing supplies.
The CA wants all clubs to have a Web Coordinator if they have a presence on MYTPR. Judy will speak to a member who has shown significant knowledge in that area to see if she might be interested in the position. All clubs have been requested to update their website quarterly, at a minimum.
New this season, Carol Olson, our Handicap Chair will post the outcome of weekly games rather than having the Weekly Wrap up. Golf Genius will be the primary source for contact, play and pairings. Bella, our new Niners’ liaison in the Pro Shop, will supervise  and check with Judy on any issues. Judy will contact Bella and invite her to the Kick-Off Luncheon on November 8.
Slate has let us know that the ladies are welcome on the side patio after play each week. The sign up for beverages and food will continue on the end of the bar counter. Judy will follow-up with Andrew on event dates.
Marsha handed out the keys to the new club mailboxes. Molly will get hers when she returns to AZ. We will continue using the box in the pro shop for events.
We reviewed the information from the Club Officers’ Meeting held October 5. Terri, Janet and Marsha attended. All clubs have been asked to have two members learn the new light and sound system for use in the ballroom. There is new flooring in the café and some cleaning supplies will be available for groups to use after events. Terri will handle scheduling for next year’s events since Verna, in the office, will retire this year and wants to have that complete before she leaves.
The Holiday Trees will not be in the Ballroom this year due to the remodeling. Since they will be in different locations, we would like to have ours in the Club House. Molly will contact Robin with that information.
The Handbook was reviewed with changes discussed. It will be handed out at the Kick-Off Luncheon. The By Laws and Standing Rules will also be reviewed in subsequent meetings this season.
Plans for the Kick-Off Luncheon and Meeting were discussed. There will be some “entertainment” pertaining to golf rules, sign-ups for committees that may need more help, payment of dues and Holiday Luncheon(Dec. 8) and time to visit.  We will also cover changes in the handbook. The doors will open at 10:45 with lunch beginning around 11:15.
Molly updated the Board on the waitlist which is now at 25. We know of one new member who will be introduced at the meeting, and there may be more by the Kickoff.
Janet is planning to do financials on an Excel spreadsheet. Since dues have gone up and we have lost our 50-50 fundraising ability, we may need to reallocate funds. This discussion will continue.
Marsha spoke about the San Tan Press articles and the need for interesting pictures to accompany those articles and to include in the Snapshot of Trilogy section of the magazine.
The group discussed taking the member roster off MYTPR. This will be looked into.
The agenda for the Fall Business Meeting (Kickoff) was discussed. Marsha will send out the previous meeting minutes from March by email prior to the meeting so the members have time to read the information and can vote for approval.
The meeting adjourned at 5 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Marsha Buck, TNGC Secretary

Club Directory

Members contact information is available in the MYTPR directory:
If link above does not take you to the directory
Copy and paste the address: 
in your browser then click enter.
From the MYTPR home page:
  • Click on LISTINGS
  • Then Click on DIRECTORY
Attention Niners' Club  Members: 
Please review your directory page to insure it is current.

By Laws

Click here for> Niners ByLaws Final Edit
Current ByLaws below:
Trilogy Niners Golf CLUB BYLAWS
[Pursuant to TPR Rule R-9: Rules Governing Trilogy Clubs]
1.   The name of the Club shall be Trilogy Niners’ Golf Club (“CLUB”).
1.   To promote and provide Trilogy at Power Ranch Owners and Non-Owners, in Good Standing with the Community Association (CA), to come together for Club sponsored social events and activities which are open to the general Membership and their guests.
2.   This CLUB shall be operated as a non-profit club.
1.   These Bylaws comply with the TPR community association Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Rules, Regulations, Procedures, and therefore, supersede and have sole authority over the CLUB’s individual Bylaws.  In the event of a conflict the community association documents shall prevail.
2.   The CLUB shall have the responsibility to communicate with the CA’s Activities Department in coordinating the use of CA resources and scheduling use of facility space.
3.   The CLUB shall adhere to the use of Club Forms created and provided by the CA in the administration of club activities and provide the CA with all completed forms as required and submitted according to established schedules.  (see attachment A)
4.   The CLUB shall maintain a minimum of 25 (twenty-five) registered Members at all times unless CA management recommends to the CA Board that special consideration is given for a lower number of registered Members.
5.   The CLUB shall have a minimum of ONE General Membership meeting during each calendar year. Notice of such General Membership meeting shall be provided to the Members no less than 30 (thirty) days before said meeting.  During this meeting the agenda will include, at a minimum, an election of officers and presentation of the Club financial reports.
6.   A Quorum may be defined and established by the CLUB.
1.   Membership shall be open to all Owners and Non-Owners in Good Standing with TPR CA.
2.   Other than established CLUB membership dues, Members will not be required to join any national, state, or regional affiliated organizations.
3.   The membership year shall be for a twelve-month period as specified by the CLUB.
4.   Annual membership dues shall be recommended or established by the CLUB Board.
5.   Dues are payable at the beginning of each membership year. Members will be considered delinquent after thirty (30) days.  The treasurer will provide a receipt for all dues paid in cash.
6.   All current Members in Good Standing shall be entitled to vote at regular and special meetings of the CLUB and to participate in all CLUB social activities.
7.   Disciplinary procedures shall follow Rule 9 of the TPR Association’s rules as may be amended from time to time by the CA Board.
8.   Proper conduct and common courtesy are expected from all CLUB Members.  If a Member’s behavior is undesirable or inappropriate, his/her CLUB membership may be terminated by recommendation of the CLUB Board on behalf of the CLUB to the CA Executive Director. 
1.   Elections shall take place every one or two years and be held prior to the term starting on April 1st.
2.   The CLUB shall elect its officers consisting of a President and Treasurer and at least one other officer.
3.   The CLUB shall establish a Board of an odd number of elected officers, which will include the President and Treasurer.
4.   All officers elected shall serve without compensation.  All officers must be Owners/Non-Owners, in Good Standing with TPRCA.
5.   Term of office for all officers shall be for one or two years and will be from April 1stof the first year through March 31stof the appropriate year.
6.   Any midterm vacancies shall be appointed by the remaining CLUB Board.
1.   President -The President shall be responsible for acting as the CLUB spokesperson.
·         Attend all meetings held by the CA for Club Officers.
·         Preside at all meetings except the CLUB Committee meetings, if any.
·         Attend all CLUB Committee meetings, if any.
·         Approve and submit all communications to the CA requiring action by the CA Executive Director in writing.
·         Approve all communications delivered to the Membership verbally, in writing or by email prior to dissemination of information.
·         Responsible for completing and submitting master calendar event requests for CLUB events.
·         Responsible for the CLUB organization.
·         Create and appoint CLUB Committees, if necessary.
·         Reconcile the petty cash fund quarterly.
·         Attend the CA Board meetings, when necessary.
2.   Treasurer -Shall be responsible for the following:
·         Oversee all financial transactions pertaining to the CLUB and keeping the President apprised of all current transactions.
·         Deposit all funds collected from CLUB Dues or CLUB activities through the CA within two (2) business days. (If a large amount is anticipated, contact CA staff for directions).
·         Submit when necessary, appropriately signed “Funds Request” form to the CA office, along with an invoice or receipt of purchase to substantiate the request.
·         Prepare monthly reconciliation of all CLUB financial transactions, report and resolve discrepancies with the CA accountant.
·         Maintain and balance the CLUB’s Petty Cash Fund monthly and follow the CA Petty Cash Procedure.
·         Maintain inventory records and conduct at least an annual reconciliation of all equipment and supplies, if any.
·         Maintain all financial records in compliance with CA requirements.
·         Prepare and provide to the CLUB Board and General Membership an Annual Financial Report.
·         Prepare an annual budget for CLUB approval.  When approved, submit the budget to the Activities Director.
·         Notify the CA management if the CLUB’S membership year is other than a calendar year.
3.   Vice-President -If applicable, the Vice President shall assist the President and, in case of absence of the President, is responsible for performing the duties of the President.
·         Attend with the President, all meetings held by the CA for Club Officers.
·         Complete and submit, upon approval of the President of the CLUB, the CA “Notification of New Officers” form and any/all forms required from the CLUB for submission to the CA.
·         Review the annual inventory reconciliation.
·         Assist the President in organizing CLUB social activities.
·         Support the President in all CLUB activities and meetings.
4.   Secretary -If applicable, the Secretary shall be responsible for the following:
·         Maintain current contact list of all Members.
·         Maintain current CLUB Roster of all registered Members and, upon approval of President, submit CLUB Members Roster to the CA on or before May 31stof each year.
·         Prepare and submit quarterly Participation Report to the CA by the 15thof the month following the end of each quarter.
·         Take the minutes of all Board and General Membership Meetings.
·         Retain all CLUB records, including but not limited to, correspondence and meeting minutes (current year plus two previous years); participation reports (current and prior year).
5.   Other Responsibilities -CLUBS not having a Vice-President or Secretary, responsibilities will be performed by other members as delegated by the President of the CLUB. 
·         Maintain and be responsible for the CLUB website.
·         Prepare and submit monthly articles for inclusion in the San Tan Press.
·         Perform other responsibilities as the CLUB President assigns. 
1.   The fiscal year shall be January 1stthrough December 31stof each year.
2.   Financial records shall be retained for a period of not less than three (3) years.
3.   The officers of the CLUB shall designate officers able to authorize the approval to request checks from the CA for Board approved expenses.
4.   If a CLUB should choose to gift or pay for services, the CLUB must follow Article VIII to establish a Bylaw addendum and communicate such addendum to the CLUB.
5.   If a CLUB chooses to maintain a petty cash fund, the CLUB Board must establish the fund’s amount and single payment limit. A CLUB Board may also authorize temporary increases in the petty cash fund amount and single payment limit based on CLUB activities.
6.   If a CLUB chooses to donate funds and/or goods to an organization, it must establish and follow an addendum to their Bylaws.  The CLUB Membership must approve the donation.
1.   Proposed Addendums to Bylaws must be provided to all Members either by way of telephone, posting in the CLUB designated area, email or any other method that reaches the General Membership at least 14 (fourteen) days prior to the noticed meeting.  To modify the Bylaws of the CLUB requires a majority vote of the Members present at the noticed meeting for such purpose.  The Bylaws are not effective until approved by the CA Board.
1.   Standing Rules that document the operation of the CLUB may be adopted by a majority vote of the membership present.
Prior to the CLUB dissolution, all debts must be satisfied.  All CLUB property and assets shall be turned over to the TPR CA.  Members may be held liable for incurred debts that are not satisfied by the CLUB’s assets.

Standing Rules

Revised March 13, 2020
Revised November 6, 2018
Club will be known as Trilogy Niners Golf Club (TNGC).
Definition of Standing Rules:
Standing Rules are the collection of motions in effect, current policies and procedures of an organization (TNGC).  They may be changed at any time by a majority vote of the Members attending a General Meeting.  Standing Rules are maintained as a reference for Board Members, committees, chairs and interested members.  As the Board passes new motions that impact the function of the TNGC, such motions will be added to the document.  Standing Rules shall be available to all members in the same fashion as the By-Laws.
1.  Eligibility – Membership must be current and possess an established AWGA handicap.
2.  TNGC plays Wednesday afternoons.  Tee time and date exceptions are defined in the schedule of events.
            a)  The weekly fee is $3.00 for standard weekly games.  The $3 will be paid at the same time the green fees are paid.  Members sign up on our Gmail account ( from Wednesday morning until Saturday evening.
            b)  Cancellations for weekly play must be communicated to the Pairings Chair by Tuesday prior to golf, or the President by 10 am on Wednesday prior to golf.
            c)  Exceptions may be made by the Board.
            d)  The Trilogy Golf Pro Shop will calculate the winners and provide and post results promptly.
            e)  The prize fund is paid to winners in the form of Trilogy Golf gift certificates.
            f)  If there are more members signed up than tee times available, there will be a lottery to determine players for that day.
3.  Members are responsible for green fees to the Pro Shop.
4.  The TNGC adheres to the AWGA local rule that allows the use of distance measuring devices.
5.  A guest may only play with the TNGC three (3) times in a year.  A guest willl not pay the weekly fee nor be able to be eligible for prize money.  The Guest will be scheduled to play only after all regular TNGC Members have been given a tee time.
6.  The maximum handicap used in TNGC competition is 42.
7.  The scorecard must be signed by a player from each golf cart before turning in to the Pro Shop.
8.  The TNGC Board is emphatic to keep the standards set up by the USGA and the AWGA so the game of golf remains a game of integrity.  This is difficult as there are no referees on the golf course so it requires the cooperation of the entire club.
9.  It is the duty of each foursome to ensure correct scoring in their group.  If there is any doubt as to a penalty stroke, play 2 balls and ask the Pro at the end of the round.  DO NOT sign the scorecard until the correct scoring is resolved.
10.  Players are responsible for posting their own scores to the AWGA website unless notified otherwise.  In the TNGC, the Handicap Chair will post all scores for league play.  Play from other courses or games, other[MS1]  than league play, are the responsibility of the member.  If you play, you post winter or summer scores on any course you play.  If you do not finish a round or pick up on a hole, the Pro Shop will help you determine your score.  Random checks will be done by the Handicap Chair to ensure everyone is posting.
11.  Players who are physically unable to play all nine holes will be allowed to play as many holes as they can.  However, they will not be eligible to play in the weekly money game and will not pay the $3 fee.
12.  Incorrect posting and/or scoring will result in a player being ineligible for weekly games and events.
13.  Proper conduct and common courtesy on and off the course are essential for a successful Club.  A player whose continued behavior projects an undesirable or inappropriate image will be at risk of losing their membership in the Club.
14.  The Board will prepare a Schedule of Events for social and competitive activities which will be posted and published at the beginning of the season.
15.  The Pairings Chair will assign pairings for weekly play by using a lottery system and send them to the President for review before dissemination to the members no later than Tuesday prior to Wednesday play.
16.  A Championship Tournament for the season is a low gross championship.
a)  The low gross Championship is a two-day competition.  It may be an eclectic tournament to be decided by the Championship Committee.
            b)  Requirements:
                        i)   Member with current established handicap.
                        ii)  Participated in TNGC golf a minimum of four (4) times prior to the tournament.
                        iii)  Exceptions may be made by the Board.
iv)  During the Championship event, scorecards are kept in the opposite cart from  the player.  NO ONE keeps their own official score.
17. The Annual Banquet will be held in the spring after the second day of the Championship Tournament play.  Championship prizes and other year-end awards will be presented.
18.  Nominations and Election – The Nominating Committee Chair will be appointed by the President.
            a)  No member of the Nominating Committee may seek an office while serving on the committee.  If a member wishes to pursue an office, the member must officially resign from the committee.
            b)  Officers will be elected by March 31st.
            c)  New officers take office effective June 1st.
            d)  TNGC year runs from June 1st to May 31st.
            e)  If only one candidate has been recruited and nominated for an office, the candidate may be elected by unanimous consent or acclamation by a show of hands.
            f)  The Nominating Committee shall conduct the election, prepare, distribute, collect, authenticate and count ballots.
            g)  The Board shall certify and announce the results of the election.
19.  Financial Policies:
            a)  All funds must be authorized by a person other than the person requesting funds or reimbursement.
            b)  All Committees that collect or disburse funds must document income and expenses and submit a financial record.  The committees will follow correct procedures as written out by the Treasurer.
            c)  Checks for entry fees and other expenses must be made payable to Trilogy at Power Ranch with the name of the event listed in the check’s memo line.
20.  Special Funds:
Hole in One Fund:  This is not a mandatory payment.  Members may pay five (5) dollars to the Hole in One Fund in addition to annual dues.  The Fund may only be won in TNGC events and payout will be at the Awards Banquet.  The Hole in One is payable at $500 per incident within a season.
21.  Board or member approved policies shall become part of the Standing Rules.
            a)  Refund Policy:  Members are entitled to a full refund for special events and tournaments if cancellation is made prior to the registration deadline.  After the deadline, no refund will be given.
            b)  Pace of Play and Safety Policy:  The TNGC pace of play includes suggestions to stay on pace.  Keep up with the group ahead of you and be ready to play when it is your turn to play.  Regardless of pace, no player should hit until the group in front is safely out of reach of your best shot.  A nine-hole round should be completed in no more than 2 hours and 15 minutes.
22.  Committee chairs are appointed by the President with approval of the Board.  The Committee receives authority from the Board and shall communicate with the Board regarding activities.
23.  All TNGC players will play from the Red Tees for all events.
24.  TNGC Membership is capped at 70 members per season.  Preference will be given to any member from the previous season.  If more than 70 persons apply for membership, the Membership/Hospitality Chair maintains a wait-list for individuals who wish to play.
25.  TNGC Membership dues are due no later than December 1.
26.  TNGC Membership is not open to persons who hold membership in TLGA unless such dual membership was in place prior to the 2017-2018 season.
27.  Any member assigned a tee time for a given week and fails to cancel said tee time forfeits the opportunity to play for two (2) weeks.
28.  As defined in the By-laws organizational statement, the TNGC is a year-round Club that observes a fiscal year from June 1 through May 31.  The Club observes League Season as beginning with the November Kick-Off Luncheon and running through the annual Horse Race Tournament in April.  Summer Season begins the week after Horse Race to the November Kick-Off Luncheon. 
29.  Hole in One Fund and Ringer Card awards are not awarded for Summer Season play.
30.  Rules and Scoring Conflict Resolution.  If during course of play, there is a disagreement as to the Rules of Golf, members should follow this procedure.  The process has several steps, but in most cases, resolution will be immediate.
Step One: If a player believes that another player in their playing group has miscounted a score or there is a disagreement in the group about whether a rule was followed, there needs to be an immediate discussion to resolve the issue. If a score is in dispute, it should be resolved before teeing off on the next hole. The player in question must be able to recall every stroke taken. This doesn’t need to be confrontational; just talk to each other. If an agreement can be reached, there is no reason to go to step two. However, please send the rules chair an email to let her know about the issue.
Step Two: If an agreement can’t be reached, circle the number of the hole on the card and if it is a rules issue, the player affected should play 2 balls, one ball using her rule interpretation and another ball using the rule interpretation of the other members of the group. Both scores, if different, should be noted on the card. At the end of the round, if there is still a disagreement, no member of the playing group should sign the card. Contact the rules chair and she will talk with everyone in the playing group to try to resolve the issue. Most of the time, the rule will be clear and the issue can be resolved. However, there will be times when an issue will be left unresolved.
The rules chair will be monitoring resolved and unresolved issues on the course. There are two reasons for this. First, they will be looking for patterns where a number of disagreements about a miscounted score or following rules. In terms of scoring issues, the rules chair will have discussions with the player to discuss the importance of accurate scorekeeping, the effect on her playing partners when they continually have to count her score too, and tips on how to count—use beads, etc. In terms of rules issues, again, the rules chair will work with the player so that she has a better understanding of the rule(s) where there was a disagreement
Step Three:  There is a point, however, where education has been tried and an individual still is having repeated problems with counting her score or knowing the rules. In those rare cases, because these issues impact others in the playing group, the rules chair and her committee will notify the player that she can no longer compete for prizes within the league. This will be done after the vetting processing of the second occurrence of the violation.  After the third breech of conduct within a season for the same offense, the rules chair and her committee, after consultation with the president, will ask the member to discontinue association with the Club for the remainder of that season.  
Action Notes:
This amends the November 6, 2018 Standing rules by:
1.  corrects ending time for weekly sign up to play
2.  adding procedural statement regarding Rules and Scoring Conflict Resolution.
3.  clarifies steps of dispute resolution. Edited on 3/19/2019.
Action Notes:
1.     Sign up for tournaments-will be done on the announced sign up days only. No one accepts checks before the sign up, nor can the golf club personnel accept checks from anyone. If you are absent for some reason, you can ask one attending member to take a check for you to sign up. No member can sign up for more than one additional member.
2.     OB rules- the Niners will use local rules for this. Ball must be moved in a straight line onto the fairway from OB position and take two penalty shots. The Stroke and Distance option will not be used to resolve the OB/lost ball issues. Rationale: facilitates pace of play.
3.     Changing Club dues payment dates- Dues will be collected from November 1 through November 30 prior to the new season. Edited 3/13/2020

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