Just a reminder that the Trilogy Theatre Club meets every second Saturday of the month at 9:00 am in the new
Coffee and donuts will be served

For more information contact Bob Krause at

Club Events

We are always looking for talent - not just “on stage”. You can satisfy your creative or technical skills behind the scene. We need carpenters, sound and light technicians, costume designers, writers, photographers, decorators, etc. Come join the fun!

We need talent for all kinds of things - not just plays!  We are always exploring different entertainment offerings, so keep your ears open.  To quote a bit from the West Side Story song..."somethin's comin', I don't know what it is, but it is gonna be great..."

Questions: email Bob (Club President) at

Theatre Club Apparel Sale


Looks great to be coordinated and show our unity and numbers, especially when traveling outside of Trilogy. If ordered now, the items will be ready for use at our March play as well as our trip in April.




SIZES XS-XL - $26.00

SIZE XXL - $28.00

SIZE XXXL - $31.00


SIZES S-XL - $21.00


Send Orders to

Payment can be made to the club at time of delivery

Things to Do Around Town

Events suggested here are for personal participation.  These are just a few of the community's entertainment options:

Theater Trivia Night: Bonnie suggested having a group come in that does Trivia and we could make it all about plays, TV, movies etc. This would be at Trilogy.  No information yet, but perhaps this would be a great summer activity for our year-rounders, and it could be continued during full occupancy months!  If you are interested in starting this or hosting, contact Bonnie West.

The Hale Theater has some marvelous productions.  Here is the link to their website:

In 2019 Queen Creek Center Performing Arts Center (QCPAC) will show Oklahoma! June 21-24 as part of their Family Theater Series.  Contact them for tickets at this link: 

Barleen’s Opera House in Apache Junction is still going strong, offering a variety of entertainments.  Cost with Dinner is $40.  Contact them for more information here:

Chandler Center For The Arts (CCA) has some great entertainment this summer.  Their website link is:

The Grand Canyon Railway that leaves from Williams, AZ is operating and you can even stay at the historic hotel there.  For more information, click this link:

Higley Center for the Performing Arts (HCPA) will soon be announcing their 2019-2020 lineup!  For that announcement as well as a month by month calendar for HCPA, go to :


What Our Members Are Up To....

Several Theatre Club members, who are also members of the Tappers Club, decided to go on an "in house" vacation together.  This information was provided by our Treasurer, Marilyn Flaherty, who was one of the five ladies.  I am paraphrasing her own words:
They left Gilbert on Tuesday, June 4th headed for their first stop - lunch at "FARM  and CRAFT" in old town.  
They shopped a little...
...then they took a picture with "the cowboys" and checked in at the Scottsdale Links Resort at 4pm.  
That evening, they had some nibbles and relaxed with friendly conversation.  Wednesday, Marilyn made "Eggs Benedict" for the group in their condo, then it was off to see the play "Assisted Living" at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts (SCPA).
On display at the SCPA are their individual T shirts they had made, attracting some attention and compliments.

Next was dinner at "Papas Tapas Fritas", a Spanish/Mexican Restaurant near
Old Town Scottsdale.  They saw the T-shirts, asked the ladies what the celebration
was and treated them like royalty.  Churros for desert was on them!  Whoo hoo!
Then to Casablanca's for drinks and a view of the city.  A young couple - patrons of
the lounge - heard what the women were celebrating and bought a round of drinks for the intrepid group!

On Thursday, we checked out at noon and went to "Maggiano's" in Scottsdale
for lunch.  They also knew of our celebration and treated us like royalty.  The "Canoli Cake" in the picture was their gift to us!

The ladies all had a great time playing, bonding, laughing, and crying.  They'll have those memories for years to come...
What have you been doing, readers?  Let us know so we can share.

Trip - Branson, Missouri - April - 2015

Click here for the event presentation.

Christmas Dinner - 2015

Click here for the event presentation.

Play - The Odd Couple (Female Version) April 2016

Content for this event is available by viewing this document.  This is a document containing the pictures forwarded to Publicity for inclusion on the website.  The document can be updated and reloaded as additional information is received.

Fall Kickoff - 2017 - Mark Cordes

Click here for the event presentation.

New York Trip - April 2018

Content for this event is available by viewing this document.  This is a document containing the pictures forwarded to Publicity for inclusion on the website.  The document can be updated and reloaded as additional information is received.

Branson Trip - 2018

Content for this event is available by viewing this document.   This is a document containing the pictures forwarded to Publicity for inclusion on the website.  The document can be updated and reloaded as additional information is received.

Dream City - December 2018

Content for this event is available by viewing this document.  This is a document containing the pictures forwarded to Publicity for inclusion on the website.  The document can be updated and reloaded as additional information is received.

General Meeting Minutes Archives

To keep computer space to a minimum, only the latest 6 months of will be published.  The minutes from previous years were uploaded and stored on the server.  If you would like to review any past minutes from our General Meetings, just click on the link below representing the date in which you are interested.  As always, please send the Publicity Chair any copies of missing minutes and he/she will ensure they are uploaded to the server, and a link added.
2016                                          2017                                          2018                                                  
10-08-2016                                 02-11-2017                                 04-14-2018
11-12-2016                                 04-08-2017                                 05-12-2018
12-10-2016                                 05-06-2017                                 09-08-2018
                                                                                                    11-10-2018 (8:30)
                                                                                                    11-10-2018 (10:00)
Remember for 2018, our December meeting was considered to have been the trip to Dream City, so there are no minutes for that.

December 2018 General Meeting Minutes

Our meeting in December was counted in our holiday event - the trip to the Dream City presentation.  There are no formal minutes for this event.

January 2019 General Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: President Bob Krause called the meeting to order at 9:02 a.m. Other officers present were Bob Peterson, Cathy Gueci, Mary Gates, Marilyn Flaherty, Linda Fuhrmann, and Kathy Motush. A total of 109 members were in attendance.


Approval of November 10, 2018, Minutes: A motion was made by Marcia Dahl to approve the minutes as written and seconded by Susan O’Connell. All were in favor to approve the minutes.


Treasury Report: Marilyn thanked members who helped her transition into her new position as treasurer including Bob K and Janet Peterson. Marilyn stated that Bob K worked with her in projecting the 2019 budget which ends the year with an acceptable balance of approximately $1700.00. She explained that a balance less than $5,000.00 is in compliance with club rules. Marilyn provided our current cash balance, stated the amounts to paid out of that, then provided the resulting available cash balance. Diana Brewer moved to accept the Treasury Report as written, Jo Ellen Scott seconded,  and all were in favor approving the report. Marilyn briefed on the 2018 budget which was completed but needed to be voted on by the membership. Pat Lunne moved to approve the 2018 budget, Larry Thiel seconded, and the 2018 budget was unanimously approved.


TTC Bylaws: Bob K briefed on the situation regarding our club bylaws. The wording used for membership approval of bylaws needed to be specific. Bob K provided this specific wording. Jo Ellen Scott properly stated, “I motion to approve the Theatre Club Standard Bylaws.” Addie Abbruscato stated “I second the motion to approve the Theatre Club Standard Bylaws.” All were in favor.


Delayed Fall Kickoff with Jeff Allen: Bob K reported that the maximum number of tickets have sold for this event while keeping our number in compliance with the fire code. Bob K assured us that we were in for a good show. Doors opened at 5:15 p.m. Faye Krause introduced the decorating committee for this event. They are Sandee Johnson, Deb Hanson, and Susan O’Connell. Faye stated that anyone wishing to help with the decorations is welcome to meet the group in the ballroom at 2:00 p.m.


“Don’t Mention My Name” Play Update: Bob K reported that the cast is now off book and doing very well. He reported the number of tickets sold for each evening performance and reminded the club that tickets are still available. The 30 days of ticket sales will be reached on January 22. On this date, one may buy however many tickets they desire.

Faye added that a sign up sheet to help with decorations for the play was available. Kathy Motush and Theresa Larson are heading up this decorating committee. Faye explained that there will be one meeting for sit down work for the group to put together decorations. Faye introduced Deb and Mike Hanson who are in charge of the wait staff for this event.   Deb Hanson assured everyone that should they need to change the evenings they are available, not to worry. They will make sure every position is covered.


Branson Final Figures: Bob K announced that he has refunds to distribute. He explained the reason for refunds as prices are determined during the planning phase of each trip which is a year or so in advance. Fees are set adding 5% to cover any increases that may occur. This time, the fees came down. Each person must see Bob K to personally sign for their refund.


Hale Theatre: Bob K briefed that the Hale Theatre Tickets for “Singing in the Rain” on March 1, are $24.00. This is expected to be a great show with “rain” coming down during the performance. Payments are due by February 1st which is before our next meeting. You may pay by cash or by check made payable to Bob Krause. If participants are not prepared to pay today, call Bob and Faye to arrange to drop your payment off at their house. Currently, there are 50 participants with a wait list of 4. Bob K encouraged members to sign up on the wait list as there are usually cancellations. Participants are to arrange their own transportation.


2019 Budget: Bob K explained the steps he and Marilyn took to project the 2019 Budget. They estimated all the event revenues and expenses. The events for 2019 include the dinner/comedy show January 12, our play in March, the Annual Meeting/ Party in April, our Fall Kickoff, and our Holiday Party. Dues and miscellaneous expenses for coffee, donuts, etc. are included. Considering everything, an estimated balance of $1596.00 remained. Marc Larson moved to accept the 2019 Budget as presented, Pete Trowbridge seconded. Approval of the 2019 Budget was unanimous.


Email Addresses: Bob K emphasized the importance of keeping Kathy M up to date with email changes and phone number changes. He noted that Cox email has been known to have problems with bulk emails. Kathy M asked that members verify that they have been receiving TTC emails and asked that if not, please let her know. Kathy keeps a running list of members who need to be sent individual emails.


April Cruise Update: Bob K briefed that some participants have not paid for the hotel and required shuttles. That money is due today, January 12. Linda Lukey reported that currently there is one person on the wait list. Linda asked if others want to be added to this list, contact her. Also, any participant needing to cancel should call her first. This way, she can offer this cruise opportunity to members on the wait list. Linda reports that all 53 people have paid for the cruise but not everyone has paid for their airfare. That needs to be taken care of immediately. Faye added that she will need to release unpaid seats this week. Participants have been given a locator number and will be responsible for printing their own boarding passes.


Faye clarified that Linda Lukey takes care of cruise portion only. Ruth Cyr and Faye are working on the hotel and the shuttles. If you have questions, please contact the appropriate person. Faye reported that instead of using the hotel shuttle from the Orlando airport, a motor coach will pick the entire group up at the airport and take us to Cheddar’s Restaurant for a meal. A sign up sheet for the four meal options will later be available. A fee of $15.00 per person will be collected for this meal. Ruth Cyr will present these details at our next meeting.


After dinner we head to the hotel to relax for the evening. AA Departure from Sky Harbor has changed to 8:45 a.m. We will arrive in Orlando at 3:52 p.m. Our departure time on April 14 is at 5:05 p.m. on flight 1022. Our arrival time in Phoenix is now 6:55 p.m. Susan O’Connell asked about the times for the shows. Linda Lukey replied that our cruise event planner is working on this and will contact her when the dates and times are released. When this occurs, Linda will send out a complete itinerary.


Ballroom Update: Bob K suggested that any resident feeling strongly about the state of our ballroom, take a few minutes to write the board and let them know how you feel. Forms are available at the front desk to send messages to the board. Nominations: Bob K briefed that next month we will have nominations for the positions available on the board. There will be three positions open which include the offices of president, executive vice president, and treasurer. Anyone wishing to run is encouraged to have someone nominate you OR let Kathy M know as she is in charge of the nominations.


Update with Mary Gates: Mary thanked everyone who participated in the tree set up and take down. Mary briefed on the disaster relief fund that was collected today. Mary has a box for our collection and is providing a receipt for each person. This fund began for the Florida hurricane victims and then the disastrous fires in California occurred. The BOD and the club must decide on where to donate the funds.


Bob K stated that he has been working on these funds going through a local church. Mary has been working on publishing pictures as requested by members. She has found out that to accomplish this, someone must build a website and maintain it which can be very expensive. My website does have pages available for clubs. Mary is attempting to find out more about how this is done. In the meantime, Mary will put the pictures sent to her in a word document and publish those on

Membership Update: Linda F reported that we had five new members join TTC today and introduced them. The new members are Bob Bowers, Ed Eilers, Sandy Mankin, Carol Offenberg, and Michelle Tyler. Welcome!


Adjournment: Kathy M moved that we adjourn our meeting, Diana Brewer seconded. All were in favor to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 9:52 a.m

February 2019 General Meeting Minutes

Call to order: Bob Krause called the meeting to order at 9:01 a.m. Board members present were Bob Peterson, Marilyn Flaherty, Mary Gates, Linda Fuhrmann, and Kathy Motush. A total of 94 members were in attendance. Bob K explained that today we would be doing things a little differently as he healing from hip surgery. Bob P facilitated the meeting.
Treasury Report: Marilyn announced that we are in balance with the CA for our January report. Marilyn stated the current amount in our treasury and explained that we cannot look at that amount as money to spend as we have expenses to pay out of that. A few of those expenses include the Jeff Allen event and the upcoming play. Judy Esquibal moved that we approve the treasury report as presented. Doris Heistumand seconded and all approved. Approval of January 12, 2019, Minutes: Bob P asked if there were any questions or corrections needed for the January 12 minutes that were emailed to each member. None were noted. Susan O’Connell made a motion to accept the minutes as written, Rica Semones seconded, and all approved.
Update on Bylaws: Bob P explained that our bylaws have been revised per CA requirements, approved by the TTC board, and approved by the TTC general membership. Our club also revised our Participation Policy which was voted in by the TTC board and approved by the TTC general membership. These actions established our Participation Policy as a policy separate from our bylaws. The CA does not approve of this. We must include our Participation Policy in our bylaws. The TTC Board approved of this action at our meeting on February 2.
The next step is to have the general membership vote on the complete bylaws which will include the Participation Policy. Following CA rules, membership must be given 15 days to review this addition to our bylaws. You will notice the now complete copy of the bylaws attached to this email. Bob P stated that if you need a physical hard copy of this, contact him and he will get it to you. Please come prepared to ask any questions and to vote on this at our March General Membership Meeting. Tom Pizza explained the importance of all clubs following Rule 9 and the importance of all clubs including all policies in their bylaws.
Master Calendar: Bob P stated that our CA requires all clubs to submit their calendar plan for reserving rooms for various activities well in advance. Our plan for 2020/2021 has been turned in. One change is to include a third performance for the play. We are going to try for a Sunday afternoon matinee for 2021. Bob K stated that approval of this third performance depends on final ticket sales for this year. So far, this looks promising.
Disaster Fund: Bob P stated that determining how to properly send off the funds collected has been a bit of a challenge. CA rules need to be followed and an avenue that will best use our contribution is still being looked into. Mary G reported that we are currently at $208.00. Bob K stated that he received another cash donation today.
Play Update: Mary reported that we have 30 to 45 tickets left between the 3 days. Mary advised anyone wishing to buy more tickets, do so immediately as she has sent an email to the director at Power Ranch that tickets are available. Bob P reported that the rehearsals are going fabulous and the directors are outstanding.
Faye K announced that a sign up sheet is available for volunteers to prepare tablecloths for the show. The tablecloths must be pressed or washed and dried to remove wrinkles. Deb Hanson thanked everyone who signed up to volunteer as waitstaff. There are still spots available. People who have all ready signed up are asked to check the spread sheet to verify their contact information and confirm the evenings they are available. Gentlemen need to indicate on the spread sheet if they will need a cumberbund and bow tie. Faye stated that attire for the waitstaff will be white tops and black slacks or skirts.
Kathy M thanked everyone who came to fold napkins and put together party favors. The group accomplished so much that a second meeting to prepare napkins and party favors is not needed. Dave Brown stated we are ahead of schedule for building the set. He was grateful to over two dozen people who showed up on Fridays for construction. The set is now on stage and available for rehearsals which helps the cast practice. Jim K reported that the cast is off script, have their characters down, and they are very funny. He promises a really good show.
EOY Dinner Date Change: Bob P reported that the original date for our end of year dinner has to be changed as many club members will be away on the cruise. The hope is that space will be available here and by next month, a new date and details will be announced.
Hale Theater Tickets: Bob P stated that quite a few people signed up to go see Singing in Rain, Friday, March 1st, at 7:30 p.m. See Faye K to pick up your ticket.
Nominations for Board Officers: Bob P stated the three offices that are open this year which are for president, executive vice-president, and treasurer. The election will take place in March and new officers will take office on April 1, 2019. Kathy M announced that we would start with the office of president and opened nominations up to the floor. Pat Lunne nominated Bob Krause for president and Diana Brewer seconded his nomination. Kathy M asked for any other nominations. Steve Hoffman nominated Teresa Larson and in her absence, her husband Marc Larson replied, “She’ll decline.” Moving on to the office of executive vice president, Kathy M opened nominations to the floor. Rica Semones nominated Bob Peterson which was seconded by Rodney Shields. Kathy M asked if there were any other nominations and encouraged others to do so. Bonnie West nominated George Smith who quickly replied using the Sherman Pledge from 1884 (good memory George), “I will not accept if nominated and will not serve if elected.” Continuing on to treasurer, Kathy M asked for nominations from the floor. Susan O’Connell nominated Marilyn Flaherty. Diana Brewer seconded Marilyn’s nomination. Kathy M asked for any other nominations from the floor. There were none. Kathy M made a motion to close the nominations. Marcia Dahl seconded. All were in favor of closing all nominations.
Bob P stated he has tried to get others to consider running for TTC offices. His reasons are that one day the present officers will not be available. If that day comes, and no one else is willing to serve, the club may be forced to disband. Deb Erickson asked if it was possible to shadow officers to see if serving as a board member is something they’d really like to do. Bob P replied that we do encourage that. Members can attend board meetings and all officers would be thrilled to share how we do it.
Cruise Update: Bob K announced that cruise attendees will have a meeting scheduled sometime after our March meeting. Linda Lukey stated there will be two meetings. A general meeting will be held for all attendees and an additional meeting will be held for all the single people so they can plan excursions together and get to know one another. Faye K announced that for our meal at Cheddar’s Restaurant, there are preselected menu items that we must choose from. Money to cover this meal ($15.00 each), will be collected later. 
Board/Member Comments: Bob K reported that Branson refunds are available today. After today, checks will be sent out. Bob K stated he would like everyone to start thinking about where we’d like to travel in the U.S. for 2020. We will talk about that next month. 

Mary gave kudos to Bonnie West for meeting with her to discuss publishing pictures and club information on the website. Mary has started putting minutes on the website. She has been putting this in PDF files so everyone has access to it.
Bob K stated that for future meetings, he would like to put the agenda out on Wednesday before our general meetings. Kathy M will include this in the meeting reminder. This will eliminate the cost of printing the agenda for each meeting.
Bob P gave an update on Bob and Sandy. They are settling affairs and will return to Trilogy in the fall.
Adjournment: Marc Larson made a motion that we adjourn the meeting. Rodney Shields seconded, and all were in favor. We adjourned at 9:45 a.m. 

March 2019 General Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting Minutes March 9, 2019
Call to Order:
Bob Krause called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. Board members present were Bob Peterson, Cathy Gueci, Marilyn Flaherty, Mary Gates, Linda Fuhrmann, and Kathy Motush. A total of 113 members were present.
Approval of February 9, 2019, Minutes:
Bob K stated that minutes were sent out and we needed approval of them. Pat Lunne made a motion that we approve the minutes and Rica Semones seconded. Bob K noted that one correction was needed for Tom Pizza incorrectly typed as Tony Pizza. Kathy M will make that correction. All favored approval of the minutes with this correction.
Treasury Report:
Marilyn F provided our verified January balance and named items paid out in February. Marilyn reported that we have sold 576 tickets for the play. Elaine Thiel made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report which was seconded by George Smith. Approval was unanimous.
TTC By-laws Addendum Approval:
Bob K announced that we have reached a quorum for today’s meeting therefore, we will vote on the By-laws and Addendum. The Addendum document was sent out to members and allowed the required number of days for everyone to look them over. Marc Larson moved that we approve the bylaws with the addendum. This was seconded by George Smith. Bob K asked if there were any questions on the bylaws or the addendum. Kathy M commented on a question she has received regarding the specific duties of each officer. She explained that both documents must be read merging them as indicated to get 100% of the bylaws. When both documents are read this way, every officer and their duties are listed.There were no further questions. All approved of the bylaws with the addendum.
BOD Election:
Kathy M prepared the election ballots. The ballot listed each office and the person running for that office. As ballots were distributed, Kathy explained that to vote, members are to check the box in front of each name. While members voted, Bob K reminded members that anyone interested in a board position would be welcomed to attend a board meeting to see what we do. He stated that next year there will be four positions open. These positions will be for Vice President, Secretary, Membership Director, and Publicity Director. Thanks and a round of applause was given to Bob K for serving so many years as our TTC president. Bob K stated how appreciative he is to Bob P for all of his help and support. Bob K also recognized Marilyn F as she is doing a great job. Linda Fuhrmann verified the ballots.
Storage Container:
Bob K briefed that last year the membership voted to obtain a storage container to store sets, tablecloths, etc. Membership agreed to spend approximately $1700.00 for this container. Two storage containers came in last year which were both used by the HA. This year, a container came in for our club’s use but at the price of $5,000.00. Ian offered to split the cost of this container between the Homeowner’s Association and our club. Bob K stated he does not favor the idea of having the homeowners pay for any part of this. Instead, other options are being considered. Bob K asked if members had any ideas.
Pat Lunne shared her opinion agreeing with Bob K that the homeowners would not approve of the HA spending money to subsidize this TTC expense. George Smith advised Bob K to contact James Miller as this was the person who provided the price of $1800 to $2000. James Miller could also let him know if the same type of container was still available. Marilyn F asked where the container would be stored. George Smith reported that when the new landscapers took over, the golf course yard became available for containers. Gary Motush asked if the container would replace the current storage or if it is for additional storage. Bob K stated that it would replace the current storage. Bob K then stated that we rent garage space for $150.00 a year.
Bob K asked Dave Brown if he knew what we pay for storage at the Power Road facility. Dave stated that it is in the ballpark of $150.00 a month. When asked how many residential garages are used for theatre club storage, Bob K responded that some items are stored in his garage. Mikes are stored at the home Tony Gardella. Dave Brown allows use of his garage for construction for four months of the year. This takes up half of his garage space. Dave stated that delicate electronic equipment is stored at his house which takes up a relatively small space. Bob K briefed that we will need membership approval to move forward with buying a storage container as it will cost more than $500.00. Bob K stated that he would like to have our storage situation resolved before the play is over so we can move flats directly into permanent storage. He would also like to have this paid for by theatre club and not involve the CA. George Smith stated that since obtaining this storage container is a priority, he proposed a motion that we approve the expenditure for the theatre club to buy a container. Marc Larson recommended a friendly amendment to cap the amount at $2500.00 which George Smith agreed to. George restated his motion with the friendly amendment to cap the amount at $2500.00. Diana Brewer seconded the motion.
Bob K asked if there were any additional questions or comments. Bob K asked if all were in favor, it was unanimous. There were none opposed. A question was asked from the floor about approving the motion and friendly amendment together. Marc Larson clarified that George Smith made the motion with the friendly amendment providing the cap at $2500.00 which is acceptable under Robert’s Rule of Order. Bob K asked Bob P and Dave Brown to meet with him to figure this out.
Play (Don’t Mention My Name) Update:
Bob K reported that ticket sales have gone well. There will be 20 tables set up for each night for a total of 200 seats. Kathy M reported that decorating day is Wednesday, March 20. Volunteers bringing decorating items or tablecloths are asked to have them in the ballroom by 2:30 p.m. The decorating committee volunteers are to be there at 3:00 p.m. however, anyone wishing to come early is welcome.
Dave Brown stated that the set building date of Sunday, March 17, will start at 6:00 a.m. and go until 3:00 p.m. There are still has slots open for additional volunteers. Tear down is scheduled for 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 24. Cathy G thanked everybody who has contributed to the success of our play. She stated that it takes so many hard working individuals as well as our amazing cast, directors, and Dave’s construction team.
Faye Krause also gave thanks to the many people involved including the decorators and the wait staff. Faye read information from the Hanson’s email which reported that the wait staff has been sent an assignment email. All wait staff volunteers are instructed to respond to the Hansen’s verifying they received the information and they have confirmed assignments. Anyone NOT receiving this email is instructed to contact Mike and Deb at 480-356-9041. Faye also stated that two to four additional wait staff volunteers are still needed for Saturday night. Volunteers are to contact Mike and Deb.
Faye asked for anyone with a food handlers license to let her know if they would be willing to help plate our grapes and scones. Faye explained that the scones and grapes were chosen to go with the theme of the play which takes place in a Vermont bed and breakfast. Faye provided a sign up sheet for volunteers over the three nights. Faye was Faye briefed that the EOY Dinner will be chaired by Rita Kucharski. Sign up sheets are available for the decorating committee for this event on April 22. A time to decorate the ballroom has not yet been established. Faye reminded members to sign up for this event. Guests will be $16.00 per person if they are not members of TTC. Cancellations for this event are due the first part of April.
Going Dark over summer:
Bob K stated that traditionally, theatre club goes dark for June, July, and August. He asked members if they want this continued. George Smith moved that we continue to go dark for these three months. Judy Esquibel seconded the motion. Bob K asked if anyone wished further discussion. Approval was majority with one opposed. It was verified that our first meeting will be September 14, 2019.
Cruise Update:
Linda Lukey reminded travelers about the meeting on Monday at 4:30 p.m. in the cafe. Participants are to bring an appetizer or dessert to share.
Veteran’s Tribute at the Silver Star Theatre on November 11, 2019:
Bob K briefed that this will be a patriotic veteran’s salute event. Plans are to carpool to the theatre located near Brown and Higley in Mesa. Faye added that we need a group of 25 to qualify for the group rate and asked interested members to sign up. Cost is estimated at $36.00 per ticket. More information will available in April.
2020 Possibilities for our club trip:
Bob K briefed that choices have been narrowed down to Hollywood, Lancaster, Boston, and either the Dallas or Houston area. Hollywood may include opportunities to be in the audience for some television shows. In April, sign up sheets will be available for membership to indicate where members would prefer to go. If another time of year is preferred, members may indicate that on the sign up sheets. Linda Lukey recommended that members take some time to consider where to go and when to go and email their request to the trip committee.
Faye briefed on why April has become our preferred time to plan a trip. She stated that the fall months are out because clubs are kicking off. December brings Holiday Parties and March is our play. Hosting the trip in April also gives Faye all summer to work on plans so she can present the complete package in the fall. Linda L asked members that go away for summer to let Faye know if they would be willing to participate in a summer trip and meet theatre club at the chosen destination.
Bonnie West briefed on the Fun Savors trip to see the play, Wicked, at Gammage Theatre. There are six tickets available at $135.00 each which covers the bus trip and the show. It is Sunday, May 5, at 1:00 p.m. Anyone interested needs to contact Bonnie.
Pat Lunne stated that the Spice of Life Show is in Chandler on March 20 at 2:00 p.m. and on March 21 at 7:00 p.m. Susan O’Connell will be performing her Patsy Cline skit and Trilogy cloggers and tappers will be dancing. Tickets are $8.00.
Tom Mayhew made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mary Gates seconded, all were in favor. We adjourned at 9:57 a.m.

April 2019 General Meeting Minutes

Call to Order:
Bob Krause called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. Board members present were Bob Peterson, Cathy Gueci, Marilyn Flaherty, Mary Gates, Linda Fuhrmann, and Kathy Motush. A total of 102 members were present.
Approval of March 9, 2019, Minutes: Bob K stated that we need approval of the minutes from our meeting on March 9. Bonnie West moved that we approve the minutes. Joyce Johnson seconded, all approved.
Financial Report: Marilyn announced that the treasury balances from February and March have been verified with the CA. She stated our current balance and asked if there were any questions. There were none. George Smith moved that we approve the treasurer’s report. Kathy Gerdl seconded the motion and all approved.
2019 Review: Bob K stated that we started events off this year with the Fall Kickoff which was delayed until January due to the parking lot construction. Our well received comedian was Jeff Allen. Bob K reported that our costs for the event came out okay as the club made some money. Bob K reported that our club prepared this year for the cruise which did not happen. He explained that while the ship was in dry dock, the dock gave way causing a crane to come down on the ship. The ship had to go to Spain for repairs forcing us to cancel our plans. Bob K announced that at the end of the meeting Linda Lukey would be discussing the canceled cruise as well as discussing plans for a future cruise. Bob K stated our next activity, the End of Year Dinner, will be on April 22. Dinner will in the ballroom and start at 5:00 p.m. with entertainment following. Our dinner will be provided by Dickie’s BBQ with 2 meats and 2 sides.  Bob K reported that our 2019 play was a success and the club showed a profit on it. Bob asked each of the groups of volunteers to stand to be recognized for their contribution. Recognized were the construction crew, wait staff, decorating committee, actors, stage crew, prompters, the voice, director, ticket takers, light and sound producers, videographer, our vice president and overseer, as well as those who came. Great job everyone!

End of Year Dinner/Entertainment:
Bob K briefed that we have 136 members signed up for this dinner. He summarized the previously approved attendance policy for this club sponsored and paid for event. For “no shows” (members who signed up but do not show up), they will have to personally cover their cost of $16.00 per person paid by the club. Signed up members who let Bob or Faye know that they cannot attend due to illness, are not charged. Instead, a dinner plate is prepared and delivered to them. If something comes up and you cannot make it to this event, you must call Bob or Faye.
Bob K reported that Freddy G will provide our entertainment for this event. Freddy G is a singing impersonator of Johnny Cash, Elvis, Willie Nelson, and others as he mingles through the crowd.
Fall Kickoff:
Bob K announced that our Fall Kickoff will be November 2, 2019. Our entertainer will be Aaron Wilburn, a comedian and singer. Bob K stated that he has seen him perform several times and he is fantastic. Comedy seems to be very popular and so far, the shows in Trilogy have been successful.
Silver Star Theatre:
Bob K briefed that 70 members have signed up for this November 11, patriotic show to honor veterans. Let Faye know if you’d like to be added to the wait list. Payment for tickets will be collected when we resume meetings in September and October. Ticket price for the dinner and show is $40.00.
2020 Spring Trip:
Bob K reported that many club members want to do a club trip in April, 2020. The Trip Committee went by the last survey which showed interest for a trip to either Lancaster, Dallas, or Hollywood. Hollywood is the leading possibility. Faye Krause reported that the Trip Committee Members consists of Marc Larson, Ruth Cyr, herself, and Linda Lukey. Faye briefed on what the Hollywood Trip would look like. She stated it would be a bus trip on All Aboard America. Activities and tours being considered include: 
  • Paramont Studios tour
  • J. Paul Getty Museum
  • Academy of Motion Pictures Museum
  • Hollywood Pantages Theatre (Hamilton will playing in April, tickets are not yet available but might be a possibility)
  • Egyption Theater (a premiere movie followed by a talk from an actor or producer)
  • Grauman’s Chinese Theatre
  •  tour of homes
  • Walk of Fame
  • Rodeo Drive
Faye reported that two trip dates are being considered. The first would be to leave on Sunday, April 5, and return on Friday, April 10, which is Good Friday. The second option would be to leave on Sunday, April 19, and return on Friday, April 24. Faye asked for a show of hands for the first date, second date, then for either date being favored. April 19 was the favored date. The committee will gather more details, meet with All Aboard America, and present additional information at our End of Year Dinner on April 22.
Play for 2020:
Bob K asked all the men to stand up. He encouraged this fine group to audition for the next play. Auditions will be early in October. The play is scheduled for March 12, 13, and 14. Kathy Gerdl encouraged women to consider acting too and Bob K agreed.
Cruise Refunds: Bob K reported that originally the hotel was going to hold back the non refundable portion of $500.00. After consideration, the decision was made to return the entire amount. It may take another 30 days to get back this money back. Since many members will have gone to cooler climates by that time, Bob K stated that he  arranged for our Trilogy office to send out individual checks. Please make sure Bob K has your summer address. Bob K briefed that American Airlines is still working on getting our deposit refund. The airline may charge a $250.00 penalty fee which would amount to about $5.00 for each of us.
Canceled Cruise Clarifications:  
Linda reported that participants received an email from American Airlines which gave until April 22 for individuals to book a new flight. If booked by this date, the airline will waive the $200.00 rebooking fee. If you do not have a flight booked by April 22, you will not lose this money. American Airlines will charge the $200.00 rebooking fee. You will be reimbursed for this by submitting this cost to Royal Caribbean. They will reimburse the $200.00. Linda also clarified that the voucher is good only for Royal Caribbean Cruises.
New Cruise Plans 2020:
Linda announced that the new cruise is being planned for February 23, 2020. She explained several reasons for choosing this date including:
          1.  Royal Caribbean had no group cruise options left in 2019 as quotas had been met.
          2.  Cruise rates were found to increase in March.
          3.   The cruise date had to work with play rehearsals, the play, and the Hollywood Trip.
Linda met with Cathy Gueci and Bob Krause and they determined that the cruise date of February 23, will work for the club. Cathy G stated that play rehearsals will be arranged around the cruise date. This February 23, 2020, the cruise will be onboard the Oasis of the Seas for a Western Caribbean Cruise out of Miami, Florida. Ports will be Labadee, Haiti (RC’s private island), Falmouth, Jamaica, and Cozumel, Mexico. The play, Cats, will be performed onboard as well as the Aqua Show, Ice Skating Show, and their aerial show, Come Fly With Me.
Linda provided tentative pricing as follows:  
Ocean View with Balcony ............$898 to $854 depending on level      
*Boardwalk Balcony...........................................$821 per guest      
*Central Park Balcony........................................$804 per guest      
Ocean View with Window...................................$737 per guest      
Inside Cabin.......................................................$610 per guest                    
*Boardwalk Balconies and Central Park Balconies are eligible for a dining perk at Johnny Rockets and red wine perk. Tentative pricing does not include the per person taxes and port fees. You must add $136.16 per person. Insurance is also an extra cost. Linda stated she will contact Royal Caribbean this week with the number of rooms indicated by our show of hands today. The prices will lock in and participants will have 30 days to sign up. Linda stated she will send out an email with further details and instructions on how to sign up for the group cruise. Linda advised that when we do call Royal Caribbean to reserve our room, we should be prepared to pay the $500.00 deposit without using a voucher. She also advised we buy the travel insurance. (Voucher travelers: IF something should happen and you have to cancel this cruise, you will not lose your voucher. You will have to book another cruise before April 15, 2020.)
For this trip, we will fly into Miami the day before the cruise, February 22, 2020. Faye and Ruth Cyr will be handling arrangements for the flight, hotel, and shuttles. We save money by making these arrangements on our own. Royal Caribbean would charge a lot more to do this. Bob K stated Trilogy Theatre Club guests at this meeting may join by paying dues of $12.00 per person today which will cover their dues until September of 2020. This way, new members may sign up for the cruise when information becomes available. Linda, Faye, and Ruth were recognized for all the work they’ve done on the canceled cruise and for all the work they will do for the future cruise. Thank you!
Gary Scott moved that we adjourn the meeting. Terry Enders seconded the motion. All were in favor. We adjourned at 10:08 a.m.
Respectfully submitted, Kathy Motush TTC Secretary

May 2019 General Meeting Minutes

Call to Order:  
Bob Peterson called the meeting to order at 9:03 am.  Board members present were Bob Peterson, Marilyn Flaherty, Linda Fuhrmann, and Mary Gates.  A total of 59 members were in attendance. 
Bob reminded everyone this is our last official membership meeting for the summer, as we go dark until the second Saturday of September (9-14-2019.) 
Approval of April 13th Minutes:  Bob asked if there were any corrections to the previous minutes. There were no corrections.   Larry Thiel made a motion to accept the minutes, and Bonnie West seconded.  All approved. 
Treasurer’s Report:  
Marilyn Flaherty delivered the Treasurer’s report.  She said at the COA gave the necessary financial information, so the financial report has been verified.  
Marilyn said the financial reports from the COA are coming sooner which makes collecting the information easier.  This is financial information that has to be collected and balanced against the Theatre Club’s financial records. 
Marilyn reviewed several line items in the report. 
Marsha Dahl made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report and Jo Ellen Scott seconded.  All approved. 
Updates to Canceled Cruise:  
Linda Lukey said everyone should have gotten their refunds back by now.  Some excursion money has not been refunded, per some members.  Linda said call the Royal Caribbean customer service number to investigate or get the refund process escalated.  Some members reported having some minor trouble with Royal Caribbean but said Royal Caribbean committed to resolve the issue.  Bonnie West said she just emailed Royal Caribbean about her excursions and they did refund hers without calling them.  Bob Krause had indicated that the trip insurance was going to be refunded, but Linda said that was not happening as he said it would be.  The original notice from Royal Caribbean said it would not be refunded.    
Linda said some rooms are still available, but will be released this week if no one wants to go.  All cabins will be released by the end of the coming week unless you contact Linda.  She will tell you what you need to know to sign up for the cruise in February.   
Shuttle service money will be refunded.  The transportation money will be refunded through the Theatre Club, and Bob Krause is working on that.  The refund of the hotel money presented a snag as the hotel was trying to treat the refund using a process that put it on the Theatre Club.  Since it was not a service WE provided, there should be no issues.  Bob Krause has already escalated the situation to higher management so we can get a full and no strings attached refund.     
Bob Peterson said that since refund checks would be processed by the COA, the Theatre Club was trying to coordinate refunds so everything could be refunded together instead of piecemeal.  This makes it easier, less time consuming and more efficient for the COA to process the refunds so they cut one check for each person that includes all monies owed, instead of one for each individual line item being returned.  
Play Update: 
Cathy Gueci is out of town but Bob P said the play committee wanted to look at one more play before making a final selection.  The first week in October will be tryouts.   
Christmas Dinner: 
Mark the date 12-10-2019 on your calendar.  The dinner is for all dues paying members (who paid by 12-1-19) 
November 2nd Comedy Night: 
The comedian contracted is Aaron Wilburn.  This is a public event and fundraiser for the Club.  Mr. Wilburn’s comedy was described as “a little different”.   Bob P reminded everyone that tickets will go on sale in August 2019.   This event sells out pretty quickly so if you are not here, make sure you make arrangements for someone to buy tickets for you. 
Silver Star Veteran’s Day Dinner Event: 
Bob Peterson said this event was in October.   Some members thought they remembered the original sign-up sheet said it was on November 11th – the actual date of Veteran’s Day this year.  Bob P was not 100% sure what date it was, but he said there were about 50 slots reserved for this event. There will be a sign-up sheet in the back just in case you missed the original, and Bob will verify the actual date and have Kathy Motush send out the information to the membership. 
Money will be collected for this in September – not now.   
Hale Theater - Patsy Kline Show: 
This would be an event held in February 2020.  Bob will have the dates for the proposed Hale Theater show in September.  He had no other information about it now. 
Trip for April 2020: 
The final decision, based on membership input, was to go on a bus trip to Hollywood, California.  Committee members Marc Larson, Faye Krause, Ruth Cyr and Linda Lukey are working on all the options and other details for the trip.  The trip is scheduled for 4-19-2020 (Sunday) through 4-25-2020 (Saturday).  Sign-ups for his event will be taken at our September meeting (9-14-19). 
The club has made enough money from their events to keep the dues at the level of $12.00 per person.  Addie Abbruscato asked if we would stick with the 3 days for the play.  Bob Peterson said that was asked for, but there is no guarantee if it will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday – or – Friday, Saturday and Sunday matinee.  If it is a Sunday matinee, it would likely interfere with  Bingo as the set has to be dismantled and that takes a lot of time and Bingo has their event Sunday evenings.  We need time to dismantle the set and that is always the problem with Bingo if a Sunday show is entertained.  Bob P was not sure if the date in 2020 would interfere with Bingo or not.  So, either way it looks like there will be a 3rd show in 2020 – just no confirmation if it is Thursday – Saturday or Friday – Sunday matinee.  
Questions And Concerns: 
Mary Gates asked for the membership to send her emails detailing what they are doing over the summer.  The reason for this is we go dark so there is not a lot of subject matter to put in the San Tan Press.  We want to put information about the club and keep interest up.  She also suggested that, if there were a lot of submissions, that some of it could go into the article, and the rest could be input to the website (our Trilogy Theatre Club page) as a “Members Update” section. 
Marc Larson asked if Dave Brown could update us on the ballroom upgrade.  Dave said Phase 1 is on schedule for this year with regard to the update of the ballroom. 
One new member was introduced. 
Bob Peterson adjourned the meeting at 9:26 AM.   Margie DeCavage made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Larry Thiel seconded.  All approved. 
Respectfully submitted, Mary Gates, Publicity Chair for Kathy Motush, Secretary