Theatre Club

Just a reminder that the Trilogy Theatre Club meets every second Saturday of the month at 9:00 am in the new
Donuts will be served, and we are working on the coffee - but you are invited to bring your own beverage until that issue can be worked out


Membership Form - join the Theatre Club!

Great decision!  We'd love to have you.  Just click HERE and download the membership form, fill it out, and take it to the Front Desk in the Clubhouse along with your dues.

Theatre Club By-Laws

Just click on the link to view the Theatre Club Addendum and the Theatre Club Standing Rules.  If there is anything missing you can email any of the Club Officers. 
Currently the Officers are:
President:  Linda Lukey
Executive Vice-President:  Dave Brown
Senior Vice-President:  Marc Larson
Secretary:  Debbie Erickson
Treasurer:  Marilyn Flaherty
Membership Director:  Bonnie West
Publicity Director:  Mary Gates

Club Events

This is for all events - plays, dinners, dances, fundraisers - whatever!!   We are always looking for talent - not just “on stage”. You can satisfy your creative or technical skills behind the scenes. We need carpenters, sound and light technicians, costume designers, writers, photographers, decorators, etc. Come join the fun!

We need talent for all kinds of things - not just plays!  We are always exploring different entertainment offerings, so keep your ears open.  To quote a bit from the West Side Story song..."somethin's comin', I don't know what it is, but it is gonna be great..."


Theatre Club Apparel

If you are interested in ordering Trilogy Theatre Club shirts, the process has changed.  Think of it more as a special order situation.  Individual orders can be placed, but it will cost more.  
Men's or Ladies Polos (scoop neck shirts are no longer available):
XS to XL     - $28.00
XXL            - $30.00
XXXL          - $33.00
HAT            - $15.00
These prices are based on a run of 12 pieces or more.  Shirts may be mixed and matched to make up the quantity, but not hats.
To run less then 12, (shirts or hats), there is an upcharge of $4.00 per garment.  So in other words, if you want to place an individual order, you must specify and authorize the upcharge.   Otherwise, the order must wait until 12 pieces have been ordered to be placed and we cannot guarantee time of delivery.
Or, if a group of people all get together and order 12 or more shirts (at the current prices without the upcharge) that is OK too.  Checks need to be made out to Trilogy at Power Ranch (for the Theatre Club) and paid to the vendor at time of delivery.   
Because the process has changed since last we met as the Theatre Club, Mary Gates (480-988-3297 or will commit to being responsible for getting the vendor's payments to the Treasurer until a different process can be discussed and established.

Things to Do Around Town: General Information

Events suggested here are for personal participation.  These are just a few of the community's entertainment options:

Theater Trivia Night: Bonnie suggested having a group come in that does Trivia and we could make it all about plays, TV, movies etc. This would be at Trilogy.  No information yet, but perhaps this would be a great summer activity for our year-rounders, and it could be continued during full occupancy months!  If you are interested in starting this or hosting, contact Bonnie West.

Higley Center for the Performing Arts (HCPA) always has something interesting going on.  Their website information for shows and tickets is:  Higley Center For The Performing Arts and to see their calendar go to HCPA Calendar

The Hale Theater has another season of marvelous productions available.  Here is the link to their website:

The Queen Creek Performing Arts Center (QCPAC) website for information and tickets is:  Queen Creek Performing Arts Center 

Chandler Center For The Arts (CCA) website link is: Chandler Center For The Arts

The Grand Canyon Railway that leaves from Williams, AZ is operating and you can even stay at the historic hotel there.  For more information, click this link:  The Grand Canyon Railway Train

Barleen's Opera House in Apache Junction is still going strong, offering a variety of entertainments.  Check 'em out for shows and cost for dinner, menu, etc. at Barleen's Dinner Show


Things To Do Around Town: Bye Bye Birdie at the Queen Creek Performing Arts Center

 The Queen Creek Performing Arts Center is presenting:    Bye Bye Birdie  (click for information on purchasing tickets).  This is an individual event being published for your theatre-going pleasure and keep you informed of what is being offered in our area.
June 25-28, 2021
Pricing: Adults $15, Children $13

What Our Members Are Up To....

Several Theatre Club members, who are also members of the Tappers Club, decided to go on an "in house" vacation together.  This information was provided by our Treasurer, Marilyn Flaherty, who was one of the five ladies.  I am paraphrasing her own words:
They left Gilbert on Tuesday, June 4th headed for their first stop - lunch at "FARM  and CRAFT" in old town.  
They shopped a little...
...then they took a picture with "the cowboys" and checked in at the Scottsdale Links Resort at 4pm.  
That evening, they had some nibbles and relaxed with friendly conversation.  Wednesday, Marilyn made "Eggs Benedict" for the group in their condo, then it was off to see the play "Assisted Living" at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts (SCPA).
On display at the SCPA are their individual T shirts they had made, attracting some attention and compliments.

Next was dinner at "Papas Tapas Fritas", a Spanish/Mexican Restaurant near
Old Town Scottsdale.  They saw the T-shirts, asked the ladies what the celebration
was and treated them like royalty.  Churros for desert was on them!  Whoo hoo!
Then to Casablanca's for drinks and a view of the city.  A young couple - patrons of
the lounge - heard what the women were celebrating and bought a round of drinks for the intrepid group!

On Thursday, we checked out at noon and went to "Maggiano's" in Scottsdale
for lunch.  They also knew of our celebration and treated us like royalty.  The "Canoli Cake" in the picture was their gift to us!

The ladies all had a great time playing, bonding, laughing, and crying.  They'll have those memories for years to come...
What have you been doing, readers?  Let us know so we can share.

More member activities

A group of Theatre Club members congregated in an outing at Pinetop at a place called The Lion's Den.  It was reported that a good time was had by all.  The association with friends is one of the things we enjoy as Theatre Club members!

Trip - Branson, Missouri - April - 2015

Click this link:   Trip to Branson April 2015 for the event presentation.

Christmas Dinner - 2015

Click this link:   Christmas Dinner 2015 for the event presentation.

Play - The Odd Couple (Female Version) April 2016

Content for this event is available by clicking on this link:   Play - The Odd Couple April 2016
This is a presentation containing the pictures forwarded to Publicity for inclusion on the website.  The presentation can be updated and reloaded as additional information is received.

Fall Kickoff - 2017 - Mark Cordes

Click this link:   Fall Kickoff - Mark Cordes November 2017 for the event presentation.

New York Trip - April 2018

Content for this event is available by clicking on this link:  New York Trip April 2018
This is a presentation containing the pictures forwarded to Publicity for inclusion on the website.  The presentation can be updated and reloaded as additional information is received.

Branson Trip - 2018

Content for this event is available by clicking on this link:   Branson Trip 2018.   
This is a presentation containing the pictures forwarded to Publicity for inclusion on the website.  The document can be updated and reloaded as additional information is received.

Dream City - December 2018

Content for this event is available by clicking on this link:   Dream City 2018 December
This is a presentation containing the pictures forwarded to Publicity for inclusion on the website.  The document can be updated and reloaded as additional information is received.

Welcome Back Event - 2019 February

Our normal Fall Kickoff was postponed because of the repair/reconfiguration of the parking lot.  It was retitled "Welcome Back Event" because it wasn't Fall any longer - it was Winter.  But given the purpose of the kickoff is to do just that, not only get the season started but welcome back all our members, that title was chosen.  
The event featured a dinner and show provided by Jeff Allen.  Click this link for the presentation:  Welcome Back Event - FEB 2019

Play - "Don't Mention My Name" - April 2019

View the presentation by clicking this link:  Don't Mention My Name April 2019
This presentation contains a myriad of pictures from the show itself from beginning to end, as well as its set construction.  There was an attempt to include each and every picture that was sent, but some were so similar to others that it necessitated a choice to be made.  Also, there were pictures from most of the scenes, but some scenes had none.  Any additional pictures or information our members wish to share can be sent to the Publicity Chair.

Holiday Dinner - 2019 December

The holiday dinner was held in our beautiful Trilogy Ballroom.  The tables were beautifully decorated, and all were different.  In addition to the usual choice of wine (if you offered that at your table) some hosts also brought other forms of Christmas cheer - like Amaretto and Irish Creme to share!!  Everyone was in a festive mood, and there were wonderful carolers to entertain us, dressed in period attire.
This is a sample of one of the tables in the room and the diners - looking at the picture, literally from left to right as the faces are visible, it is Larry & Elaine Thiel, Dave & Ann Brown, Annette Braun, Joe Morabito, Dave Braun, George Smith, and Cathy Smith.  Sorry - don't know who is walking behind the table.  I'll be glad to post the walkers' names on this site if someone emails me with the information.
NOTE:  Just a note for next year's event - no large salad bowls please, or, let the event organizers know you are going to do this so they can communicate it to the caterer.  The caterer plans on a "per person" estimate, so a big, heaping bowl of salad intended "for the table" takes up significantly more produce than individual bowls.  Some tables did not get any salad, and their salad is very good, so there were a few minor disappointments.

General Meeting Minutes Archives

To keep computer space to a minimum, only the latest 6 months of will be published.  The minutes from previous years were uploaded and stored on the server.  If you would like to review any past minutes from our General Meetings, just click on the link below representing the date in which you are interested.  As always, please send the Publicity Chair any copies of missing minutes and he/she will ensure they are uploaded to the server, and a link added.
2016                                          2017                                          2018                                        2019          
10-08-2016                                 02-11-2017                                 03-10-2018 
                                                                                                    04-14-2018                               01-12-2019 
11-12-2016                                 04-08-2017                                 05-12-2018                               02-09-2019
12-10-2016                                 05-06-2017                                 09-08-2018                               03-09-2019
                                                                                                        10-13-2018                               04-13-2019
                                                                                                        11-10-2018 (8:30)                     05-13-2019
                                                                                                        11-10-2018 (10:00)                   09-14-2019
Remember for 2018, our December meeting was considered to have been the trip to Dream City, so there are no minutes for that.

November 2019 General Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: Bob P called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. Officers present were Bob Peterson, Cathy Gueci, Linda Fuhrmann, Kathy Motush, Mary Gates, and Marilyn Flaherty. There were 126 members present.
Approval of October 12, 2019, Minutes:
Bob P asked for a motion to approve the minutes. Dan Thetford made a motion to approve the October minutes and George Smith seconded. All approved.
Treasury Report:
Marilyn reported that the September balance had been verified by the CA. In October, payments were made for the Fall Kickoff Event, including costs for the entertainer and the meal. Marilyn stated our unverified balance. A question was raised regarding our dues. How much are they and when are they due. Marilyn replied they are $12.00 and are due now. Bob P stated they must be paid by November 15. Bob asked if there was a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Marsha Dahl moved to accept the treasurer’s report. Gary Scott seconded the motion and all were in favor.
New Members:
Bob P asked Linda if there were any new members she’d like to introduce. Linda stated that several new members attended the Club Exposition Event. Linda introduced them. They were Connie Kenney, Cathy Larson, Joe and Shirline Kish, Linda Synstegard, Tom and Mary Manning, Veronica Dechiario and Bryan and Noreen Cousens. New members were welcomed with a round of applause.
Veteran’s Day Silver Star Event, Monday, November 11:
Bob P reminded participants to pick up their tickets after the meeting from Linda Peterson. Bob stated that attendees are to meet by 5:00 p.m. on the East side of theatre and to be escorted in as a group. Linda Peterson stated that anyone needing to cancel this event must find someone to sell their tickets to as there is no wait list. The $40.00 tickets for the dinner and show are paid for and are not refundable.  Christmas Tree Decorating November 22, 1:00 p.m.: Bob P briefed that last month members signed up to decorate our club tree. A few more volunteers would be welcomed.
Holiday Dinner, December 12:
Bob P stated that guests are $16.00 per person. All requests for guests must be in before the end of November to plan seating. Faye Krause is planning the seating arrangements. To qualify for the club to pay for your dinner and entertainment, members must have attended one meeting before Christmas and have made plans to volunteer for one or more club events scheduled this year.  Bob P stated that Bella’s Restaurant is catering an Italian meal for this event. Entertainment is being arranged. Bob P reported that two more hosts are needed for the holiday event. Bob explained that hosting tables is a tradition of our club. A host may be a single person or a couple of people. Hosts may invite particular members to their table or choose to have Faye Krause assign table guests. There will be eight chairs at a table unless the host requests ten chairs. Hosts must send Faye their list of table guests and the number of guests at your table so the ballroom is correctly set up.
Caribbean Cruise, February 22, 2020:
Linda Lukey reminded travelers that the final payment to Royal Caribbean is due November 25, 2019. Linda stated that she has the invoice and can tell you how much you owe or if you have credit coming due to the previously canceled cruise. Royal Caribbean has told Linda they are not doing anything with the credits until they are paid. RC will either leave your credit on your account or issue refunds but either way, you will get your credit back. Airlines fares are due by December 10. Each person must pay directly to the airline. Fees for the ground portion of the trip are being collected by Chuck and Sandy Tebelius today. The ground portion is due by December 12. Linda stated she will be sending out an email this week with all the information.
TTC Play - “Mama Won’t Fly”:
Cathy G reported that she is very excited about our play. The cast is amazing and the play is hilarious. Performance dates are March 12, 13, and 14, 2020. Cathy G reported that we absolutely need a sound person. This person will be in charge of the mics and run the sound effects. Without a sound person or persons, Cathy states, we will not have a play. This play depends on many sound effects and has 14 cast members. She asked for someone to please step up. Dave Brown reiterated the importance of finding a sound person and backups. The cast of 14 changes mics quickly. The sound person will create the sound track for the play, program it, and time it. Dave stated we need someone to step up to take this position right away. Dave Brown explained that during phase two of the ballroom renovation, we will be going digital for the audio, video and lighting. Dave stated that he would like our sound person to be willing to learn the digital soundboard too. Dave has the job description for this position. Dave emphasized that if we don’t have someone do this, we won’t have a play. Bob added that training will be provided. Dave stated that we will also need six to eight people to help backstage to assist with fast costume changes and curtain activity. Dave encouraged anyone interested in the sound position or for helping backstage, to talk with him. Kathy M asked if anyone would consider planning the decorations for the ballroom for the play. Kathy explained that some things have come up and she may not be able to do this. Bob was asked when tickets for the play would go on sale. He replied that tickets will go on sale the beginning of December although the exact date has not been determined. Bob reported that Pius and Susan Lacher have generously agreed to coordinate the wait staff. In January, there will be sign ups for the wait staff and for the decorating committee.
Hale Theatre, March 24, Always, Patsy Cline:
Bob P stated that Chuck and Sandy are accepting payment now or payment may be made at our meeting on January 11. Tickets are $27.00 per person and the performer is phenomenal.
Tribute to the Beach Boys at Silver Star Theatre, March 31, 2020:
Bob P stated that we have a sign up sheet for members interested. Ticket price covers the meal and show. Bob explained that checks for this show or for Patsy Cline, are to be made payable to Bob Krause and are due at the January 11, 2020, meeting. We save sales tax paying this way.
Hollywood Trip April 19 - 24, 2020:
Bob P reported that this trip is sold out but we are taking a wait list. The price is $1,280.00 per person which includes meals, hotel, transportation, and show costs.
End of Year Dinner, April 9, 2020:
Bob P reported that participation rules are the same for members to attend this event. There will be entertainment and a meal provided by the club for qualifying members. Board Elections Coming in March: Bob P announced that we have four positions opening in March. The positions are for Vice-president, Secretary, Publicity Director, and Membership Director. Bob asked that anyone interested in these positions, please let someone on the board know.
Charity Donation:
Bob P reported that last year we took up a collection for a crises in the U.S. We have been researching a place to donate this money that will use 100% of the money for relief. Mary G stated that one member suggested a local option that did not pan out. Another member suggested the United Methodist Committee on Relief. Mary researched this organization and reported that it looked good. Bob Krause requested that Mary get a cashiers check and send our donation of $130.00. Susan O’Connell asked if more donations would be accepted. Mary stated, yes, but she would have to have the cash donation by Tuesday.
Coffee: Bob P reported that the price for coffee has been reduced to $25.00 per urn. The club requires 2 urns per meeting for total of $50.00. Bob asked for a show of hands for members that feel the club should provide coffee. Bob then asked for a show of hands for people who would rather continue to bring their own coffee. There were many more hands for bringing our own coffee. Bob stated we will continue to bring our own coffee or beverage until members change their minds.
Theatre Club Shirts:
If interested in getting a shirt, contact Tom and Karen Flynn to let them know. They will collect orders until an adequate number is reached to get a discounted price.
Comments from the Board:
Kathy M pointed out that our club is now paying $150.00 a month for our storage unit and that is why she supports bringing our own coffee.
Adjournment: Bob P asked if there were any other member comments. There were none. Pius Lacher moved that we adjourn the meeting. Marc Larson seconded. All were in favor. We adjourned at 9:36.
Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Motush
TTC Secretary

January 2020 General Meeting Minutes

Call to Order:
Bob Peterson called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. Officers present were Cathy Gueci, Linda Fuhrmann, Kathy Motush, Mary Gates, and Marilyn Flaherty. There were 114 members present.
Treasurer’s Report:
Marilyn reported that our November transactions had been verified by the CA. Marilyn stated our current balance after deposits and expenses were calculated. She said that much of this balance is for deposits for the cruise and the Hollywood trip. Marilyn reported that Linda, Membership Director, had deposited dues for the year totaling $2,028.00 from 169 members. Marilyn asked if there were any questions. There were none. Marc Larson moved that we accept the treasurer’s report. Tom Mayhew seconded, all approved. Cruise Update:
Linda Lukey stated that she will be sending out an informational email this week. She will include a link to check-in and a link for excursions. Linda reported that members that had credit coming from the canceled cruise and paid the $500.00 deposit, should have received their appropriate credit. She encouraged travelers to check their statements. Linda reported that all shows are scheduled. The Aqua Show is scheduled on Day 1 and Day 4. This is in case it rains on Day 1 as it is an outdoor show. The group does not have assigned seats. Participants were advised to complete their online check-in and to purchase excursions as some may sell out. Faye and Linda will schedule an informational get-together for all travelers. Single members will have an additional meeting to plan excursions together.
Hollywood Trip:
Linda stated that Chuck Tebelius is collecting the final payment today. Final payment for a single room is $1370.00. Final payment for a double room is $980.00 per person.
Play Update:
Bob P stated that Mickey Tyler is taking sign ups for the Decorating Committee and for the volunteers to set up the ballroom for the play. Mickey is looking for donations of the following items: 1. Maps of Texas, New Mexico, Nevada and California, Las Vegas and Southern California 2. Card stock in various shades of green and white, 80 to 110 pounds 3. Poker chips 4. Dice Trilogy Theatre Club General Membership Meeting Minutes January 11, 2020 Bob stated that Pius and Susan Lacher are taking sign ups for wait staff for all three nights. Pius reported that several more people are needed. Bob added that although scheduling is easier if wait staff can be counted on for all three nights, it is not required. Cathy G reported that this year’s cast is amazing and the play is hilarious. Cathy thanked Dave Brown for the outstanding job he is doing. Dave Brown was given an enthusiastic round of applause. Cathy G stated that tickets have been on sale for a while and reminded members that ticket sales will open up to the public this week. She encouraged members to get the best seats now.
Dave Brown reported that props are being constructed for 15 scenes with 6 of them being heavy. His crew will work every Thursday and Friday for the next 4 or 5 weeks. His goal is to get the pieces on stage by February to allow the actors to work with the pieces and choreography so that the changing of set pieces can be worked out. Dave stated that about 18 additional people are needed for the backstage crew and to run the lighting and sound. This commitment is for 9 rehearsals starting in February and availability for all 3 performances. This will make training the stage crew members feasible. Dave added that the volunteers helping to change the women will not be required to be there for all the rehearsals. Dave stated he is taking sign ups for the work crew and backstage crew. Dave requested that if anyone has questions, see him. Bob P explained that this play is challenging in the number and speed required for set changes. He asked everyone to help our club by serving on the wait staff, working backstage, or decorating.
Hale Theater - Patsy Cline Show, March 24, 2020:
Bob stated that sign ups and payments are being collected by Linda Peterson. Checks are to be payable to Bob Krause. The show is at 7:30 p.m. and it is a carpool event. Bus trip to Hollywood in April: Bob stated that Chuck and Sandy Tebelius are collecting final payments that are due today. Yellow slips are also due for room arrangements.
Silver Star Theater - Beach Boys Tribute, March 31, 2020:
Bob stated that Linda Peterson is collecting checks for this event. Checks are to be payable to Bob Krause. This is a carpool event.
Bob P reported that every year we have an election to rotate officers. This year we have Marc Larson running for VP of Drama, Deb Erickson running for Secretary, Bonnie West and Joan Shotts running for Membership Director, and Mary Gates running for a second term as Publicity Director. Trilogy Theatre Club General Membership Meeting Minutes January 11, 2020 Bob stated that as our bylaws are written, we are going to close nominations at our meeting in February and vote at our March meeting. In April, the new officers step into their positions. Bob asked if anyone else was interested in these positions. There were no responses. Bob asked if there were any questions. There were none. Bob reminded members that next year three positions will open up. These openings include Vice-president, President, and Treasurer. We will be looking for people to fill these positions.
Final remarks:
Mary Gates reminded members of the information she has posted under Theatre Club website. Mary requested that anyone with questions, pictures of places they have visited, or things they have done, send it to her. Six months of minutes are available on the website and older ones are archived. Mary asked that anyone having copies of minutes not listed, send them to her. Mary stated she also provides a “things to do in Gilbert” category as well as links to local performing arts centers.
Chuck Tebelius stated that the final payment for the Hollywood Trip is due today. A few participants still need to pay. Chuck said he will be home all day for anyone wishing to drop off their final payment.
Dave Brown updated members on the ballroom. He reported that Phase 1 is complete. Phase 2 will be bigger with audio, lighting, and video systems being completed. He stated that the current plan is to close the ballroom down in June and reopen in September. At the same time this is done, the bathrooms near the ballroom will be renovated. After the ballroom restrooms are reopened, the pool restrooms will be redone.
George Smith asked about restroom accommodations during this time. Dave stated that temporary deluxe portable restrooms will be rented.
Bob asked for any additional comments or questions. There were none. Bryan Coussens moved that we close the meeting. George seconded. We adjourned at 9:45 a.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Motush Secretary Trilogy Theatre Club

February 2020 General Meeting Minutes

Call to Order:
Bob Krause called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. Officers present were Bob Peterson, Cathy Gueci, Marilyn Flaherty, Kathy Motush, Mary Gates, and Linda Fuhrmann. There were 102 members in attendance.
Approval of January 11, 2020, Meeting Minutes:
Bob K asked if there were any corrections to be made to the minutes. There were none. Diana Brewer made a motion to approve the minutes. Marcia Dahl seconded and all favored approval.
Treasurer’s Report: Marilyn reported our verified balance brought forward at the end of December. She stated the unverified balance at the end of January as $12,080.62. Chuck Tebelius asked how much of this balance is “free” money which can used by the club. Chuck and Marilyn agreed to meet after the meeting to answer his question. Bob K stated that included in the current balance is money for the cruise, Hollywood trip, and money taken in for the play. Bob K stated that after expenses are paid, our balance would be between $5,000 and $6,000. Brian Coussens moved that we accept the Treasury Report and Jo Ellen Scott seconded. Everyone favored approval. Bob Bowers suggested that in the future the treasury report include the current balance and liquid money that can be used by the club. Marilyn stated that she can do both the balance and the “free” money. Bob K agreed. He asked if there were further questions. There was not. Bob K then asked if all favored accepting the report. They were.
Patsy Cline Show - Hale Theatre - March 24, 2020:
Bob K stated that tickets through our club are sold out. Payment is due today. Beach Boys at Silver Star Theatre - March 31, 2020: Bob K reported that payment is due by the 23rd of this month. Payments are being accepted today. Faye reported that 15 tickets are left to be sold.
Cruise Update:
Bob K announced that a meeting is being held for participants on February 12, 4:00 p.m. in the cafe. Linda Lukey stated she will send an email reminder for our get together on Wednesday. Attendees are asked to bring an appetizer or dessert to share. Bob K reported that Linda Lukey had to turn in names to the cruise line for table assignments. Bob suggested that on the first night, we sit at our assigned table. On following nights, he would like participants to change seating to encourage camaraderie.
Mama Won’t Fly Update:
Cathy G thanked every member involved with the play. Cathy G reported there are 22 tickets left for Thursday night, 18 for Friday night, and 1 for Saturday night. Cathy G reported that wait staff is still needed. Volunteers need to see Susan and Pius Lacher after the meeting. Susan added that more wait staff is needed especially on Saturday night. She also needs more volunteers to prepare and clean tablecloths. Dave Brown thanked everyone who showed up for the meeting regarding Phase 2 of the Ballroom. He also thanked the 23 member production team who will be working to perfect their roles during play practices. Dave also appreciated the construction and painting teams. They are ahead of schedule and have been able to cancel some work days. Mickey Tyler asked for additional donations of maps needed for the decorations. She needs three more of Texas, two more of Las Vegas, and one more of Arizona. Mickey will have a box on her porch for donations.
Hollywood Trip Update - April 19 - 24:
Bob K reported that 48 people are going and everyone has paid. Faye Krause stated that the final itinerary is being completed as there are some changes. Our hotel is now the Fairfield Inn and Suites in the Rancho Cucamonga area. It is a newer and highly rated hotel. Our destinations may take a few more minutes but it will be worth it. Faye also stated that the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will not be opened when we are there and will be removed from our itinerary. Faye reported that travel insurance is available from Sinclair Travel. Let Faye know if you have an interest. Due to the short time before our trip, this insurance will not cover preexisting conditions. The cost for the insurance varies according to your age. Faye explained our planned days for Tuesday and Thursday. They are full days that end with a play. She asked the participants if they would prefer time to go back to the hotel to freshen up before the plays. The group indicated that this was not important to them. The Griffith Observatory scheduled on Monday is unfortunately closed that day. Faye explained our options are to either visit the observatory on Sunday night after traveling all day or visit during the day. The daytime hours provides a variety of benefits such as smaller crowds and photo ops of the city, the Hollywood sign, and the James Dean bust. Faye invited anyone to see her if they have a particular question. Faye stated she needs a yellow form from each attendee for the hotel. This form provides everyone’s emergency contact information.
EOY Dinner - Thursday - April 9, 2020:
Bob K stated that our end of year dinner will be held in the ballroom. Bob P and Linda are working on the menu.
Board Elections:
Bob K stated that today is this last day to nominate candidates. If anyone is interested, someone must nominate you today. Four positions are open and we will vote at our March meeting. New officers will take over in April. If there are no additional nominations, we have Marc Larson running for Vice President, Debbie Erickson running for Secretary and Bonnie West running for Membership Director. Mary would like to stay in her current position as Publicity Director and will be running for another term. Bob K asked if there were any nominations or anyone interested in running for one of the positions.There were none. Bob K stated we will vote by acclamation as only one person is running for each position. Chuck Tebelius moved that we close nominations. Dan Thetford seconded. All were in favor. Bob K provided a history of the club and stated he will not run again. He started in 2007 as TTC President. The club built membership by offering a free tee shirt and soon after, events were sponsored. A successful comedy show with Mark Cordes was followed by the Crystal Cabaret 1 and 2, and then the first play, They Went That-a-way." The club has done several plays since then that get better every year. The club has traveled to Palm Springs, Branson, Myrtle Beach, New York City, and Nashville. Participants have always had a good time and camaraderie has grown. The club has continued to sponsor an annual comedy show in the fall. Events may evolve and change with our new board but change is good. Bob K encouraged members to think about these positions and consider running for them. Bob K stated he would be available to the new board as an ex-officio member. He can offer help and history but will not have a vote. Bob K thanked his wife, Faye, for all her help, work and support.
Hiatus - June through September 2020:
Bob K reported that the board unanimously agreed that our club would go dark over summer. Bob K asked for a vote with a show of hands of all in favor of going dark June, July and August. The majority vote was for going dark. Our first meeting in the fall will be September 12 with our dues of $12.00 being due by the last week of November. Our participation policy requires members to attend one meeting before December and take part in one event to qualify for the free Holiday Dinner. Members may also attend this dinner as a guest. A question was asked from the floor regarding how our volunteering is tracked. Bob K answered that Dave Brown turns in his list of the construction crew, Cathy G turns in her list of actors involved with the play, Faye turns in her lists of volunteers for decorating and Pius and Susan turn in their list of wait staff. These lists go to Linda who keeps volunteers as well as attendance. Linda Fuhrmann asked if it was possible for 170 members to have volunteered to do something between October and the end of November. Bob K stated that members must have their name on a list to take part in something. Another question from the floor asked if we know how many members are here full time verses part time. Bob K stated that in the past, 45% were snowbirds and 55% were here year round. A show of hands indicated that this percentage may have changed over time. After discussion regarding going dark or staying active over summer, Bob K asked for a second show of hands in favor of going dark. It was still the majority. Bob reminded members this practice can change with the new board. Bob K reported that Bob P is not going to run again either. The position of treasurer will also open up next year. Bob K encouraged members to consider these positions. Bob K stated that we have two members running for the Trilogy Board. They are Marilyn Flaherty and Tom Pizza. Both are good people. Board Comments: Bob P added to the history of the club stating he has been in his position for 12 years. He has watched the club grow and has always been pleased that we have the most active club members that always step up when needed. Bob thanked Dave Brown who always goes above and beyond and has a tremendous crew. Mary G passed along some of Bonnie West’s ideas for summer activities such as getting together to discuss plays or movies or just letting club members know a group of them are going to a particular play or movie. Bob K stated we would need a sign up sheet for this to count as participation. Marilyn added that we could keep track with a mass email but someone would have to verify who showed up.
Bob K stated that our next membership meeting is March 14. Marc Larson moved that we adjourn the meeting. George Smith seconded. All favored adjournment at 9:54 a.m.
Respectfully submitted, Kathy Motush TTC Secretary 

November 2020 General Meeting Minutes - all three sessions included

8:00 a.m. Meeting:
President Krause called the meeting to order at 8:09 a.m. Officers present were Bob Krause, Marc Larson, Debbie Erickson and Bonnie West. There were 16 members in attendance. There was no Treasurer’s Report at the 8:00 a.m. meeting.
10:00 a.m. Meeting:
President Krause called the meeting to order at 10:04 a.m. Officers present were Bob Krause, Marc Larson, Marilyn Flaherty, Mary Gates, Debbie Erickson and Bonnie West. There were 35 members in attendance.
Noon Meeting:
President Krause called the meeting to order at 12:02 p.m. Officers present were Bob Krause, Marc Larson, Marilyn Flaherty, Mary Gates, Debbie Erickson and Bonnie West. There were 16 members in attendance. Before asking for the Treasurer’s Report, President Krause gave a brief explanation of the losses the Club has incurred as a result of the cancellation of “Mama Won’t Fly” (the Play).
Treasurer’s Report:
The Treasurer, Marilyn Flaherty, stated that the last Theatre Club meeting was February 8, 2020. At that time, the Club’s treasury balance was $14,429.44. During March and April, the Club paid out expenses for the Play, as well as the monthly expense for storage. At the end of the fiscal year, May 2019- April 2020, the treasury balance was $10,644.77. During the months of May through October, the Club issued refunds for all the tickets purchased for the Play as well as the expense for storage. Leaving a balance of $1,680.77 as of today’s date. This amount was verified by the CA as of October 31, 2020. President Krause asked for a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report.
  • At the 10:00 meeting, Gary Scott made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report; seconded by Dean Colligan. Motion carried.
  • At the Noon meeting, Bryan Coussens made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report; seconded by Marcia Dahl. Motion carried. 2
Election of Officers:
President Krause introduced the Officers up for election: Marc Larson for Vice President, the position vacated by Cathy Gueci; Debbie Erickson for Secretary, the position vacated by Kathy Motush; Bonnie West for Membership Director, the position vacated by Linda Fuhrmann; and Mary Gates for re-election as Publicity Director. President Krause asked the Membership to vote for the candidates by raising their hands. The vote was unanimous at all three meetings. President Krause explained that the Club will be having another election of officers in March 2021. Officers up for election at that time are President (Bob Krause), Executive Vice President (Bob Peterson), and Treasurer (Marilyn Flaherty). Bob Krause and Bob Peterson are both retiring and will not seek reelection. Marilyn Flaherty has offered to continue as Treasurer. If anyone is interested in running for these positions, please let Bob Peterson know.
President Krause announced that because of the pandemic and the lack of Club activities this year, the dues paid for the year 2019-2020 will carry over for the year 2020-2021. Dues will not be payable again until October 2021.
Mama Won’t Fly:
President Krause announced the new dates for the Play are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 12, 13 and 14, 2021. The Sunday, November 14, performance will be a matinee. He also stated that at the next Board meeting he will be asking the Board to increase the admission price of the Play by one dollar.
Hollywood Trip:
President Krause stated that he has been negotiating with the travel agency to get a refund of the money members paid for the Hollywood Trip. (Couples had paid $1,280/person and singles paid $1,669/person for the trip.) As of today’s date, he has negotiated a refund of $1,000/person for couples, and additional $1,389 for singles. This offer is good until the end of December. However, he is continuing to negotiate for a full refund. He asked the members who had planned to go on the Hollywood Trip to indicate by a show of hands if they would be willing to accept this negotiated amount if he was not able to get a full refund. All members raised their hands in approval of accepting the refund negotiated with the travel company. At the 10:00 meeting Chuck Tebelius 3 suggested that we take the refund amount that is being offered right now, commenting that “a bird in the hand is worth much more than two in the bush.” The members present agreed with Chuck’s suggestion and authorized President Krause to accept the refund amount of $1,000/person for couples and $1,389/person for singles. JoEllen Scott asked if anyone at the 8:00 meeting had suggested taking the refund right now. President Krause replied that it had not been brought up at the earlier meeting.
Kitchen Band:
President Krause stated that a member has suggested bringing back the Kitchen Band for a performance. If anyone is interested in being in the Kitchen Band, please see Bob Krause or Alice Joyce.
Silver Star Theatre (Beach Boys):
Faye Krause reported on the status of the tickets that members purchased for the Beach Boys. The Theatre Club is planning to attend the Silver Star’s Christmas performance as a group on December 10. Members have a choice to use their tickets for the Christmas performance or exchange their tickets to attend a performance of their choice at a future date. Please let Faye know if you plan to attend the December 10 Christmas performance. If you do not attend the December 10 performance, Faye will give your name to the Silver Star staff, so they will have your name when you do decide to attend a performance. Faye has six additional tickets for sale for the Christmas performance at a price of $42.00 each.
The Hale Theatre (Patsy Cline):
The Club has no plans to attend the Hale Theatre as a group. However, the Hale will honor the tickets purchased for Patsy Cline. You will need your ticket to exchange it for a future performance.
Snacks for Sale:
Faye stated that the Club is selling the snacks that were purchased for the Play (cookies, trail mix, almonds, mini candy bars). They will be sold at a discount in an effort to recoup some of the loss sustained by the Club as a result of the cancellation of the Play. Faye Krause will be available after the meeting to take orders.
Board Comment:
Vice President, Marc Larson, stated that in this challenging time he hoped the Club will be able continue as a viable part of the community. He encouraged everyone to do their part to keep the Club thriving by promoting the Play and stepping up to help with Club activities.
Next Club Meeting:
The next meeting of the Theatre Club will be January 9, 2021. There will be no meeting in December. The Theatre Board will meet December 7, 2020.
President Krause asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting.
  • At the 8:00 meeting Debbie Erickson made a motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Teresa Larson. Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 8:46 a.m.
  • At the 10:00 meeting Pius Lacher made a motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by George Smith. Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 10:40 a.m.
  • At the Noon meeting James Marbury made a motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Kathleen Carey. Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 12:32 p.m.
Respectfully submitted, Debbie Erickson TTC Secretary.

April 2021 General Meeting Minutes

Trilogy Theatre Club General Membership Meeting Minutes
April 17, 2021
Call to Order: 
Bob Krause called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.  Officers present were Bob Peterson, Marc Larson, Marilyn Flaherty, Mary Gates, Bonnie West and Debbie Erickson.  There were 67 members in attendance.
As this is Bob K.’s last meeting as President, he spoke about the past 14 years as President of the Club.  He spoke about the financial condition of the Club and how we have arrived at this point.  He recognized Members Susan Lacher and Judy Harman as being on the Board when he first took office in 2007.  He gave special thanks to his wife Faye Krause and Bob Peterson for all their help and support for the past 14 years. 
Approval of Minutes: 
Chuck Tebelius made a motion to approve the minutes of the November 14, 2020 meeting.  Addie Abbruscato seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously. 
Election of Officers: 
Up for election:  Linda Lukey for President, Dave Brown for Executive Vice President and Marilyn Flaherty for Treasurer.  Because of the pandemic, many members had voted electronically prior to the meeting; however, Bob asked the Members present to vote for the three candidates by a show of hands.  All three officers were unanimously elected as Board Members for 2021-2022.
Bob Peterson spoke to the Members and thanked everyone for their support and help during his 14 years as Executive Vice President.
Bob K. then asked Linda Lukey to take over as the new President.  Linda gave a brief statement thanking everyone for their support and then turned the meeting over to Marilyn Flaherty. 
Treasurer’s Report: 
Marilyn gave a brief Treasurer’s Report stating that the Club has a balance of $156.77.
Thank you: 
The meeting was then turned over to Mary Gates.  Mary recited a poem she had written in honor of “K. Bob’s and P. Bob’s” retirement.  Marilyn then presented Bob K. and Bob P. with thank you cards and gifts from the Members.
New Member:  Bonnie West introduced new member Teresa McCarthy.
Update on the Play: 
Marc Larson presented a brief update on the Play, stating that the new dates for the Play are March 11, 12 and 13, 2022.  The set will be put up Sunday, March 6.  Cathy Gueci, Director, and Dave Brown, Stage Manager, have agreed to continue in their respective roles for the Play.  Rehearsals are tentatively scheduled to begin on January 18, 2022.  Tickets are tentatively scheduled to go on sale on December 11, 2021.  The price of the tickets will be set by the new TTC BOD.
Ballroom Update: 
Dave Brown gave an update on the renovation of the ballroom and answered questions posed by the Members.
Before the meeting was adjourned, the Members gave Bob K. and Faye and Bob P. a standing ovation.  Chuck Tebelius moved that the meeting be adjourned; Teresa Larson seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:38 a.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Erickson
TTC Secretary

May 2021 General Meeting Minutes

Trilogy Theatre Club General Membership Meeting Minutes May 8, 2021
Call to Order:
Linda Lukey called the meeting to order at 9:04 a.m. and led the Members in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Officers Present: Officers present were Linda Lukey, Dave Brown, Marc Larson, Marilyn Flaherty, Mary Gates, Bonnie West and Debbie Erickson. There were 59 members in attendance.
Approval of Minutes:
Debbie Erickson asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the April 17, 2021 meeting. Addie Abbruscato made a motion to approve the minutes. Elaine Thiel seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.
Treasurer’s Report:
Marilyn stated that the Club now has a balance of $736.77 in the treasury as a result of the $580 collected at the Highland High School Concert streamed in the Ballroom on May 7. Linda asked for a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Marcia Dahl made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Debbie Gallagher seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.
Update on the Play:
Marc Larson gave an update on the performance of Mama Won’t Fly. The play will take place March 11, 12 and 13, 2021. The stage will be set up on March 6. Rehearsals will begin January 18, 2021. Marc also announced that the Board wants the Club to put on a play or some type of performance in the Spring of 2023 and asked the Members to be thinking about what they would like to do. If anyone has any ideas for a performance, they should contact a Board member with their suggestion.
Ballroom Update:
Dave Brown gave an update on the ballroom. A 100-page document has been presented to the Finance Committee. The document outlines all the finance requirements as well as a recommendation for a contractor. The Finance Committee will decide if the project meets all requirements and if there is money for it. After that they will pass the document on to the Trilogy Board for approval. After the Town of Gilbert approves all the drawings, construction will begin. Dave announced we are looking at an August through December timeframe for the renovation. Dave also announced that they will be looking for people who are interested in learning how to run the AVL equipment.2
Clarification about the Theatre Club:
Linda thanked everyone for their support and wanted to clarify a few things. As many know, she was the president of Fun Savers, which is an activity club, the Theatre Club is not an activity club. There will be activities, but the intent of the Theatre Club is to support the Arts, whether here in Trilogy or attending concerts, plays, etc. in the surrounding communities.
Linda reiterated that the Club has very little money and talked about the challenges this presents going forward. Because of this fact the Board has decided to raise the Club dues to $15. If Members would like to pay their dues at this time, they will be paid up until December 2022. Linda stated that the Club has a storage unit at U-Haul where we store all the sets and play equipment. The rent for the storage unit is $149 a month and right now the CA is paying the rent for the Club. Linda wants the Club to raise money so we can pay the storage rent and pay back the CA for the amount they paid. To date the amount the Club owes the CA is $447. Linda thanked Lori Larson and Dave Brown for putting together the Highland High Event, and also thanked Bonnie West for creating the flyer for the Highland High Event. Not only did the Club collect $580 in donations from the people that attended, a member of the audience came forward and offered to anonymously match the $580 to support Highland High School.
Social Events:
Because of the need to raise money for the Club, the BOD has decided to sponsor a couple social events over the summer. The first event will be an ice cream social on May 21, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. in the Ballroom. Tickets will be $5.00 and there will be a 50/50 raffle. Lori Larson is the host for this event and a there will be an email sent out later today with details for signing up for the event. The second event is a pie night in the Ballroom. Lynne Fabulich has volunteered to be the host. There will be a 50/50 raffle and possible entertainment. There is no definite date at this time, but it will be in the second half of July. More information about cost and other details will be forthcoming.
Potential Club Outings:
Hamilton is coming to ASU Gammage in September. Bonnie West announced the ticket prices ($135 in the Orchestra Section and $120 in the Pink Section, which includes the cost of a 40-passenger bus). Because of the short notice and lack of Club money, we need a definite commitment from the Members if they are interested in going. Bonnie asked by a show of hands how many people would be interested in going. More details will be forthcoming now that we know there is an interest. There is also a new comedy club in Gilbert JP’s Comedy Club. Tickets are $17 at the door; however, we may be able to get a group rate if we go as a Club. Bonnie asked the members to indicate by a show of hands how many people would be interested in attending the comedy club, either as a club or individually. There was a definite interest by the Members so Bonnie will gather more information and get it out to the Club.3
Constant Contact:
Constant Contact is a software program used by Fun Savers. The Theatre Club is trying out this program, at a minimal cost, on a trial basis to determine if it is something that fits the needs of the Theatre Club. Bonnie West gave a brief demonstration on how Constant Contact works, the benefits to the Club, how to register for an event through the program, and how to pay for an event. Linda asked if there were any questions regarding Constant Contact. One member asked what the cost would be to the Club if we decide to continue using the software. The licensing fee is $407 per year. Linda stressed that we would not purchase the program if it is decided that it is not beneficial to the Club or if we are not financially able to afford it. Right now the Club’s main concern is paying our bills.
Fall Kickoff, Holiday Event and Future Trips:
Because of the financial situation and the Ballroom renovation, the Fall Kickoff and Holiday Event are up in the air. Linda would like to set up a committee for a potential Fall Kickoff and a committee for a potential Holiday Event. She asked that anyone interested in being on either of the committees, please send her an email. Linda would also like to set up a committee for future annual trips. Anyone interested in being on the committee to plan an annual trip, please email Linda.
Linda asked if there were any questions or concerns regarding what is happening with the Club. Chuck Tebelius stated his concern about the storage rental amount. There was a discussion on the Club’s storage history and storage needs. Dave Brown is pursuing other options for storage. Chuck Tebelius also asked if we are changing the dues year are we in compliance with the bylaws. Linda explained that the Club will be voting on changing the dues year at the next general meeting in September, when it is anticipated there will be more Members present.
Lynne Fabulich made a motion that we adjourn the meeting. George Smith seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:05 a.m.
The next Theatre Club meeting will be September 11, 2021.
Respectfully submitted, Debbie Erickson, Secretary