Company of Friends

Company of Friends is social club that also participates in fundraising to support charities.  The charities may vary from year to year, but we always include one general charity and one charity to support military veterans.  The club meets for socializing and eating every 2nd and 4th Wednesday throughout the year at Slate, the restaurant at Trilogy Golf Course.  Slate has been a great partner of the club over the years and helps us by donating ($1 for every person attending) for our charities from the proceeds of our meals and drinks.

The club also has an annual Veterans Day dinner/dance and program usually held at the Trilogy ballroom in November.  Again, this is a social event that honors veterans and collects money for our charities.  In addition we participate in several other activities throughout the year including the Trilogy garage sale, a scavenger hunt, a tailgate party, a Holiday party, and a food drive.



COF Officers and Directors


President Jim Townsend
1st Vice Pres. Glenda Sweeney
2nd Vice Pres. Jean Hamilton
Secretary Judy Mitchell
Treasurer Jan Burness
Social Director Glenda Sweeney
Charity Director    


Company of Friends Board Meetings

Below are the minutes from the board meeting that we held June 23.

In attendance from the board were: Jim Townsend, Laurene Van Engelen, Lynda Swaney and Jan Burness. Also in attendance was Glenda Sweeney from the social committee.

1. Laurene will be the interface to the Santan press. She has pictures from the food drive that she will submit for the August publication. We also have a thank you note from the Midwest food bank for our participation in the food drive.

2. The social committee presented an update. They have been working very hard on a calendar to address upcoming events. They are also working on alternatives depending upon the availability of the ball room as well as the ramifications of the corona virus. A tentative calendar includes:

October food drive
October garage sale as part of the overall Trilogy garage sale.
November 6 Veterans Day dinner and dance
December 4 Holiday Party
Annual meeting in March
There will be a "Welcome Guests" table at the regular every other Wednesday events at Slate.
And there will be an "upcoming events" calendar at each table so members will be informed of future activities.
There will also be a raffle for a $10 gift card for guests at each social event and a $10 raffle for members who bring a guest.
Other events are being considered, but we will postpone further planning until the impacts of the ballroom and the virus are better known.

3. Because of the postponement of events due to the virus, it was voted upon and approved that members who have paid their 2020 dues will not have to pay any 2021 dues.

4. It was also voted and approved on that the club would pay for the members Holiday Party.

5. To come up with an orderly succession of club officers, it was agreed-upon that we will try to establish backups for each position. In the case of president, the first vice president would be the logical back up. And the second vice president would be the logical back up for the first vice president. However we have no logical back ups for the treasurer and secretary and those especially need to be identified.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30. The next meeting will be held the last week of July. Jim will publish an agenda and firm schedule prior to that date.

Photos from events

May 26, 2021 Meeting
Gilbert Food Drive 2020
Pictured above are Stu Strait and Jim Townsend loading donations for the food drive.  We were able to donate almost 400 pounds of food and over $1200 in donations to various food banks.
Holiday Party 2019
Veterans Day 2019

COF Charities

Currently, our general charity is Ryan HouseThis is a children's house of respite in Phoenix.  Their focus is on quality-of-life and continuing care to guide children through their unique life limiting or end of life journey.
 Our veterans charity the past two years is Dogs4Vets.  Their mission is to enable disabled veterans to live a more productive life through the use of service animals.  They help these veterans train either their own dogs or rescue dogs to be service dogs at no cost to the veteran.
If you desire to make a direct donation to a specific organization, make a check payable to the charity and mail it to the Company of Friends treasurer for recording and disbursement.