Band of Angels "Trilogy's Helping Hands"



Here's how the Band of Angels is assisting Trilogy residents:

Angels Contact Group  - Angel volunteers are available to help residents in our community who have been ill, injured, or experienced the loss of a loved one. Angel Contact Group Volunteers provide the following types of contacts to Trilogy residents: mail a special hand made get well card to a resident who experienced an illness; make a phone call to check in on a resident; make a friendly visit to check in with the resident; deliver a special hand-made card and angel to a resident who has been seriously ill, injured or has experienced the loss of a loved one. If you know anyone in Trilogy who would enjoy receiving an angel contact, please call Jeanette Page 580-773-6398 (home)/630-650-0842.

Daily Check-In – Angel volunteers make a daily phone call to ensure Trilogy residents who are living alone are doing well.  To sign up or for more information contact Jeanette Page at the numbers listed above. If you know of a neighbor or friend who is living alone and might not be aware that this service is available, we encourage you to let them know or assist them in making the first contact.







Equipment -

Contact Linda Ray 480-338-3730 

We have equipment available for residents to borrow temporarily, up to 90 days. This includes commodes, wheel chairs (both transport and traditional), walkers, seated walkers, canes, shower chairs, knee scooters, bed rail, wheel chair ramp and crutches. An ice maker  and room monitors are also available.  Note: An upright walker which allows for greater stability is also available to borrow.

Hairdresser -  Free haircare to homebound Trilogy residents. Contact Sis Pietrzak - 480-854-7489 


Minor Home Maintenance - Volunteers help with replacing batteries in smoke alarms, replace light bulbs, add salt to the softener and other simple tasks. 

Contact Dan Schott (602-538-9889), Jim Hass (206-818-7446), Jim Heidmann (480-250-5683), Craig Messer (480-722-1000), or James Marbury, (480-664-7060).


Angels can provide information or help set residents up with needed services such as: Meals on Wheels, transportation, and various community services available to our residents. We have a kiosk in the library with a Resource Guide and community resource brochures.  Contact Eileen Marshall (480-621-5763) or Mary Dawn Sandlin (760-560-6206).

Transportation - Complimentary transportation to and from medical appointments when other options aren’t available. Contact Helene Shear (480-266-4408)



Band of Angels Board Members: Nancy French,Jeanette Page, Linda Ray, Nancy Means  and Cindy Miller, President



New volunteers are always welcome! Please contact Ann Bumgarner, Membership Coordinator at 614-395-7354 for more details.


Band of Angels, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and accepts donations year round to support our Trilogy residents. 
          There are 2 ways you can donate. Checks can be mailed to:
              Band of Angels, Inc.
              P.O. Box 9517
              Chandler Heights, AZ 85127
      Or: Checks can be dropped off at the Band of Angels lockbox in the Trilogy Clubhouse Lobby. Please put the check into an envelope and put Band of Angels on the memo line   


You can contact us by:

Writing to us at P.O. Box 9517, Chandler Heights, AZ 85127 

Emailing us at:

Calling or Texting:                

      Cindy Miller, President @ 810-938-4295