Our 12th Clogging season is just ending. We start up again in the Fall...usually October.
Did you know that Cloggers can burn 400-600 calories in an hour of dancing? That's approximately 15 songs.  Since we dance to a 'cuer'...similar to a square dance caller...we don't have to memorize the dances.  There's never any performance pressure.  We dance for our own enjoyment. 
If you've ever wondered about 'CLOGGING' why not email Pat for more information  A 'NEW' Beginner's Program will be starting up in November.  And best of all...November is FREE.  Now you have no excuse not to try this fun dance/exercise activity!   
Clogging builds friendships, burns calories and best of all...puts a big ol' smile on your face... ALL at the same time!  What are you waiting for?!  This fall why not make the commitment to learn something 'new' CLOGGING!
Call Pat Lunne for more information on this wonderful form of dance and exercise.  
                  (480) 471-8947 or email her at