The Euchre Club plays Tuesday evenings at 6:30. The cost is $2. Signup is always the week prior to playing at  

480-256-9487 or email 
If you have signed up to play and must cancel, please do so no later than Friday before play.

President - Keith Bowen
Vice President - Sheila Overturf
Secretary/Treasurer - Liz Ridge

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Congratulations to the winners on Sept 29, 2023:  Jerry Novak, Sue Lutwak, Tony LaRoche, Nancee Stanley, and Bob Tebelman!
Congratulations to our Sep 19 winners:  Nancee Stanley, Sandy Wooster, Nancy French, Al Hoffman, Jean Hartman, and Ann Bumgarner!
We congratulate our Sept 12 winners:  Ken Stanley, Ron Kisicki, Liz Ridge, Bob Orner, and Leslie Shaughnessy!
Congratulations to the September 5 winners:  Cheryl LaRoche, Doris Carolan, Jim Musso, and Bob Tebelman!
Congratulations to our August 29, 2023, winners:  Maribeth Gudgeon, Geri Carolan, Mary Edmundson, Steve Hartman, Jeff Garant, and Dave Meyer!
Congratulations to the winners for August 22:  Liz Ridge, Dave Meyer, Jerry Novak, and Leslie Shaughnessy!
Congratulations to our August 15 winners:  Ron Kisicki, Jim Musso, Jean Hartman, and Jeff Garant!
We congratulate our winners from August 8, 2023:  Gary Shaughnessy, Wanda Kisicki, Ron Kisicki, and Maribeth Gudgeon.
Congratulations to our August 1, 2023 winners:  Jeff Garant, Pam Moyer, and Jim Musso (not pictured - Bob Orner)!
Congratulations to our winners from July 25, 2023:  Jerry Novak, Tom Renshaw, Pam Moyer, and Ron Kisicki!
Congratulations to our weekly winners from July 18, 2023:  Sandy Wooster, Bob Orner, Bob Tebelman, Wanda Kisicki, and Jim Musso!
Congratulations to all of our July 11 winners:  Liz Ridge, Maribeth Gudgeon, Mike Nall, Bob Tebelman, Ron Kisicki, Lori Goodman, and Betty Musso!
Our July 4, 2023 winners included Jeff Garant, Patti Tebelman, and Sheila Overturf (not pictured: Sharon Nall).
Congratulations to our winners from June 27:  Bob Tebelman, Liz Ridge, Ed Overturf, and Ken Stanley!
Congratulations to our June 20 winners:  Jane Bowen, Ken Stanley, Ed Overturf, and Patti Tebelman
Congratulations to our June 13 winners:  Liz Ridge, Leslie Shaughnessy, Cheryl LaRoche, Lance Leach, Jean Hartman, and Margaret Loughran.
Congratulations to our May 30, 2023 winners:  Steve Hartman, Ann Bumgarner, and Ed Overturf.  Not pictured Maribeth Gudgeon.
Congratulations to our May 23, 2023 winners:  Jim Hass, Keith Bowen, Cheryl LaRoche, Lori Goodman, and Tony LaRoche!
Congratulations to our May 16, 2023 winners:  Steve Hartman, Doris Carolan, Ron Kisicki, and Keith Bowen!
Congratulations to our winners for May 9, 2023:  Dave Bell, Geri Carolan, Tony LaRoche, Jack Cotton, and Bob Order.
Congratulations to our May 2, 2023 winners:  Pam Moyer, Bob Tebelman, Geri Carolan, and Ed Overturf!
Our winners from 04-25-23:  Diane Ciskowski, Ed Overturf, Lance Leach, and Rod Lammers.  Not pictured Steve Hartman and Jerry Novak.
Congratulations to our 4-18-23 winners:  Ann Root, Glen Zabel, Lori Goodman, and Keith Bowen.
Our winners from 4/11/23:  Doris Carolan (60), Maribeth Gudgeon (59), Patti Tebelman (56), Ron Kisicki and Sheila Overturf (54).
Winners from 4/4/2023:  Gail Jadczak (70) and Bill Smiesko, Ken Stanley, and Andy Stowe, and Cheryl LaRoche (68).
Winners from 3/28/2023:  Maribeth Gudgeon (68), Lance Leach (65), Rod Lammers and Bob Order (64).
Winners from 3/21/2023, Jane Bowen 63, Keith Bowen and Bob Orner 61, Pam Moyer 60
Winners from 3/14/2023, Al Hoffman 71, Gary Shaughnessy 65, Glen Zavala 63, Ken Stanley 60
Winners from 3/7/2023, Ken Stanley, Jerry Novak, Lon Goluba
Annual Euchre Club Tournament Winners January 2023
First Place with 77 - Tom Renshaw and Jerry Weiner
Second Place with 75 - Jerry Novak and Mike Nall
Third Place with 73 - Ken and Nancee Stanley
January 2023 Trilogy Clubs' Expo
Pictures from Jerry and Sue Shanks "Farewell Party" August 23, 2022
Group Picture taken 8-23-2022
The perfect hand "in spades" by Pat Larson July 5th, 2022.
2nd Annual Euchre Tournament held January 29th, 2022