Welcome to the Trilogy at Power Ranch Billiard (Pool) Club (TPRBC). 
The pool club is consists of both men and women that gather to enjoy the various games of pool. We play all the different pool games and on any given day, the group will play different games, such as 9-Ball, 8-Ball, 10-Ball or 3-Ball. This Club is open to men and women and we encourage all to join up and play. The Billiard Club plays Monday-Friday from 12 noon until 3 pm daily although you can play as little or as often as you wish.
The Club provides periodic teaching seminars to explain and demonstrate the various details of the game which include bridging, stance, aiming and cue ball control which will help improve your overall game and enjoyment.  We welcome you to join the Club and enjoy many years of playing pool.
There is NO membership fee to join, all you need is a desire to play, socialize and have fun. Some have commented that they may not be good enough to play or feel intimidated. That should not be a concern because our members will offer one-on-one or group instructions on how to play the game for both beginners and those who would like to improve their skills (NOTE: pool cues are available for your use in the event you don’t have your own).
In addition, all players are randomly teamed up with other players with different skill levels and by doing so, everyone will have an opportunity to learn and improve. The game played will be determined based number of players’ present, table availability and by utilizing a variety of game selection methods.
If you have any questions or need additional information, please call me at (480) 708-0229 or stop by the clubhouse from 12 noon – 3pm and talk to any of our members. Thank you, Joe Marcin President - Trilogy at Power Ranch Billiard (Pool) Club.
Contact Information
Joe Marcin                           (480) 708-0229          



Club Officers

Joe Marcin - Club President (480) 708-0229
Cookie Cook - Club Vice President (412) 498-8726