Fun Savors

MISSION STATEMENT:  The purpose of the Club is to provide the residents of Trilogy at Power Ranch an opportunity to enjoy social activities at Trilogy or by traveling to a variety of venues.  Trips includes day trips, theater performances, sporting events, festivals, overnight stays of different time lengths, in-state and out-of state venue locations, and social events for members throughout the year.
CLUB DUES: $12 per person/year. Checks should be made out to Trilogy at Power Ranch with 'Fun Savors Dues' entered in the memo portion. Slide the check into the Fun Savors mailbox located in the clubhouse lobby.  Please include the Member Information Form found on this website. If you are a new member to Fun Savors, be sure and complete the Liability Waiver for Fun Savors club found under Resources >Forms on the main TPR website. 
CLUB MEETINGS: Membership meetings are normally held the 4th Friday of the month at 9:30 am in the ballroom. 
SEE YOU ON OCTOBER 27  9:30 am in the ballroom
QUESTIONS?  Email us at



President Robin Fitch 425-870-3772
Vice -President / Assistant Treasurer Teresa McCarthy 707-228-8811
Secretary  Marilyn Shaw 316-992-3711
Treasurer Anne Manross
Membership/Publicity  Bonnie West 480-980-4492



New Member / Update Member Info Form

$12 per person per calendar year (1/1/24 – 12/31/24)
NAME: ________________________________________ STREET ADDRESS:________________________________________
Email:  ________________________________________WAIVER NUMBER: _______________________________________
PHONE: (H)_______________________________ (C) ________________________________________________
EMERGENCY CONTACT:____________________________________ NUMBER:__________________________________________
(Emergency contact should not be a spouse if possible. What if both on the same trip?)
Is membership also for a spouse? ______  If so, please complete the bottom half
SPOUSE:_______________________________ Email:___________________________________________
PHONE: (H)__________________________________ (C) _____________________________________
SPOUSE'S WAIVER NUMBER: _______________________________________ 
EMERGENCY CONTACT:________________________________________ NUMBER:___________________________
(If different – should not be a spouse. What if both are on the same trip?)
Complete the liability waiver found on > Resources > E-Forms. Fill in the waiver number you receive back via email in the blank called "waiver number." Need a waiver for EACH person! Your check for dues should be made payable to Trilogy at Power Ranch with “Fun Savors dues” in the memo portion. Print a copy of this form, place in an envelope marked “Fun Savors”, along with your check and drop off in the Fun Savors mailbox in the clubhouse lobby. 

Monthly Events - we serve doughnuts at the meetings!

Next meeting is October 27 in the ballroom at 9:30.  Bring your coffee and enjoy a doughnut on us.

October 12-20 - Mexico's Copper Canyon - Open now!!!

Enjoy 9 days, 8 nights trip to the largest canyon complex in North America, a destination unlike any other!  Experience one of the most dramatic rail journeys in the western hemisphere, on a rail line that took 100 years to complete. Travel with us and enjoy the majestic beauty of one of the world's most unique destinations. 

November 3 - Karston / PING manufacturing tour

This is limited to 16 people. Lots of walking involved and must have closed toe shoes.
Bus provided. Leave approximately 8:00 am

December 5 - Chocolate Glitters

Cerreta Chocolate Factory Tour and Glendale Glitters display

January 26, 2024 - BarBQ in the Ballroom

More infomation will follow

General Meeting Minutes

2023 2022 2021 2020 2019
January January No meeting January January
February February No meeting February February
March March No meeting No meeting- clubhouse closed March
April April April No meeting- clubhouse closed April
May No meeting No meeting No meeting- clubhouse closed May
June June No meeting June June
July July No meeting No meeting No meeting
No Meeting August August No Meeting August
September September September September September
October October October October October
November November November No meeting November
December December No meeting No meeting No meeting

Fun Savors Ticket Policy

(revised 11/01/22)
Members Only Tickets Sales
• Each / every ticket holder must be a member-in-good-standing, including Club dues having been paid for the current calendar year.
• Club membership fee (currently $12) may be paid at same time an event/trip ticket is purchased, however, membership fee shall only cover the remainder of the calendar year and cannot be pro-rated. The exception to this is membership checks received during November or December. Those membership fees will cover the remainder of the current year through the next year. 
• Tickets should be purchased using a personal check made payable to Trilogy at Power Ranch and noting the event/trip name in the memo section of the check.
• Checks can be left in the Fun Savors mailbox located in the Clubhouse lobby. The mailboxes are to your left as you go past the Front Desk. The cupboards are clearly marked "Club Mailboxes." 
• Assignment or re-sale of Members Only tickets: Any ticket given or sold to another individual is subject to approval of the Club. The original purchaser of the ticket MUST notify the host to advice who will use the ticket. Notification must be no less than 48 hours prior to the event/trip. This policy assures compliance with COA guidelines for waivers, safety, etc.
• Waiting lists for Member Only Tickets: If ticket sales have stopped due to a maximum response, the event/trip Host will maintain a wait list of interested purchasers, and will contact people based on order they were added to the wait list. Anyone purchasing a ticket and later determining they are unable to attend the event/trip, may contact the Host and ask that they be listed as an “interested seller”. If the Host becomes aware of an “interested buyer”, the Host will advise the seller, who can make direct contact with the potential buyer. The Club is not responsible for seeking buyers and cannot guarantee a buyer of the ticket will be secured.
• All refund requests must be in writing via letter or email and submitted to a Club Officer. The Club Officers (collectively not singularly) reserve the right to evaluate individual circumstances related to a refund request, or change these guidelines periodically with notice to the Membership.
• Some events where the Club subsidizes the cost of the event, may result in an inability for us to offer members a refund of any type. The Club may also request members who are a “no show” to reimburse the Club any non-refundable charges (such as catering, vendor charges, or venue tickets). Notice will be given in writing on event flyers, promotional emails, or tickets when such situation is applicable.
• A full refund of a deposit made prior to the deposit cutoff date, will be given if the Club cancels an event/trip or in the event the member provides a current doctor’s statement indicating they cannot participate/travel.
• Deposit refunds will be given for circumstances out of the Club’s control, or in a case where the Club cancels or materially postpones the date or structure of the event/trip.
• After the deposit cut-off date, and/or full payment due date, partial refunds may be made only due to documented medical reasons or documented family emergency. The Club retains the right to with-hold the cost of any prepaid tickets, prepaid lodging, the pro-rata cost of bus or other transportation, and any other fees incurred by the Club based on number of participants.