Company of Friends

Company of Friends is social club that also participates in fundraising to support charities.  The charities may vary from year to year, but we always include one general charity and one charity to support military veterans.  The club meets for socializing and eating every 1st and 3rd Wednesday throughout the year at the Trilogy Cafe.

The club also has an annual Veterans Day dinner/dance and program usually held at the Trilogy ballroom in November.  Again, this is a social event that honors veterans and collects money for our charities.  In addition we participate in several other activities throughout the year including the Trilogy garage sale, a scavenger hunt, a tailgate party, a Holiday party, and a food drive.



COF Officers and Directors


President Jim Townsend
1st Vice Pres. Glenda Sweeney
Secretary Jean Hamilton
Treasurer Jean Hamilton
Social Director Glenda Sweeney
Charity Director    


Company of Friends Board Meetings

Board Meeting – May 10, 2022
Attendees: Jim Townsend, Glenda Sweeney, and Jean Hamilton
Meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m.
1. The minutes of the prior Board Meeting were approved
2. Jean reported that the current bank balance is $4990
3. Jim reported that the CA request for Membership rosters has been completed
4. Glenda reviewed upcoming events.
5. Socials for the summer – the decision to move to Mondays inside Slate rather than Wednesday outside is waiting for input from Bree.
Jim reported that two garages have been secured for the October Trilogy Garage Sale. COF will participate and Jean will send notices to the membership in August.
Discussion about fund raising options and perhaps a fund-raising volunteer opportunity – no decisions or recommendations at this time.
The next Board meeting will be July 7 at 1:00.

Annual Meeting

Company of Friends Annual Meeting, March 26, 2022
 at Trilogy Café, 9:00 am – 11:00 am, 79 members attending (attendance list included)
COF Board Members in attendance:  Jim Townsend, Glenda Sweeney, Jean Hamilton, Jan Burness, Judy Mitchell
1.      Welcome to the Meeting:  Jim Townsend, President
2.      Breakfast buffet with food provided by Slate Bistro
3.      Overview of past year’s accomplishment and events: (last several years due to COVID)
·         In 2020, first food drive collected $1200 and 400 lbs. of food
·         In 2020, second food drive collected $1500 and 700 lbs. of food
·         Slate Bistro donations from carry out meals during the pandemic and bi-monthly socials: Jan-Mar 2021 were                   $566, June-Mar 2022 were 258.  
·         Video games for members during the pandemic shutdown.
·         April 2021 was first event  after the shutdown, a Trilogy search scavenger hunt.
·         May 21 was the first Social Gathering.
·         Oct 2021 was the Football Party, AZ Cardinals vs Green Bay Packers.
·         Nov 2021 was Veterans Celebration which raised $1300 for Dogs 4 Vets.
·         Dec 2021 was the Holiday Party which Slate Bistro catered.
·         Jan 2022 was the Chili Cook Off which raised $1060 for Ryan House.
·         Our COF Club donated a total of $1100 to each charity, Dogs 4 Vets and Ryan   House plus the money that                       was raised at the Veterans Celebration and the Chili Cook Off which was a total of $4560 that was                           raised and donated to Dogs 4 Vets and Ryan House.
4.       Issues to be decided and voted on:
     A.      Whether to keep present two charities, Dogs 4 Vets and Ryan House:
               Jim Townsend gave a brief description of each and vote was taken with approval to keep these two                        charities. 
     B.      Restructure of present Board positions from five to three, President, Vice President/ Social Director,                        Secretary/Treasurer:
             Stu Strait conducted this which passed by unanimous approval.
     C.      Election of Officers, President, Jim Townsend; Vice President/Social Director, Glenda Sweeney;                                Secretary/Treasurer, Jean Hamilton:
             Stu Strait conducted this which passed by unanimous approval.
     D.     Since the board structure was approved, other modifications to Club rules to articles 5,6, and 7 will be                          modified pertaining to board roles and responsibilities. Members were previously given notice of this                       and advised to view those on under Documents and Club by-laws.  No questions or                               comments from members were offered at this meeting.
5.      Member event overview:
         Glenda Sweeney gave a preview of two events that are planned for 2022:
            November 11 Veterans Celebration which will be held in the parking lot
            December 9  Holiday Party which will be held in the Multi-Purpose Room
6.      Judy Mitchell was given a gift card for appreciation for filling in as secretary this past year.
7.      Jan Burness was given flowers and a gift card for appreciation for her past service in many offices for many                 years in Company of Friends.


Event When Where
1st Wednesday
 of the Month
Trilogy Cafe ***
Please note new location
3rd Wednesday
 of the Month
Trilogy Cafe ***
Please note new location
Oktoberfest October 19, 2022
To Be Announced
Veterans Event November 11, 2022 To Be Announced
Holiday Party December 9, 2022 To Be Announced

Photos from events

Chili Cook-off
MC Dan Savage
Winner Cyndy Welken Place
Chris Stima and Etta White
Dennis and Carolyn Owen
Stu and Debbie Strait
Don White and Bob Hollenbeck
Stu Strait with Jim and Robyn Franklin
Gail Heil and the cowabunga cake
Holiday Party 2021
Veterans Day 2021
May 26, 2021 Meeting
Gilbert Food Drive 2020
Pictured above are Stu Strait and Jim Townsend loading donations for the food drive.  We were able to donate almost 400 pounds of food and over $1200 in donations to various food banks.
Holiday Party 2019

COF Charities

Currently, our general charity is Ryan HouseThis is a children's house of respite in Phoenix.  Their focus is on quality-of-life and continuing care to guide children through their unique life limiting or end of life journey.
 Our veterans charity the past two years is Dogs4Vets.  Their mission is to enable disabled veterans to live a more productive life through the use of service animals.  They help these veterans train either their own dogs or rescue dogs to be service dogs at no cost to the veteran.
If you desire to make a direct donation to a specific organization, make a check payable to the charity and mail it to the Company of Friends treasurer for recording and disbursement.