Boards & Decks
The Boards and Decks Club weekly games are open to all residents. Dues are only $5 regardless of how many games you play.
Our schedule is as follows:
Cribbage   Tuesday 1:00 pm  John Hewitt 661-965-1219
Pegs & Jokers Monday 1:00 pm John Hewitt 661-965-1219
Hand & Foot   Mon & Wed. 5:30 pm  Cindy Morris 480-606-2822
Triple Hand & Foot Thursday 10:30 am Jan Hillyard 701-290-410
Rummikub Thursday   12:00   
All games are played in the Catalina (card) room or at the tables in the Grand Living Room.. Join one or more of our game groups—you’ll have fun and keep your mind sharp to boot! 
All games are inclusive to all who come to play. If a table is full, they will break it up and start another table to include all residents.
We encourage everyone to participate in set up and clean up before we leave.
And please let us know if you’d like to be coordinator for a different game.
Look for announcements from John Hewitt fir any Sunday events almost every week!